This has been on my mind lately. It stated with a conversation with someone on this site. I intend no offense so I will not name this person. They are a friend. At some point in the conversation I felt annoyed and get feel myself getting a little angry. It took me a while to realize it was my ego reacting to the situation, and that it was only injured because I allowed it to be. After that, run ins with other people, coworkers in particular, I realized when they are angry it isn't necessarily my fault. Most of the time they are just having a bad day. So when they react in ways that would have normally hurt my feelings, I find myself accepting their words or behavior and peacefully letting it go like fallen leaves down a stream, instead of indulging in my Ego

The Ego is an interesting thing. I learned about it in my psychology courses. According to Freud, the Ego is the healthy part of the mind that balances between the Superego (staunch logic, no emotion, and black and white thinking) and the Id (the animalistic, raw, emotional and impulsive part of the mind). It makes me wonder how Ego has come to mean something different from Freud's popular writing. The Ego was seen as something positive and a means to control oneself.

The New Age movement has condemned the Ego as being arrogance, self-indulgent, unbalanced, and something to remove from your personality. To some degree I do get this, but I wonder if using "Ego" in this instance is correct. Are we talking about two different Egos here? I have read books in my search for healing that says a healthy Ego is a sign of good functioning, and that it holds self-confidence, self-esteem and that these things are necessary aspects of the self.

So is removing the Ego really to our benefit? Or should we find a new name for what we are calling the Ego? Just some thoughts I've been pondering for a while. :)

Bright and Dark Blessings,


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The ego is an interesting subject. I looked into this a lot. I find that the ego's job is to focus your consciousness into this physical reality. It isn't meant to think. You will find that when you are thinking with the physical mind/ego that you tend to be a victim, you place blame on others, and you justify the situation. I call this the negative ego. It sees you as separate entity from everybody else when in truth we are all one. Everything looks like its physical but it really is just an experience. I know whenever I am trying to go to sleep, when my mind is running at a hundred miles per hour, that it just my physical mind trying to figure everything thing out. That's not it's job. It will wear you out. Not a single idea has ever been created in the physical mind. The ideas come from the higher self.

The higher self is closer to the connection with unconditional love. This is where people should be getting their inspiration from. It knows everything. Its like has all the connection.

Its where all the ideas come from. It will never steer you away from your free will. It is closer to unconditional love and will let you think in negative matter because it is unconditional. I find that when we connect to the higher self, you will not have any worries or doubts. You will have faith and trust that everything is fine. You are protected. You are eternal. Your physical body is temporary. Your soul is eternal. Your positive thoughts are from God. Your negative thoughts are illusion. Everybody will eventually find out their higher self. Maybe not in this life but rest assured everybody will connect.

Ego will always be within each of us; let me explain - the difference will be that the ego will not be brought to the surface as how we have been expressing emotionally inward or outward in the present moment or as within the lower vibrations/3D reality - we will have better control as the ego is comprised of who we each are and of our very experiences since physicality/duality/past lives makeup - it is all there and will be there as it is who we each are...to our own unique personality as we are not a bunch of drones for Christ's Sake! We are not the BORG!?! LoL!!!

Put it this way - you will be able to access that if say a situation comes up to then recall and divert from that ego experience...not all ego is bad - it is a tool & not just an experience embedded in our being...

In the higher realms there is neutrality this is a higher aspect of ego consciousness - people can disagree and it is ok to agree to disagree...It is somewhat how as I will give an example; Shelia Gillette that channels THEO (Ask THEO Live on YT) for many decades who are 12 angelic beings even though they express as one consciouness of being very loving in a expressive emotional value of being very reserved in neutrality when listening and talking to them...kinda creepy if you ask me...as there is no expression no smile no laughter etc.

There are many - many different personalities of beings that are in the physical matter universes to the astral/etheric anti-matter universes...

BUT we all get along just fine...

The personality you now carry is not just this very life time but of all compressed - we have chosen what "parts" we bring into this incarnation as well as how you want to be in this next ascension or next incarnation...you have the free will to choose. 

It is not so much that you get the ego out of the
way; it is that you incorporate it evenly, equally.  The idea of just plain
ego is that it has a job to do.  The ego’s job is to keep your
consciousness focused into the physical reality you have said you want to
be focused into.  That’s its job; that’s it.

Negative ego is simply when you give over your power to that particular
portion that you have created yourself to be, to run the whole show.
That’s not its job.  Its job is to simply provide a f-o-c-u-s, not to do the

So negative ego is when the totality, or a large part of your
consciousness is stuffed into the idea of your thoughts, your analysis,
your mentality, in such a way as to allow it to think that it has to run
the whole show.  And in giving it more power than it is due, it tends to
wobble and lose its balance. It tends to get erratic and eccentric. And it tends, therefore, to create filters, structures,
limitations, to bolster itself, fortify itself, so it won’t keel over and
die and collapse under the weight you have given it.

