Is their anybody who has used one of theses. To speak with another entity or beings and why is it only negative beings that can communicate with us and if so the beings ect must already be around us or is it like a telepathic communication tool or what exactly does anybody know why they work iv always wanted to know . Thanks p.

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Spirits are all around us.

To communicate safely and consciously, a protective barrier should be set in place, a sphere or circle around work space. Say a prayer of protection. Then state for your intention.
My experience with ouija as child was - in beginning - just a new game with sister. Later, as we worked the Board and truly concentrated, we discovered that it "worked", I became curious. Going in blindly, with no adept to guide me inevitably led me to a dark path. But what an excellent teaching!
Consider yourself lucky, but do take heed here.
As day and night, there is good and trickery, tread cautiously with big stick (wand) and journal. Do Everything from heart Center.

I was at college.  I chose to exit through an adjaceant accommodation block.  As I descended the stairs, on one landing I saw it!  

The door stood slightly ajar, and I could see a darkness. A heavy brooding, self absorbed entity there inside the room.  I scarpered, and found someone outside to ask what was going on. 

Some students had held a seance in there with a master of the College. One of the students was described as being in " possession" and in a bad way. A pastor was arriving to exorcise it. No doubt the college master was in a bit of strife I should think!!

I knew very little back then, but now I have learnt more. 

Now I am when channeling, very careful to raise my intentions and personal vibrancy way beyond any part of the 4th dimension where the spirits reside. Within the 4th D are many levels , but my own preference is to avoid it, and reach for much higher vibrational levels. Many do visit there, but I have no understanding of this.

The highest levels bring with them cosmic love, bliss and joy. One can pick up on those frequencies, and so know where one is!

With the first wave of ascension now taking place, I feel that it is best to reach the highest frequency that we can. When we embrace and become that, we too can be peaceful in those radiant energies right here on Gaia herself!

A visit to " Golden Age of Gaia" has much there on that blog of the higher energies. Sometimes it is hard to tune in at first, but if one returns from time to time, one can align with those sublime frequencies there.

One can not easily align with, tune into or communicate  with beautiful higher Beings, unless we work on the self, to reach across part way towards them, as they also reach as far as they can into our dense planet to us.  This is getting easier as the planetary frequencies of Gaia are rising all of the while!    : )

In trying to reach telepathically, it is therefore very important to be careful, wary, and test for those authentic higher vibrations which come in love, joy and  sometimes a gentle humour.  : )

Beautiful sentiments, Shoreline! <3

Hello Paula

I hear voices 24/7. A year and a half ago I picked up the pendulum and began asking questions of those on the other side. I found my soul name and then became myself only to ask more questions of them. After 6 months of being awoken from those outside of me the words in my mind began, in spelt words only. They started to awaken within my mind and this opened my mind to the problems of the afterlife and voices. The problem people do not understand is this is not telepathy, it is frontal thought genesis. At some time in your life you were attacked in the mind this is when they entered into you. The communications you get from the pendulum or other types of communication is them inside of your souls mind. The souls mind is the astral realms it is your ability to become your true self in death and they are in this place. When you hear them or communicate with them they are talking to you from there.  The reason they are negative is they do not want you to understand yourself it is tricks to keep you from ever understanding your souls mind. The reason these tools work is through your physical vibrations. Our souls are actually two separate beings in life and we have this ability of vibrations within each and everyone of us to communicate to ask questions of ourselves in life. Those inside of your souls mind can find all the same things you can find they are connected to you in the same way. More or less if you can do it they can do it.


hi there and thanks very much to each person who replied iv always wanted to know how it works im doing tarot at the moment and its working good its very exact and the same cards seem to get picked frequently when shuffled well its very interesting, iv tried the pendalum magic but it didnt work, im mostly into crystals and incense  growinh plants and baking and reading many books and collecting and much info as i can & im very into the astrology aswell, iv just found out my moon is in gemini and i can understand my anxiety issued related with it aswell,  hi there powessy my younger brother  he is 23 yrs old he hears voices aswell and i believe him he has been kept in a mental unit for 3 yrs now  and is medicated its rather sad.  iam extremly interested in talking to you about your experiences, when he was 7 he awoke with night terrors wide awake and it was terrifing for me believing what he was saying to me . im maybae believing that he may hear things others cannot and im hoping i can understand things better. can you use the ouiji to talk with ur spirit guide? . and does it need to be a proper ouiji or a home made one and what about the crystal ball method? aswell , and has anyone of you used dmt  experience yet to reach the spirit world ect ? big thanks to everyone love and light p

Hello paula

I do not need any form of tool to speak to them and they. Your brother was young when they found him, I am sorry you had to go through that. They enter into the souls mind and this is a direct connection with our true selves, higher mind. My mind was blocked form them till a year ago as those on the outside of me are slowly awakening me in life. 

Can you tell me about his conversations with you, I am trying to find the truth of them and they and would like to hear your story. I am aware something bad had to of happened to him to have this happen this is how they find us through great suffering or pain as we try to find our minds to ask questions in. 

A string and a ring or even a nut will do for a pendulum. Place the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper and separate the letters into 5 groups, 4 with five letters and 1 with 6 letters. Keep it simple ask if the first letter is in the first set of letters and so on and so on. I created a 500 word word sheet on a spread sheet that i used in the beginning this separated out those that could not understand this method.  


I think the reason why there are negative spirits attracted by this is quite simple. First of all, most who do it look at it as a joke, a stupid game. They joke around, asking questions they shouldn't. They also dive into it without any knowledge nor protection. There are always beings around looking for energy and this board and séances are the perfect gateway for that. Also, higher beings won't spend their time reacting on a game some teens are playing. They got a lot of better things to do than this.

Pendulums and kinesiology (muscle testing) and tarot cards work by connecting to your sub-conscious and intuition.  You are connecting with yourself, not other beings.

Not sure of all this talk about neg entities, often this is just an ego trick.  Anyhow, to avoid any neg entities is easy....simply keep your frequency up above them.

Thanks everyone i was only looking to find out what people's experiences were. I have found different types of boards available but you can even use a piece of paper and a pencil there's a couple of girls on YouTube that do it and they are Ok with no negative impact. I wouldn't use anything like that at times we all want some extra help like from our spirit guide or guardian angel ect. My frequency is always posative and high full of love. Thanks to each who replied love & light to all. P

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