"Its almost time for you to meet your Twin Flame" is what they keep saying. Now I don't blame them. I appreciate everything they do for me, I really do. But the tension is killing me!

Those who are searching/waiting for their twin flame or already met theirs, know where I am talking about. The feeling of pure unconditional joy that sets free when you think of that person. The curiousity of where he/she might be. The wondering if the goodlooking girl or boy acros the street might be it. The feeling that the girl/boy acros the bar is your twinflame, yet knowing it is not, for you know the meeting would be much more tense.

I know we are not supposed to search, but still I check almost every girl that passes but and ask the what if question. Its getting tiresome and so I agian ask my guides and higherself the question in which they respond: " You will meet your Twin Flame in time and you will know when the time has come." Then I realize agian how lucky I am that I will get a chance to be part of a devine love relationship.

I appalogize for this "outbreak.". I just needed to let of some steam. I am trully gratefull for it all. I would like to hear if anyone is experiencing the same thing. Thanks in advance

Ciffian Renavai

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I hope all goes well for you when you meet your twin! As someone who met mine, then watched him run, I hope it goes better for you than it did for me. Keep in mind the intensity of meeting your twin is scary, that all is revealed, that all healing must take place with both in order for reunion to be possible. One is usually the stayer while the other runs. You're in for an amazing journey! 

I was told that I am to meet my twin flame soon also. My progress of improving myself won't depend on us meeting since we have very similar missions. I think it has to do something with inner work. I heard that you will find them when you aren't looking most likely. The relationship is suppose to be very intense also. Hope things go well though. Namaste!

everything works wonderfull once the lion and the lamb, has joined, it does however take some time to realise what it really means, running will occur if attachments prevents freedom, it is a game of patience, for the lamb that is, for the lion, it is a matter of surrendering, to claim the full freedom.


Loose some of the pride, and be happy

Have fun and enjoy the ride, dont get frustrated, if on first encounter it feels terrible, and yet right, dont worry, let it go and let him/her go, and let it be, the universe will guide you together again, with better knowledge and more lessosns learned.

Namaste Namaskar


Lol this made me smile, thank you and yes, I know what you mean....to an extent that is really quite tragic lol.


The wait is also killing me and I feel like I could meet him any day now. It is THAT close. I know i'm not to look for mine either, but I can honestly say I keep checking any guy looks like him down the street, at school, everywhere, it drives me crazy sometimes:) But I am honestly just as excited as you are!

Thank everyone for their replies.  My appologies for my late respons.


Al these comments really helped. I now know, althought I somewhere already knew, that I am not the only one. This gives me strenght to continue. And to have patients. Thank you all :)


And now to wait. Good luck finding yours :)



The heart knows... 


You are most certainly right there. The heart know exactly what you need. Makes me feel happy :)


Eveything will work out fine in the end. I am just so exited, as many of you are too. I wan't to thank everyone for just being here and I just am Happy:)


Thank you and good luck Angelique. May your heart lead the way.:)

I know how you feel but I just met mine.... and its super complicated.  i'm married, unhappily but there are some very complicated reasons i cannot leave, (immigration, a daughter, etc.) .  And now I feel so depressed because we can't be together...but my guides..keep telling me we can't be together yet..but we will soon.  That's a painful thing ot hear....when i feel so lovesick.....its intense and hard to explain...so don't place too much emphasis on meeting them... but being ready for them!  I'm hearing the same thing with others who have met them only to find out they aren't ready to keep that reunion intake at that moment.  Makes for some intense emotions.  Hang in there... you want to be ready for them :)


I feel the exact same way. I look at every male I see and ask the question. Before I even ask the question though, my spirit/intuition is telling me "no". I also believe that we will meet when I least expect it. The only problem is I AM expecting it right now. I think about him every day, ask my Angels every day for us to meet soon (maybe what I should be saying is "NOW" rather than "SOON"). I have a feeling I will meet him middle December. My last relationship started middle of December and I think that around that time is astrologically significant for me when it comes to relationships. My only "fear" is that what if he doesn't come around December? I am fine with waiting though, but I think because I keep psyching myself out about December, I might be a little disappointed if he does not show up then.

I know we will meet when the time is right. I feel like that time is approaching very soon. I think this applies to all of us who are waiting. We are waiting because we are ready, or almost ready. Maybe we have some small healing left to do and once that is complete we will reunite with our Twin Flames. Think how amazing this experience is going to be for all of us. It is wonderful to just think about, which is why I have a hard time not thinking about it. I also believe in the law of attraction and attracting what you want/need to yourself (let's hope our wants match our needs, in this case I believe our Twin Flames are what we need, at least soon). I have been journalling to my Angels and my Guides about my Twin Flame/Soul Mate. Since I started journalling I have been seeing posts and things everywhere about Twin Flames. I think it is a sign that I will reunite with mine soon, and so will many of us who are feeling this way.

