Health and healing readings channeling archangel raphael. Specific about physical. health.

This should be fun.

If you want a reading comment below.

Shanti Joy

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Your message is to check your diet. You should avoid allergens, this means both in food and chemical perfumes as in deodorants and washing and cleaning detergents etc. no tolerance to chemicals.

When it comes to food no gluten milk or sugar for you.
It would be good for you to make an investigation on how your body reacts to certain foods. Even though allergy is not the same as intolerance which is perhaps the better term but still the immune system is reacting. Ask your body for a message. It will tell you. Even though now it has been conditioned to certain foods. This would greatly benefit your energy levels and concentration. If you are unsure what your body is trying to tell you. Eat a clean diet of just veggies and fruits for a week then slowly introduce these red foods like milk, gluten, sugar, soy, beans, eggs ,fish and so that are common allergens. Test your pulse after you eat and see wether the pulse increases or not. A pulse increase with more then 10 beats per minute compared to resting pulse means your body is reacting.
Or of this is hard consult a nutritionist.

Shanti Joy
Hey Nephri

You need to check your diet. Exercise and take d-vitamin supplements.

This will increase your energy level and ease the depressive mood.

It is not so much a problem on the level of mind or psyche as it is a neglect on the physical level and lack of knowledge concerning how to live in harmony in the physical world. You need to take of your physical body.

Shanti Joy
Hey Amanda

To improve your health you should look I to how you can improve your diet. Even though I you are not sick. You can get more energy and wellbeing In your life. This is as your choice. It is about how good you wish to feel.

If you wish to work on your diet look specially at
How can I Improve my digestion
Heal the fool by praying and sending loving energy into the food before you eat.

Shanti Joy

Can I have one? I wonder what Archangel Raphael sees as the priority for me now.

I'd love a reading Shanti Joy :) Thank you

Thanks Joy (:


I really would love to have one reading <3 Thanks so much! With love and blessings, Gabrielle

Hi Joy

Can I get a reading?

Thanks, Dan.

Hey Musihu

You are Adviced to take a look at your stress levels. Easy does it. You need gentleness and calm and nurturing energies. Yoga would do you very good. You need to allow yourself to be more like water. More flowing. Take a step back at everything you do. Lower your ambition level.

Shanti Joy
Hey Kelly

The message is that the clue lies in the diet. You need a detoxification and are sensitive to chemicals and processed food. Switch to organic and vegetarian. Pray to Rapahel with faith, know you can solve this issue. He will show you how to proceed. He will guide you to make the changes you need. Stay open with faith you will attract the solution.

Shanti Joy
Hey Luna

Your home seems to be giving you stress and conflicts. Make an effort to leave things that doesn't concern you and put Boundaries.

Also it is a good idea to breake the negative craving you have for things that are not good for you. You need to look into your behavior of escapism and self medication. Look up exactly what emotions that keeps drawing you to this item. Heal this and you will free some bout up energy and attract the real solution to your real problem. And take back your power.

Shanti Joy
Hey Gabrielle

You are advised to make a fluoride detoxification. Take a look at the quality of water that you consume. Find ways to purify it.
Turmeric combined with honey for the fluoride. Install a water cleansing filter or find a portable carbon filter for the water.

It is very important since we are more then 80 procent water. The fluoride is a nerve toxin that dulls the mind and makes us apathetic.

This will help you get more energy and also help with third eye opening.

Shanti Joy

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