Its normal for beings to want a good life. One with out many troubles and living in a loving accepting community. But what does that intale?.
Emotinaly we all need acseptance by emotional support from the community. bonding with others both by touch (not always sextual) as a social species we require touch to feel secure and loved..who does not like cuddling? We all need to feel like we can play a part in society to feel usefull. And to exspress ones soul. Violence needs to be properly directed and learn control of actions and reasoning. But sextualy as well for gender.... aside from this, technology plays a huge role in society. In your past lives you may remember technology that help make life easer. Wither it be for medical or agriculture. By sharing perhaps we can all help make a better future.

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In one of my past lives my species that was a mix of elfs and dragon. We ate meat but we have our rules on killing for food on a level beyond stationary plants.do to the souls response to the body by producing energy and memory to the physcal form we developed a better way. My species is highly empathic and have ability to get memory from our enviorment or things we eat. So eating a animal brutaly killed or had a bad life where its energy in the body has all that nagitive memory log gets put in us when we eat it affecting our soul chakras. We found animals we like to eat and kept a eye on there development in its natural enviorment. Abducting the more sensitive and shy species, doing health check ups on them, finding cures to disease of theirs and building stronger stock genetics by managing there breeding and enviorment, like any one tending to there flock. During their check ups we took some muscle tissue then grew just that limb or muscle in labs. We then turned it into food but mainly liquified protine. The animals have a good life and just cloning and eating the parts we want with out taking the animals life. They are not forced to over bread and live in their natural enviorment comfterbaly.the meat we grow is from a happy and healthy being so the energy is not nagitive nor is the memory log...i do wonder if many who dont eat meat would eat meat grown this way? What do you think about this? We also used this technology for using plant parts that would normaly kill the plant. Fruit is normaly harvested and leaves.

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