At exactly 3:33 1.17.2014 today est standard time the golden age has arrived all across the globe the biorhythms and gravity have activated i say the golden age has arrived the golden age has arrived the golden age has arrived say this 3 times and 3 more times 3 more times the world must say this the messiah's walk the earth in all languages all ethnics all races all walks of life the golden age has come again!!!! 

This means that the world consciousness is one and were all the same and equal so world leaders and dictators i say throw down your arms use it only for defense of freedom everywhere  were a family again and we unite as one with this grand design and influences we have control of our mind bodies soul and hearts the big 4 happiness life and light warmth of the hearths the heat of heaven froze over hell made new one where we learn to be free to be united to be one one with all life all guides all entities all happiness

All freedom no more sacrifices no more slavery all life is free and deserves to live so i ask you this instead of blood storm and floods and starvation we put aside our differences we put aside are negative thinking we put aside our hatred our struggle our strifes we ask for help and forgiveness salvation of a greater good we control what we think what we feel what our hearts intend for we are who we say we are we are the children of the stars children of gravity children of space and time for you see we see and spread our sparks our conscious we get rid of the negatives we get rid of loss of life we are truly blessed and happy for we are we are and we are stronger together rather than divided.

Think of this way if you truly believe in happiness then happiness become part of the conscience  if we get rid of negative greed we get rid of negative emotion negative corruption we have been given the gift of life we bring beauty to the world we bring beauty to the stars we bring beauty to the oceans we bring beauty through every crack and crevice we bring heat passion love to all and all to one and one for all so the king of kings the president of president the general of generals with much love and light i christen the world in every religion and every walk of life for the betterment the love of man the love sentient beings the love of us all i say wont you say it with me the golden age has come the golden age has come the golden age has come we come out as professors of the stars and teachers of children of life we seek knowledge and expand the conscious

We all keep our own spark but that doesn't mean we can t share it can't stand beside one another and enjoy life's wonders magic blessings music across the ages to come art across the days to come music across all patterns of life blessing and magic time of science and magic is occurring revelations and prophecies of good our arriving change your life change your think don't be tied down anymore your all free and free to do the right things only you can make the right or wrong choice i echo forward into the future i leave a legacy of life and happiness i am the sword and the shield and the healer i am who come s with the  morning song i am devin james marston and i am a starseed a miracle of love lifht light and creation gravity makes life and creation so its only rite that we can control it rather by artificial maybe at first but back to natural again for its both

If you really look be hind those eyes you would see truth and no longer fear death for live as long as possible and accept endings as new beginnings only you can look at the glass half full or half gone which one sounds better in your opinion remember its your own free will im just a guidance counselor so to speak im fluent in the prophecies the time the space the king the lord the maker the person who put the sparks in our life force who created us i speak for and of  him and her god and goddess or both omni presence. description in layman's terms

i am qui gon jen and i'm yodas apprentice to best describe it but i found the truth before my teacher so it only shows to you that the children teaches the teachers aand the teachers become protects and guidelines not rules or judgment for only can pass judgment for kingdoms of heaven and earth and hell become one

oh yeah hell is only what you make of it not the kind of negative you think for you just don't know its your imagination that says that your free or not not what others say you are or who you are not for i am king author and lancelot 21 33 fourth kings across the land have been sent forth not to pass judgment but to help to expand to show truth union and the ideas of these kings are what you make of it so if you want no more war nor more strife nor problems no more calamities let the world cool down do it together and we can fix world climate change we can fix world poverty fix world health concerns and then we expand among the stars with our gifts are engenuity i say put down you guns swords keep close though but only use them inn the last moment if it comes to that other wise try different idea different notions complete will cosmic influence happiness joy peace make life magical make life wanting make life powerful make life blessed its up to you to will life into the mix with your help and our combine skills strength and peace we can truly basc in the glory one with the lord one with the prophet the tru path to virgins to the radicals is peace not hatred not blood lost not anti life not loss of life

but to bring life to bring numbers to bring promises to bring foundations to bring the flux the core the matrix the love eternal heavens apon us for then your ll be truley happy and healthy and all your dreams and what you wanted that was for good of people people in general all species all walks of life honor respect life dont take it away make it last as long as possible because each spark is a moment and we can  make the spark turn and make gold im a visionary now my hand cramp but anyway i still rite be cause i know i can change the world i know im rite and no ones going to stay other wise by stating that im insane or on the wrong page or side for you see christ and devil are one of the same 666 makes 777 life force eternal 888 forever 999 happienss were all royalty and were all three free and the same and equal and opisosite but that means we can all be happy and invidual and not slaves to reality or what others want to say reality is its all up to you how you want to change