I find that when we use our ego too much then we put too much weight on ourselves. We become unbalanced. We are using way too much ego and not allowing our higher self to figure the hows, the whys, the wheres, the whats, and the whens. Your allowing the negative ego to take control of the thinking and your placing limitation on yourself. The ego can only perceive what has already happen. It perceives what is already known. It can't think its way out. It doesn't know how to think. The negative ego wants to control everything because it can only perceive the situation. Letting that go and allowing your higher self to give you the answers is what its all about. Meditation is similar to this. The ego is trying to control everything. Once you start to meditate and allow your higher self in, then your ego doesn't have to do so much. It just makes you focus. The ego doesn't have to think. Your higher self knows all the answers. There's two two minds: the ego and the higher self.

The ego doesn't want to be forgotten. It will panic if you try to kill it. Allow it to do it's job which to focus. To know that the ego is aware of your individuality. Letting the ego know that it is supporting the whole. When the ego is simply trusting in supporting the whole - because the ego is part of the whole - then it will be automatically supported.

I see the ego as the personality you developed in this lifetime to deal with others in a way that is natural to them & fits in with society's norm.  I see my higher self as what I really am held behind my ego to keep me from being too alien to people.  I don't think ego is a bad thing coz you need it to survive.  I think it is just good to know which thoughts come from your ego & which thoughts come from your true nature to make sure you are not just living as your ego to please the people around you.  For example my ego doesn't want me to tell people about things such as starseeds, afterlife, aliens, astral projection etc coz my ego doesn't want to be perceived as a hippy or a nutter but sometimes I have to tell people certain things because they need to know them even if it takes them a while to realise it.  Hope this helps.  l n l xx

My perspective on the ego:

I like to look at it (and i feel i recognize it as this) as a system of protection.

It wants to protect me, and for this cause created programs and walls.

Now as I realise that i want to be more touchable by life and other beings, and therefore by love and joy and peace, by the present moment, i realise deeply that which i truly desire to be love, and to  surrender to that moment here and now, to be open for it to touch me.

As I realise this my "ego", my conditioned programs, and defending mechanisms fad away, or more get reintegrated into my self that is more innocent and childish.

Yet i do not force this to happen.

I think whenever something happens that i dont like, it teaches me that which i want, what i really want and brings me closer to myself.

We do not have to get rid of the ego, but maybe it is part of the way, if so it will be clear to us why :D

The ego is in itself a manifestation or a phenomena of seperation, it seperates self into the one who is and the one one thinks and choses to be. i feel my desire for this experience is ending and that i want to trust my spontaneous knowing, my self, my essence as i am, as the laughin child that i was and am is and was.

And as we rest for a couple of seconds, maybe even without a thought, or without engaging in thoughts for just 5 seconds (or similar - no counting :D) we dont forget everything. We dont forget everything as we allow the now to touch ourselves, but we stop anaylizing and reflecting back and forth between our naturla inuitional desire, that is joyous and loving, and the mechanisms and programms safed to protect us from possible hurt or death.

what i want to say is - there is no right or wrong, everything that is is and does not have to be judged, this too goes for the ego.

Just continue living and being you, following your life, doing what you want or dont want, and you will evolve, you will change, you will move into and through different experiences. Maybe there will be a change of your desire to experience yourself and your world that affect that what we call ego, maybe not? who cares :D

Life is not about getting everything "right" with "right" being outside of our understanding, everything is educational, and enriching in experience and knowing. The Ego is an enriching experience and not better or worse than any other,  just keep on keeping on with whatever you are doing or not doing :)

to get things "right" to me means to find out what is "right" to you, and this might change any moment.

My best wishes


The ego is not bad. The ego needs you and you need the ego, but in a balanced way. A way that can benefit both of you, just like the light and the dark, both can be bad if there is too much or too little

I like to think of it this way. Everything is expanding then contracting then expanding again. And everything is better that way. If you were to stay awake ALL the time, that would not be good. But if you were to sleep ALL the time, well that would not be good either. Its the process of both thats most harmonious. You've all heard this before. I'm suggesting that ego is the same way. There are moments where bringing forth the egoic parts of your mind is beneficially. And there are moments were its best to be free of ego altogether. Rising and falling like tides. In and out like breath. Sometimes the ego is there, and sometimes is it not. This is the key to balance (and there is balance even in the realm of ego). It is when people have no moments free of ego and that way of thinking just runs wild for years and years that creates the madness in our world. Thats what becomes destructive ego and gives it such a bad name. But then again, the other side of the coin (having no ego ever again) might be dangerous too. Balance is best. 

I hope you are referring to within physicality/duality experience? With that said as this does not serves or is present in the higher realms whereas the consciousness & unity consciousness is fully conscious and utilizes the Universal Mind.

Lance Michael Young said:

"I like to think of it this way. Everything is expanding then contracting then expanding again. And everything is better that way. If you were to stay awake ALL the time, that would not be good. But if you were to sleep ALL the time, well that would not be good either. Its the process of both thats most harmonious."



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