Relaxing and patience is one of the most underappreciated virtues. If one has patience, one has it all.

A person with patience can stand against any life situation with no sweat or pain.

Practicing patience is easier said than done, however.

Keep practicing it!:) One day, it will be easy. And it is one of the beautiful virtues.

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Yeah but meditation is soooo boring. I think coffee could be impeding my progress, but can't give it up, because then work is too boring.


Meditation gets more fun the more we do it. A sign meditation has worked, is if we want more meditation.

There is no way I could go back to no meditation, but then my life was quite bad before I meditated.

Coffee is a stimulant and stimulates the CNS, thus it drives our thoughts,actions into overdrive. I consider that the opposite of meditation and I do think buddhists warn against it too, maybe. At least some buddhists.
Most things can be a hindrance against meditation, especially with overuse.

The things most buddhists warn against is sense-desire.
It leads to overindulgence, and ultimate ignorance.

What is sense desire?

Drugs, sex, alcohol
It feeds our brain and makes us feel good

Smoking is too.

But the price comes afterwards.

There may be benefits to coffee, but it may be a mild sense-desire stimulant.

I fill a large coke bottle with water each day, I stopped drinking coffee, it did indeed affect my mind, intterupt sleep mostly. While it can aid the mind shortly, there comes a crash afterwards. Where the mind functions really poorly.

For that reason I no longer drink coffee, but it is also the reason I eat oatmeal most days.

Long lasting carbohydrates, the slow releasing ones.
Instead of a sugary breakfast, this leaves your mind ultra sharp whole day.

Oatmeal is very good for brain, and body.
Very healthy.

Remember, We are never trapped . Mind over matter ^^

Be the silent observer of thoughts, any time you feel things go not as planned.

Yes, agree with all of this. Coffee is definitely the very opposite of meditation. I'm still keeping it on for now as I have a pretty golden diet for my body anyway, but have an eye on giving it up in future.

Far more common sense to be found in Buddhist teachings than any other source, even to this day.

Its because they were the ones keeping it longest, among those, and the balance. Ultimately it all comes from the atlanteans etc.

Its all about balance. Thats all it is but people forget to weed out their minds. Anything negative.

Decaff coffee then or tea can it be so bad?

Ok, everyone agrees that drugs are bad and alcohol, but what about a glass or two and it stays there? Even Jesus had a glass or two..
Sex? Is it about how you do it? If you use others with it or you share? And how? I it about how we use it all and keep non attachment?
How do you teach someone to meditate that has a terrible problem to focus? Not me though. Im opposite.
Meditations not boring, but i admit i do tend to fall asleep as i go too deep, or i wake up in it and im still meditating but cant move my body, like its asleep. That state is scary. How do you get your body to wake up?
I think we think too much about thinking. ^^

Helen.. life is about moderation if you ask the buddhist.

Yet the point of wine, is empty
It's all empty.
Emptiness is the world.

Nothingness in form.

So should I feed my mind wine, or water?
I could make my mind feel water like wine.

Mind over matter.

But if i feed it sense desirs too much, I lose all my mindpower.
Senses can imprison the mind.

So instead of eating oatmeal, I would be eating pizza everydasy.

So have anything as long it doesnt control or destroy' right

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