I know that we all (starseeds) long for memories of their home world, the life on their home world,,,places of their home world,,,etc,,,

soo everyone is pleased to share these memories here,,,,soo others can benefit from them,,,

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Not a world or a place i could point out specifically, the vision i got of 'home' is being a spark among bizillion other sparks. And I long to be 'there' again although sometime there's this weird feeling of not having left at all.

There are no real words to describe the memories you request information about, so sharing them is a tough task.  The task of remembering, and documenting, requires significant energy to quantify; it is no easy task to share true non-human, non-terrestrial memories.  Remembering these memories is very pleasing, translating them for open discussion is not so much.  :/

Rest assured, they are the most pleasing of memories to recall. 

I don't remember much about a specific place or environment. When I try nothing visual comes up. And I am a *very* visual person. It's kind of bizarre to not be able to picture anything. I think it's because being aware of that would first involve accessing energies that I haven't fully developed yet.

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