There is a temple In the etheric realms: I don't bother to name the dimensions so thatch how I will refer to them.
There is a temple of light that is made of light that is condensed into an etheric form to where it looks crystalline. You can still see the colors in the variation of a magnificent shine over everything and the higher beings here can look crystaline. Many different hights they stood and many different skintones they had. They had every color skin and had many different features and vibrated on the light level. hey could control the light itself and condence it's finer particles on this level to any structure, the purest being a sphere that is pure and crystaline.This is a gift that I was alowed. My eteric relic. You keep these at your place in the astral/ether. What it does is world healing. there is only so much I can hold in my mind bring back to the physical world when I returne to the physical. In your etheric body when you go here you will be able do the same. Through every wall you can see the stars. through the floors and ceiling. The doors are open. This is a meeting place for many higher beings That we call ET's that work with us here on a conscious level. I have no name for the temple and no names of the beings that were here. But you can go there just because you read this if you didnt already know about it. And you will be able to get a gift from the higher realms to bring back that will work while you are here. Just intend and call your guides. If this is for you, you will be shown. They will know what you are talking about. I was just sent to let every one know. When you come here you can expect to be greeted by the presence of much love and you will recognize that there will be many you know from your existences outside earth. If this is your soul group for this mission on earth you will feel a connection. This information is vegue because of the limited data my physical brain can hold, but that is part of the excersize on your part. If you want to come here, meditate on this as you sleep and clear your mind call upon your protection and highest guidance

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