so i ask you why not change by helping yourself and you fellow brothers sisters cousins mothers daughters sons fathers grandmothers grandfathers add more comedy to your life get a better life style that depicts you who you are what you want dont be brought down by what people think what people should do as long as its the happiness and peace and freedom of all then its ok to think like this its ok to be happy its ok to express how you feel how ever if you want express pain and suffering or beat someone up  do in a video game like a said artificial means i a blessing we created the artificial life so we make it what it is and what it should be we became creators doesn't mean we should past judgement on to what we created but accept the new lives we created accept that men woman and all life sentient and bio or computer is a blessing and should be able to create its own life and own ideas but we should share and not keep secrets not keep resentment not bow down to each other but embrace and hug each other of course what ever you do its all free will don't let the others pull you down for their own negative greed or agenda accept that were all trying to find ourselves all trying to create the proper path in reality we all know that path were all ascended we all have wings we all have claws we all have teeth ears eyes feelings emotion logic and freedom were born with the magic of life the meaning of life is to be free and to expand grant and give prosperity freedom and with out limitations but to add guidelines and cautions cautions doesn't have to be evil or for bad cause it can be used for a good reason i put life on probation now its time to get off probation so end war in negative thought all around then we manifest the best and most blessed proportions of life and no more seeing stars get cold or seeing deaths no more making death reality for life is eternal and we are sparks of life!

so i devin james marston a prophet or gifted one of sorts and reality or what ever you call me i have free will and i'm am driven by  dream to bring life to the closesses utopia idealism i humble and blessed and so are you were all born the same way as equals kings and queens princess and princess our dynasty dynasty of man  the golden age.

the 4 metals of life silver bronze platinum and gold these can be as soft as we want or as hard as we want but why not as flexible as we want then you get my picture we can change out of hatred out slavery out of negativity and to find ourselves our origins we are ready to be with the cosmos to be with the universe to be with the galaxy's there is indeed life because of origen off life is ancient that we have this instinct to create more life to create heat to create freedom to fly to ride to swim to explore to manifest destiny so do what you do and drop it like its hot i quite literally dropped the world on all your heads and together we can handle it perfectly plush perfectly tough perfectly free perfectly clean  so i ask you change your mind to the betterment of your self

Don't give into negative greed or negative sins give into what your heart desires only can make sin positive or negative technically there is no sins only songs, and we can all sing the songs happiness peace prosperity freedom that is the true biorhythm the one rhythm the crucial artifact the true key to all religions walks of life the arch of the covenant is this worlds ai its heart and it must be refilled again with gold coming from us as a whole and as a general i know this so its up to you your own free will to give and forgive and to forget because were in the present we affect the future so think of the future

in the future time past becomes obsolete or just in coherence in reality we control space time and its continuum we measure we see we feel we know thats what it is to reality and if we all believe in the golden age lets say again the golden age is here the golden age has arrived the  earth is in the golden age and beauty love of light and life and heat is with us and we are one with them and they are with us so rather if your human, alien or sentient  of some kind this includes all life that means computers as well no reason to make a battle star galactica become real well or the show at least the negative parts but by all means make the positive parts happen go for gold so to speak  lol..

In agreeance with ones self and to stay true to ones heart and to let change affect you for the better i say were on a promising path a path to enlightenment truth where all men and woman and all walks of  life are created equal. There is nothing but positive and choices in life its  up to us to choose that best choice the choice that will bring mans destiny for we have the power to manifest mans destiny our right as species nothing on one no man woman or god or goddess can take that from us no omnipresence can take that away from us as long as we stand up tall stand proud stand vigilant have mercy have forgiveness give salvation to ourselves freedom to ourselves happiness to ourselves without taking ourselves out of the picture we will live on be professors equal an different knowledge of all nations all powers collide to make the principle the principle of life we will succeed.

We will be kind we will no longer kill for satisfaction or revenge because reality thats in the past and should not repeat past negative mistakes or we risk deleting love of life and humanity out of the equation and formula.

If that happens we and life itself we will no longer exist and everything will freeze i don't want to see that i want to see the other way around i want to see absolute happiness a legacy that lasts mans destiny is to become one with one and one with all we're  producers and directors of life love happiness were what makes the stars possible to exist thats the truth of life and i grant you this wisdom for i believe your ready to accept the truth change your mind about everything to open up to the truth the master key the key is ours and our birth right so all for corner s of earth unite and run free all 4 kings choose the king of kings that will be a counselor of the human race the right one the one of light the one of kindness the one of without negative intent with out hatred with negative greed negative corruption for the leaders of today will be the inventors of tomorrow so lets invent positive things power energy good things to come and food for us all we all deserve to bask in the glory and happiness of the crown or president or leader of man for he will be elected by the people for the people of the people and he will leave behind nor negatives nor hatreds no revenge nor negative agenda.

