I have relapsed back into Anorexia after four years. As a result, I am now suffering from low blood pressure and bave fainted twice: once on Friday and again on Tuesday. It's just so hard for me to get over it at the moment. As well as me, my so called boyfriend is also having problems such as depression, which has caused us to take a 'break' from our budding relationship. It hurts me and at the moment, I just want my disorder to kill me. No matter how much he wants me to get better, I don't. I wonder if he cares, I know he opened up to me about his depression, but I still doubt e cares. I don't know, nobody has to reply to this, I just wanted to get it out there.

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Put down as much food as you can stomach, hungry or not. The body needs calories and nutrients to function. Apples are good for this. One will last you most of the day and may even jumpstart your metabolic process so you can stomach more food. Raising blood pressure requires food in the system ideally meat, but if your vegan or vegetarian I'm sure there are other options.

My blood pressure is 80/60 which is clinically classified as hypotension (hypo means lacking, hyper means excess)

Much love to you ! Stay strong ! i hated food and my body at one point in my life too.
He does care ! And you are beautiful and worthy !

Air your heart as much as you want, it is good to take some pressure of your chest. We all had to suffer one moment in our lives to remember what we're doing. shout out to the ones always seeking happiness and finding there way out of suffering.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5_iuub5GA0 (K-Rino - Love yourself)

Have some fruit, fruit is sweet.

(PS. dunno if it stupidity to give some one advice when you're hurting/healing yourself)

Thank you for taking to read this trainwreck lol
Yes, I congratulate those that always try to see the positive side of life.
If you don't mind me asking, who are you referring to?

Why would you say he doesn't care?

I'll take a line from my Teacher "I think you're projecting rather than perceiving."

He definitely cares. It is you who doesn't care. Why is this? Only you can answer that.

Here's an exercise: Go find a mirror. Look into it and smile. See that beautiful truth.

"The biggest enemy you will ever face is in that mirror, self." Let go of self image. Surrender the ego. Be free and be loved.

It might not be as simple as eating something, but in the end it really kind of is.

I fixed my eating disorder with Psychedelics (lsd)

Now I lost 50lbs weight.

Used to have trouble eating for 16 yers, daily. Lived from pizza 3 times a day for 16 years. Bad health too.
My health is getting optimal now, never looked better.

Whether it works for others I don't know, but many say it has cured them too.

In fact it made me remember just how much we are as spiritual beings.

Now I can live from anything. Oatmeal, toastbread. Eating is in balance like was I born from new.
Before I would eat all the time, and use all my money on eating, almost got thrown on the street due to it. Lended money from all i know to overeat. Real eating addiction.
Fries,pizza 3 times a day for many years. Decade.
And 3l Cola too..

ALl stopped

Now I drink water only.

I also stopped smoking.

I hope you get better, maybe there is something that can help you. A natural medicine of some sort.


*gentle hugs* I commend your bravery for putting your feelings out there like this, it takes a great deal of courage to do so.

I've been in a similar dark place, so I know you have the strength to survive. <3 I've also worked as a certified counselor, so if you're ever interested in talking, venting, or conversing, I always welcome a PM. Nurture yourself right now, dear; take the time you need for self-care. Sending you so much love for your healing. XOXO

Sorry to hear of your struggles. I hope you have some support in your area, such as a support group or clinic. Please know that we all do care for you. Empress's advice to at least try an apple - or maybe a smoothie - to be friendly to your body, is good advice.

As a fellow anorexic, I know the feeling.

I have had issues with that myself I know its hard to take advice from someone who has not experienced it because they do not understand the anxiety, the whispers and the thoughts. My advice is to love yourself for who you are and not for how others view you; If know you have a problem seek professional help and finally drink a lot of water. If you cant force yourself to eat drink water, juices or liquids to stay hydrate it helps with the fainting spells. stay hydrated.

I know in my heart you will overcome this obstacle, don't think about dying over a stupid relationship. good luck to you sister.

Me, myself and I.

I'm so sorry <3 Stay strong. <3 Why wouldn't your boyfriend care? If he opened up to you like that I'm sure he cares. And any decent person would. So, I'm very certain that he does. Don't worry about that. And, you're so brave for writing this. I believe in you. <3 Never give up.

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