I have been a member of ISN for a very long time now and I know for a fact that our community needs a chat room.

Please don't let a single conflict between two individuals deprive everyone else from a place for communication, it is simply not fair.

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I second this !

I'd like it back too. The main reason I joined here is to chat with people, and if there is no longer a chat room, I dont have much reason to stay. :(

Yes, we need the chat back. Thank you!

wow i have seen some pretty rough arguments on chat...so how bad was this one to get it taken @.@ i mean i dont see eye to eye with everyone on here on subjects but by no means am i a dick about it to the extent of getting reported. being respectful to others points of view is important. and chat allows us to observe others before interacting its a important tool.

why was it taken!!! :(

I think what is needed is major protection spell for all whom join and that expels or returns to sender any injury that a person directs to another .. kind of like the Wiccans (sp?) use I guess.. .

The issue is about a case of ESOTERIC RAPE taking place associated with this site... and very dark things.. funny supposedly between a lesbian towards a healer light worker female here. Go figure not a man at fault this time but woman(s) miss behaving.. Thankfully us men are not getting the rap for this one.. I am not sure this is the reason.. but would be grounds I guess until the site can figure out what to do... guess they will do something I am sure... I doubt the perpetrators will get away with it whom ever they are.

If anyone has anything more than just this weird roomer .. glad it is not my site and responsibility.. to deal with it..

Cheers Dave

I think Eva would make a good chat mod..ofcourse it is her decision..i was a mod and one day i came online and i was told there is no more mods..and all the mods were stripped of thier duties..so after that i will not do it..since i was not even told it was going to happen..this happened to simon too and all who were mods at that stage..the older members do a good job of trolling the trolls..this helps but not as effective as a chat mod being able to ban someone..

The chat is the main reason why I came here, I have no idea what happened but I was hoping it was just being upgraded or something.

Torin Richelle said:

One of the members being singled out in that chat tried to commit suicide shortly after, but is back home now and recovering for those concerned. Some people come here thinking they can fit in and find peace. This is not the Salem Witch Trials, so nobody should be accusing people of possessing or bewitching them, that is negativity and should have never been allowed.

You are talking about Starla and Kadin? they are both known schizophrenic. I wouldn't take it too seriously.

All of this cld have been avoided with a functional mod team... I was online earlier that day when the negativity started between those '2' ... One of those 2 i would have suspended a long time ago...

I would be careful who I csll sctizophrenic here miss NOBADY, it makes you sound like someone who could be involved in this little group of bullies of light workers and other sensitive. You know nothing about me personally and how dare you try to brand me any label. I am not the only one who has made complaints about being bullied by certain members, and if the one bully on here tried to commit suicide afterward it is only because they know their reputation on this website is completely ruined, and they cant use this website as a hunting ground to find new victims as much anymore . I dont see enough being done by the moderators of this website and the veteran members of this site to prevent psychic bullying and esoteric rape . I am being harassed by several members here, and one of them is esoterically raping me. Why does this site decide to disable the chat the moment the word gets out? Who is really running this show here, and how dare anyone here call themselves a lightwork or other sensitive person and brand people who are dealing with psychic attacks as mentally ill. Who the he'll do you think you are? Seriously do you know who you are talking to? I was one of the people who originally felt sorry for my enemy kadin. I took time out of my day to help them with their issues . they told me they were being bullied and saw how rotten many of the people werr on her treating this person like they were a basket case or just had a very actove imagination that didnt know how to differentiate between reality and fiction. I saw all the arrogant and all assuming replies to many of her articles asking for help . I felt terrible for her and I tried to help her and shortly afterwards I was getting attacked by her and one other starseed. Do you think I felt good about any of this? Of course not. I didnt even want to believe they were behind it at first but people arent What they seem and regardless of the amount of pain she has caused me and many other people in have talked to, I still sympathize with her when I think of how few members that are between on here take this subject of spiritual warfare seriously. You would rather just put it under the rug and pretend it doesnt exist? Let me tell you something everything we put out there comes back to us 10 fold. It is called karma. Dont call yourself a spiritual enlightened person if you are going to treat those who you cant relate to like a bunch of nut cases or people who spend too much time in their alterbative world it makes you sound suspicious like what is your agenda on this site miss NOBODAY. I would hate to pass judgements of you when I know very little about you, but I do wonder . in any event I don't see much community on this site at this present time and o think theres better places that are also icu safer to meet light workers and other spirirually minded thought ful people. I am sick of being judged by so called spiritual people and I still feel had for my enemies on some level, they could be bullied by others, while bullying others themselves, and a lot of people just don't take it seriously. Esoteric rape and spiritual abuse in general is a common experience. If you dont like SHOVE IT. I don't care for this attitude . this site seems like a joke some times, but luckily there's good people here or just confused ones.I have many people who can vouch for me anf those I know who have pwrsonally been attackrd by membera in this site, don't even bother trying to knock my credibiliy. Sctizophrenic ? Just sad. Are you sure your a spiritual person? Why don't you see a psycholigist. Thanks for giving me food for tbought. I have heard some stuff about Torin by some people here..she apparently made a list by someone talking about fake healers on isn. This person went into depth about what to look out for before you accept the services of a healer. Red flags e.t.c all in all dont go around spreading rumors about people you dont know. I am not mentally ill and if you got to know me you
Would feel stupid. I am like most people in This world I have my passions, strengths, weaknesses, lessons to learn, and a unique mission just like you. You shouldn't be quick to judge others it limits your understanding of your self and the world around you. I don't even come on to this site much and unfortunately when I do I have been targeted by some really sick people. I have also met wise, beautiful, lovely souls here, an everything in between. I am a very educated, thoughtful, and compassionate person and this scares some people. Lets see how long my replies laat here. Let this be the ultimate test..



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