I have a lovely deck by Diana Cooper called Unicorn Cards filled with inspiring messages. If you are interested in receiving a Unicorn oracle message, please comment below and I will pull a card for you. Feel free to ask a question, but it's not strictly necessary. <3

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I would like one, thanks! :)

Hey Ashanna.

There is nothing I desire more than to believe. Knowledge I have. More than I care about. I want to believe but not become gullible.
It seem like a beautiful deck cards. May I receive a message? Thank you in advance. :)

I would like one card.Thanks.

Hello, Karhursa, and welcome!

The Unicorn card I pulled for you is #38: Archangel Uriel, with the message "Become a peace ambassador".

Archangel Uriel is the archangel of peace, and as such, is closely tied with unicorn energy. In mythology, unicorns will only appear to those who have peace in their hearts, often depicted by the Maiden or Virgin archetype. Archangel Uriel and your unicorn guides want to encourage you to spread the light of peace during your time on this earth; a time when such light is so desperately needed.

Hello, dear Empress. <3 Before I pull a card for you, I just want to say that I empathize deeply with your sentiment. I read and hear a lot about returning to that "childlike wonder", when faith came so easily--our world is currently not so conducive to such for adults, and it can be difficult to hold onto that unwavering belief. The Unicorn card I pulled for you is #40: The Silence, with the message "Be still, for all answers lie in the silence." Our world is noisy; we have as many problems and dis-eases of excess as we do of lack, and our senses are over-saturated with near-constant stimulation. And when we manage to find stillness, even for a moment, it is easily broken by the noise in our own minds. Your guides want to send you a message of encouragement, however, that when you can find the time to engage in pure mental and audible silence, they will speak to you. And they are patient; as much as they wish to communicate with you, they understand such things come on your terms.

Hello and welcome, Venus Star, I would be honored to draw a card for you. :)

The Unicorn card I pulled for you is #41: Pegasus, with the message "Open your heart to love and joy."

Pegasus, the fantastic winged horse of Greek mythology, carried the noble Perseus into battle. Drawing this card indicates a noble heart and a powerful sense of justice. Pegasus represents the cosmic consciousness of the Ascended Masters, all of whom preached a common theme of unconditional, universal love. You have powerful guides protecting you, and they want you to remember that tapping into this universal love energy includes self-love and self-care. After all, if you aren't taking care of yourself, it's impossible to truly take care of others. <3

Hello and welcome, layaa!

The Unicorn card I drew for you is #13: Honesty, with the message "Honesty will ultimately be rewarded."

Acting with honesty and integrity draws us closer to our spirit guides, even when we feel it has isolated us. Speaking and acting honestly can sometimes divide us from those who are operating on a different vibrational frequency, or who aren't ready to hear and accept the truth. Your unicorn guide wants you to know that he is proud of you; the truth is of importance to you, even though I sense abiding by that philosophy has brought you pain in the past. Much love, dear.

Hi Ashanna, it's always nice to receive a message. I'd love one, too. Thank you very much in advance!

Many blessings,

I would like to get a unicorn oracle message...thank you... <3

Perfect card! :) Exactly describing what i am experiencing with a grateful heart of joy and love, calm and inner peace :)

I would like one when you have a chance. Thank-you :)

Love, Light, and Peace

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