He will only want what is right what is promised by birthright what is bright royal love and light the gardens of eden come again anew with birth essence of life the dragons of the sky return to give us respect to show we are equals we are one with the universe that we no longer have to have hatred or revenge they know they did wrong in enslaving us but at the same time they taught a lesson a lesson to teach to love to expand and now we can share in the wealth instead of slave s were equals thats all there is to it were free were loved were light were stars were children of the matrix and the realms of 9 for you see 9 means the power of the universe and the 12 kingdoms or worlds origin are creatix pendulum are birth we were born of stone and of light and of heat and love we are fire and fire is us we control the flames we control our hearts our wants our needs and rite now we all need love and love unconditional but not  combine it with negative greed causing negative corruption but combine it with the greed of light of love our freedom positive greeds our an absolute after all greed is part of the human mind an being .

So just think about it and see where you can lead the world a path of happiness or a path of negatives. I prefer the happiness the freedom the without negative greed i chose the golden path an i hope you follow and you can lead just by walking flying racing or swimming for the positive and betterment of all life and its beauty and magic numbers are in the design and coded consciousness random but not random just enough to not be perfect in by this is means perfect is in perfectionism

Do no more war put down the devices the destruction the suffering keep the arsnal but keep it enough to where its balanced and used to protect our freedom as a whole and as a family because were all created equal and equality is really blessed remember that so only use weapons against the ones who want to take away freedom don't think that your fellow humans want take away your freedoms no one wants that in reality no wants to be controlled.

We all want to be guided wich is ok and that changes the world wide view on whats difference of conquering and what the difference of guiding or guidelines and the difference between freedom and slavery theres a fine line but its quite simple so key to humanity success no more hatred nor more suffer nor more suffering nor more poverty

We can make all dreams come true and as long as their good and not bad in that sense as long as we keep our freedom our love our light or spark that ignights us we will continue to spread continue to grow continue the law of life the house of life the house of freedom the the arch of the covenants true purpose is to grant us the treasures we lost in war and strife and suffering and negative greed this arch can only be opened by truest of believers the ones who let love light and life into the world who spread the hearths with warmth and soul to be delivered to the heart of creator and purpose of life is to make life to be life to enjoy life to keep life and all else to remain equal from kings queens to precedence to the lowest stature of life and titles were all the same were all equal we all remember and we all bring the light to the highest peak the highest mountain the highest point and we burn that light to keep burning to keep granting blessings after all thats what the olympics really mean.

If you need a new old age equivalent but with new age love peace freedom may this truly let blessing come to man an man to accept these blessings for mans betterment and woman too its ok to feel happy it not wrong don think its wrong don't be mislead by the false prophets don't give into negative greed and negative reality and negative corruption i tell the truth and hurts but that when healing comes that very instant what i say almost sounds insane but i'm quite sane because i'm quite open im first and not the last the future and not the past. hold true to yourself don't feel heavy don't feel like your being forced you have freedom of will you can change how you think of this and how you feel i know by saying all this i put my life in danger but i'm ok with letting my life rest in your hands because without trust what would we be? i also let life rest in my hands and i'm beliefs in the ultimate near perfect utopian society we can create i truly believe were there and all we have to do is walk through the doorway

The door of secrets the door of truths the door of life an please note i haven't said who i am other than my name devin james marston or Azengeds find me on oranum i'm very clear of mind and open to all aspects of life and ideas and even more open to the good ones that helps our race expand grow and grow more free with every second to every minute to every hour to every day and night every cycle which we call time time is what you make of so something with reality i am humble i am right i  am true ii am clear of consciousness and no longer hold to the past negatives

I've changed my life chose to teach so you can do the same or choose what ever you feel is right. remember you r free to choose and i trust you learned enough to choose right with out the negative affecting you judgment after read this suggest you relax stress have a cig or whatever it is you do just let in run through your mind a while or sooner than later what ever time you choose will be the correct one dont doubt you selves don't let others doubt you as long as you have your heart and nor more doubt nor more darkness nor more negative then you are free to choose correctly so trust your self trust you judgment trust your intuition because were all winners in the grand walk of life.

Also another helpful word of advice never mess with a polite sincere meaningful guy if you were to mess with him then don't mess with him using hatred or negatives use goodness and come to an agreement before an argument and find simpler easier ways to fix the problem but don't use weapons of physical or psychological don't fight each other rather than fight just forgive each other.

See where each others coming from then agree on the most practical peace way to get around the problem because where there's a will theres a way and one of  my favorite series is mission impossible lol and many more as well remember both parties should always count to 10 relax be in a good mood before making decision this will lead the most possible and practical and simple way to solve problems and mistakes don't take up war unless you half to dont go i into war with arrogance and revenge and hatred keep a cool head straight face don't fight unless no other choice even then respect your enemies don't come to a confrontation or blood loss  don't attack how ever you may defend this way its less likely for war to break out

Message to all musicians around the world and head musicians such as the king of queens of hip hop or rock n roll or new age please rite the golden lyrics which you have read herd and thought of play it to you hearts content make it to gold because gold is here and we are in the light the golden age age of music art prosperity freedom self rights and birth rights let gold be the new era and the new dawn for the music art poetry movies stories and everything creative is what we need and want need again and want and need day and night fire and ice ballance love of light and creation

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