Mkultra victim only one attacked in Monarch Family

family lives their lives only some hearing and seeing things yet they are capable of living their daily lives of cooking and cleaning and working while I am constantly plagued by voices and am on enough medicine for an old person.

They have all treated me quite poorly but there was once a time when we all loved each other, then i saw them for what they were. but now they are sucking up pretty hard and I am confused how to behave at this moment, because the VERY way they talk is brainwashing and I try to stay away for the most part but remain friendly to some degree, because I do not drive yet and I need their help.

I am being pushed to get a job when I moved about 4 times in one year, and I am trying to get myself mentally prepared and physically prepared for the work force. I havent worked since I was a teenager. I hope I can last more than 3 months like I was only able to before.

I am not from this planet and even the way I decorate my home is sort of strange to others. I am an ET. In human flesh.

The voices harrass me all day long. Can you help me or do you know someone who can? Drop me a message or provide me a link to the person, please, a I feel this experiment is lethal, with no care for my health, or shame I may endure, or abuse from humans or other specie, almost like a robot, and I AM A PERSON.

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meditate,focus your mind on the creator of the ALL,and relax as much as you can totally surrender to the relaxtion,keep your focus on god at all times this will help you dearly,i hope you get better as soon as possible my friend,i have experienced similar things!

I think I have a misconception on meditation.. Ive been told it is not about the 'mind'.. Can you help me persue this in the right way? I feel Creator of All loves me Dearly and has Used me in a Manner a lot more than others for HER goals.. She has taken me to the greatest Heights and the Lowest Lows... I try to take care what I am ALLOWING into My Vision, and My Music, yet the Pain I feel Makes my Shy away from Healing and I feel Anger.

I also feel a Stagnation but a connection to the Chaos god Seth..

And in connections to him.. I feel the chains his Wives keep on him..

They say for his 'protection' .. But its starting to feel like abuse...

Whatever it is, Im about to BUST OUT of it...

Just need some guidance from ADULTS... I need an Adult... someone with good intentions.. who believes in protecting the Sexuality of the Youth.. because that is What I Will Become... In my Future Days

Although Set is not looked at usually in good light, known as a god of war, that is when they want his help.. I have looked over the children quite literally being a babysitter and it was almost like children everywhere.. through out my life.. I have none... And I am afraid.. being in mkultra and being Blue Blooded they might wish to cause me to have one and I must Fight it.. I do not desire it, but I will look after the children of others...

I often feel like a Scarecrow.. Posted out... Eating corn among the wheat... watching the families and their children

I will send healing energy to you. Hopefully this will help some. :)

Love, Light, and Peace. <3

You need to get those etheric implants removed you can do it yourself or ask someone to do it for you add me and I will guides you what to do
You will find how to remove negative implants on this page

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