I have a broken everything. Every joint. Healing countless times with traditional Chinese medicine, worked wonders. I am still being bullied. I survived horrifying child ritualistic abuse as a kid. I told cops. Because of this the terror continues.

This is one of my soul missions to put a light in the darkness i suffered all my life from baby to adult. I am determined to end abuse. I have done wonders. I know the evil people are hurting me because of this. I have been now punched in back 3x in last 2 weeks. I hope i can heal up like usual. Traditional Chinese medicine saved me from wheel chair, so i am sensitive.

Please send love prayers, healing & protection to me & all who are involved in my case.

Please bind the dark forces & curses sent to me & transform the energy to undo the evil ones.

I need blessings, good friends & love.

kind regards

Bless you for reading!!!

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Healing, love and protection sending....

Bless you, thanks joskoM

Still being stalked. Moments of peace but starting to happen again. Under constant attack.

May u stay belessed with unbound blessings of PEACE , LOVE and LIGHT .Sending u Light of Protection from any kind of darkness .


Have you worked with the violet flame? Research St Germaine and the violet flame, saw resources for it on this site too. You should make sure to be using that as much as you possibly can to transmute the negative energies in and around you to light and love energy. You will have to invoke it. Also starseeds will sometimes have much more powerful manifestation abilities even in the 3rd dimension. It sounds like you have had a lot of traumatic experiences in this life and if you are in constant fear of this happening to you, it is possible you could be manifesting it. Working through your fears would be absolutely vital if this is the case. Other things you can do is research protection crystals and how to put up protection barriers. There's also binaural beats that are on youtube that can help dispel negative energies. Another thing that is a possibility is there are dark cords or even spirits latched into you from other people or beings. Hope some of this helps and I really hope things get better for you!



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