is reality a simulation, if yes when will we wake up from this simulation reality?

what do you think about simulation reality?

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Hello, dear, I think that many of us are waking up and having visions and realizing that our consciousness is experiencing a hologram or series of holograms, depending upon what we are paying attention to. But I don't think this is anything to be concerned about. What if we were amazing giant beings of light who decided to project our consciousness into form through light as if through a prism? We must have had a purpose for this, right? Another way to look at it is that we are like computer programmers, we created programs and live inside them. If we want something different, maybe we can change the program .... ? :)

If you are asking the question, it sounds like you are awakening. Good for you!

*lulia , how do u know i am awakening?

Gezim, this is a question only you can answer, but, in my experience, questions arise in our mind when another part of us is aware of the answers. As so many have said ... all of the answers are inside you; look within. :)

IF it is, how do you know the other actual reality isn't a simulation. How would you know you've woken up to the real world when your previous world wasn't real?

Hello! This is part of our channeling (July 10. 2017 / The Book Of Oneness):

"---That gate is I, Metatron. I am called an archangel, but most important is to understand me as the main coordinator of future, securer to evolution plan that is weaving a tapestry to an electrifying bridge of soul signatures. Others prefer the pure taste of angel energies. Magnificent richness is the ways of approach of the universe towards the same core. You have all the right to experience me still as an angel.

However, I free your possible limited definitions. In addition to energy, I am a formula that has been shared as a right to your souls. I am ascension come true, an action function of different energies and consciousnesses, that through reactions and relations forces evolution to actualise. The twine polishes, attracts, magnetises together, makes use of everything, and as a coil works like a simulation behind your understanding.---"

There is many other teachings too, what are telling our reality forms, matrix and metatronics. But yes, our reality are like bubbles, home theaters depending our inner reality. This is complicated and still very simple.

Love & Light, Mari Metatronica

We live in a dream inside a dream. There are beings called dreamers who's sole purpose is to dream our reality. They are in pairs, a man and a woman. The woman sleeps While the man watches her and sees her dream on a screen. Sometimes he dreams too.
Lady Isis mary

The more and more I think about it, the more and more reality seems like a Role Playing Game. Imagine if the Role Playing Game Skyrim was actually our reality. Before going into this reality we select our avatar and a sort of life purpose, like being a thief, a mage, a warrior, etc.

But I know that Skyrim is a game. My life isn't really in danger. There is nothing to fear. I might have moments of fear, as I get immersed into the game, but they are temporary and that's what makes the game fun. I get to do things I normally wouldn't do and I can enjoy the experience.

And that's what has changed my perspective on this so called reality. I now believe that it's a sort of simulation that allows us to have these experiences for soul growth. I am not as concerned about danger and drama as I was before my awakening.

Just yesterday I was thinking about this notion that time doesn't exist.
If you are in the simulation, time exists. If you are outside the simulation, time does not exist. The events exist all at once as a program. If I played Skyrim and created a save point every minute in the game through the end, I could reinsert myself at any point in the game. If I do something different than what was normally done at that save point, I could save-as and create an alternate reality.

Another soul could insert themselves into my save and experience the life I was living and make different choices. So what if we are living lives that have already been played and these lives were well known for giving a certain experience? What if you are mainly interested in a certain era, culture, occupation, and location? That could be one of the purposes of this simulation.

Thinking about it this way tends to lighten my mood about existence. I think about what themes seem to come at me often in this experience? What challenges have I had to overcome, what issues do I struggle with? If this is all for my growth, what should I be doing?

Worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0ztlIAYTCU -- what is reality?

I believe it is a simulation. I asked a similar question and was led to the answer by being presented with trying to figure what the building blocks of all things 'atoms' are made up of. This made me realize everything is basically made of energy vibrating at different speeds to present different things. Simply its all empty space with electricity moving at whatever it was programmed to present. Programmed by Master blue printers or even you yourself if you know how.

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