Thanks for the post! I think a lot of people feel the way you are feeling. It is a positive thing if we are all feeling similar things (unified consciousness).  

Right now my head is going crazy.  I met my twin last summer and we were together for a short while but it was too soon.  I partially blame myself (although I know it's irrational) for manifesting our meeting too soon.  Neither one of us was prepared for it and we were together for a short time and it was amazing, it was beautiful, it was intense but it fizzled out very quickly because we weren't prepared.  I continued on my travels, proceeded to fall into the depths of addiction and alcoholism which found me in jail on felony charges and I'm now recovering.  My journey has been full of joy and pain and I love it for that and the depths to which I have fallen is raising me to an unforseen high.

She recently celebrated her one year anniversary with her boyfriend who she met soon after I left.  I know she is very happy which makes me happy but I'm just like...what the fuck.  And lately my mind has been so occupied by thoughts of her.  I think about her all throughout every day and I can't stop.  I want to be okay with the fact we may not be together but then I think about how beautiful she is and how intense it is to be with her and how much I love her.  

I don't know if we're supposed to be together in this life but I know it's okay because we're only separated physically and after this life we will be together again and then maybe reincarnated and we will find each other again and continue this dance of infinite beauty.  But even though I know all of this, I can't stop thinking about her and thinking about being with her and I don't know what to do


Sorry if this post is kinda crazy but that's because my head is


Edit: I find myself saying things like I hope to god we can be together some day but then I don't feel like that's right because I know I can't impart my will on things to have them work out especially like this but I really do hope that one day we'll pick each other out again

I was doing extreme inner work with myself, I am married, knew my husband was NOT the Flame,

but still NOT looking for the flame as I figured he was in spirit because I could feel him but did not meet

him. As I was doing the inner work, BAM, he came quite unexpected, and was quite a shock to me.

You will NOT find them when you are looking, this has truly been my experience.
And YES you do immediately KNOW, because you can feel each other, read each others thoughts,
dream of each other, and experience each other on a metaphysical and energetic level.

It is amazing, I agree with PH below, and yes, one can also be the stayer and the other the runner,
it is really, so complex.

I wish the best for you, and that soon, when you least expect it, your flame will come.

Love and Light <3

I am currently married as well, I've always known my husband was not  my Twin Flame.
He is NOT awakened or aware by any means in the slightest. I had already separated once from him because of his refusal to love me unconditionally and accept that I was an empath, which he does NOT understand in any degree. His promises to accept me and to try and understand was the only reason why I returned to him.

Now this is what happened, because of our "NON connection" with each other, and my awakening, I was gradually becoming more lonely and my only resolution to find peace for myself was to work on my finding my higher self, of course I found this site as well, so I am connecting with others who think like me, but I accepted my marriage as simple a "SELF SACRIFICE" as it was really only to appease family and friends in my  life who were totally appalled by my leaving him in the first place.
BUT as I was doing my inner work, through extreme synchronicities, and because I was NOT looking, my flame came to me, and there is no doubt that he is.


There are many of us who feel the same - you are not alone.

Some have told me that my twin is here and when the time comes, I will go to him.

Some have said my twin is above - that when I enter 5th I will connect with him.


For me - I am currently married - if one can grow out of love, I have.  I know this holds me in one place as to not connect with my twin at this time, but I also feel inside my heart - I am where I should be until the time comes to walk away.  I am not looking to leave my marriage right now because I would like for my children to be with their father as long as possible.   He does not believe as we do here on starseeds.  He is very much stuck in 3d.  I annoy him with my talks of past lives, ufo's, et's, dreams and beliefs.


I get the impression that I will literally walk away from this life one day - possibly through some sort of energy field leaving him behind and beginning a sort of new life. 


In my early twenties I was told I would remarry when my children were teenagers, my twins are now 12 and will be 13 by the year's end.  I was told it would be my second and final marriage.  Since that reading, I had the age of 14 stuck in my head  - I do not recall if I was told 14 or if I told myself 14 - so - I wait until the time is right for both of us - when it is time - Your Heart KNows - The Heart Always KNows.



If ISN has helped you on your path to awakening and greater understanding...please consider a donation of your choice. Namaste

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