I rly need some help.....I allways loved my lapis earrings, but something changed. Yes, they are cleansed and only I wear them. But..they started to make me feel sick and depresses, completly drained.I can't stand them anymore!! When I take them off, everything is soon fine. Why is this happening? Anyone with similar experience?

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lapis conects you to beings in other dimentions..... perhaps its connecting you to a being that isnt fond of you.?

Maybe you could try a grounding crystal like Turmaline?

Maybe it's Lapis' way of telling you it is not the right stone to wear at this particular time. I would cleanse them and put them away.
Cyrstals can be very particular about letting you know you should not be wearing them at that moment in time.

I was thinking the Lapis might be a quite high vibrational stone so perhaps it made your own vibration very unstable and therefore need to stabilize with something grounding

adding quartz to a bad situation will only make it worse unless you programe it to transmute and heal. if you want autmoatic healing and protective vibe use amethyst.

Maiesta said:

Quartz didn't help, After few hours I completly lost my will to live. Think it is time to let them go. Strange thing.

I saw your post was deleted. But if you need protection, the tourmaline can give you just that, at the same time it grounds you.

Maybe its time for detachment, give the earrings to mother nature as a gift. I know it's hard. But you'll find something else eventually to be your favourite ;) <3

there can be many reasons for this
but what i experienced is this:

1. maybe you are blocking the crystals energy. this can happen unconsciously. it happens when the crystals energy want to help you but you are not letting it reach you. the solution is to find out what he wants to teach you and work on it without the crystal for some time

2. it can also happen like nasci said that your own vibration and that of the crystal messing up with each other. if it never happened before then something must have changed. did the crystal drop? or got poluted? or did something happen in your life?

3. crystals have there own conscious too. maybe it want a break for some time. the reson behind is not always clear^^ i have 3 stone rings and one of them dont like it when i put another one at the finger he is, he tolerated him at the finger next to him but not at the same. and the 3rd he dont want to wear at the same hand, but they harmonizing with each other, when wear like the want to, perfectly. i also have an garnet (granat in german) this dude like to be with many other garnets. i thought making a bracelet with them, but i notcied the price and it would be way to expensiv. after i talked to him that this is to much energy on one spot he didnt react that strong anymore to other garnets.

and there can be many more reason i dont have knowing of
first thing to do is dont wear him for a time anymore, cleanse him and putting him in a nice place aside
if you both calmed down a bit you can try asking him what this is all about. asking for some sort of sign that you would understand what happened to you both.
like us they can also have some sort of "bad modes". but the pain you feel is a sign that something is not right. could be a little thing or something bigger.

i hope this helps you a bit;)

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