Im starting to let go of everything related to physicality even physical desires, It may just be my depression but Im losing all the physical desires that I was holding onto in the past...

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So... how do you feel about that? Are you glad? Do you feel like you're missing something?

I know the feeling. In some ways its good because those who want for nothing will always be fulfilled is what the teachings of Krishna taught me, however it's tough when linked to depression because if you lose sight of things you want then it often leads to you feeling like there is nothing in this world that could satisfy you and if so what is the point? Although you really should know that many many starseeds and tbe like feel this way, but if you hold on hope no matter how slim and keep striving to find something meaningful in your life you will find it, whether it takes months or years, in the end it will be worth it, the thought of suicide (not implying you have them) is a bad one because you would always regret it in the afterlife when you realise you could have been anything you pleased, it just takes commitment which with depression is a difficult trait to have.

Sign of a blocked crown chakra.
My crown chakra is not blocked, but my solar plexus very likely is.
Try some pyrite. It's a very good stone.

Yes, the feeling it causes in you is important. If it's liberation and lightness, then great. If it's apathy, then probably not so much)

For me letting go was an experience that pushed me towards the middle path..

The answer lies within how you feel about where you are. There you will seek true guidance on how to feel like you are centered in yourself and the reality around you.

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