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I was considering trying some meditations for self - past life regression, but today, I was actually scared of doing that. The reason is, last night I've had some EXTREMELY disturbing dreams. So disturbing and graphic that I left lights turned on in almost whole flat for the rest of the night. In both of them I was the victim, but in first one I've done something horrid to perpetrator in self-defense. Now I'm wondering if those dreams were actually memories of past life trauma and I'm afraid of encountering something like that during regression.

Does anyone here have some tips on how to stay safe during past-life regressions and even meditations and astral traveling? And if someone here encountered something traumatic during regression, how did you cope?

Thanks! Love you all!

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Before you do any past life meditating, I advise you to get Moldavite. Moldavite is located in Czech Republic and you should easily find it at a Metaphysical and mineral store in your city. Just research about it in your language and Moldavite will protect you from any negative energies.

Also, google the pdf book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton which focuses on past life regression.

This book is a real life changer!!!

In meditations and past life regressions, you are already safe. It is like living out a dream. You may be in suspense. You may be afraid. You may even hurt. But when you wake up, you realize you were never in any danger. One might still want to keep away disturbing visions or past life memories, but I would not advise it, even knowing full well how difficult is to see it.

Meditative visions are symbolic, so graphic imagery may be used to convey a very useful or enlightening point, if that is how the symbol is encoded in your consciousness. As an example, I once had a vision of being dismembered, a symbol of paralysis and stagnation. In my experience, understanding helps you to see past the imagery and into the intent, which neutralizes whatever fear or disgust may have risen in response to it.

Past life memories are a very different creature. The disturbing images and sensations that come through regression are real, not mere symbols. But they are dissociated in time. They hurt once, but they cannot hurt you now; they may only cause distress. And even though experiencing them again is an uncomfortable and anguishing sensation, it may be a necessary one. The reasons for this are twofold. First, imagine that all of the physical and psychological pains of your life were suddenly erased from your memory. You would forget everything that you learned from them. You would have no way of understanding your behavioral adaptation to painful stimulus-- why you harbor fears of or aversions to certain things. And you would have no experience by which to inform your coping mechanisms when you encounter painful experiences in the future. Pain is a teacher, harsh but effective. Second, imagine that all of the physical and psychological pains of your life were not erased but rather repressed, lurking below the surface. You may not be aware of them. You may not even feel them. But that ignorance renders you quite powerless. If you do not feel them, you cannot heal them. So by bringing these experiences up to the surface, yes, you open old wounds and bleed all over again. But in doing so you have the opportunity to set the wounds properly.

So therein lies my advice. When we are confronted with pain, whether in dreams, meditation, past life regression, or in our everyday lives, we have a choice. Will we approach it with a victim mentality? Suffer it, bear the burden. and ache, body and soul? Or will we approach it with a growth mindset? See it as a formative experience and a learning experience, something which molded who we were into who we have become, and which molds who we are into who we are becoming?

In art and poetry as in life. We can learn to use our pain to create beautiful things.

   I think that our dreams often reflect what we focus on, and what happens in the day prior to the dream. If this past life regression has been on your mind a lot, and was on your mind significantly on the day(s) prior to these graphic dreams, it could mean that you suspect, expect or feel there may be a sort of extravagant drama or occurrence in these past lives of yours, which would't be uncommon or surprising. The symbolic meaning behind dream occurrences can sometimes not as be as dramatic as it seems as well, and could point to something else going on in your life. My personal opinion, take the dream in stride and step back from the emotions for a moment, and observe what it all may mean. My personal opinion is that the dreams weren't actual memories like you were wondering and expressing in your thread's original post, but that it could be related.

   In any case, me personally, I wouldn't allow a few bad dreams and any fear that goes along, interfere with your desire for personal growth... they are just dreams after all. They may have been intense and graphic, and worry you, but it has purpose and in the end it's just a dream... your subconscious speaking to you. What these particular dream may mean is always up in the air, as with anyone's dream. Deciphering the symbolism in a dream is completely defendant on the individual, and their individual perspective of reality and self.

   If you're looking for helpful advice regarding self-regression, I found this thread to be quite helpful.


My first past life recall just happened to me during an intensely healing phase of my life. It just was extremely emotional for me. It had left me triggered for months later. My personal take on past lives is, that it is not always necessary to access them. The past might not even serve any purpose or healing at times in your current life, unless there is a healing going on or unless it is needed to resolve something. It can just bring in bad memories and sometimes even unnecessary attachments. Talk to your higher self and guides and ask only to be shown what you need the most at the time. This will help you access only memories that might help you on your current path and not memories that might disturb you. Did this past life recall help to resolve anything in your current right now, do you see a pattern running there something you need to heal from . If yes then you have got your clue, otherwise it might not be necessary to dwell in the past and bring that energy back when it serves no purpose in the present. If you are opening the door to past life recall ask only to be shown that which you need the most at this time. Just my take on this.

I recommend getting in touch with your Spirit Guides first. Once you get to know them, they will help you get a perspective on things.

When a hypnotist does a Past Life Regression with a subject, and the subject gets totally emotionally involved, the hypnotist will often suggest that the subject withdraw from the scene and watch it from OUTSIDE of the action....without getting emotionally involved. Kinda like watching a TV show about it.

Here's my experience with Spirit Guides:

Here's some past life regression sites that talk about the process:



ONE MORE SUGGESTION: Imagine a "safe space" for yourself on the Inner Plane. Your "sanctuary" where no one can hurt you. Go there for a few weeks when you feel the need. Partake of the peace of that place. Then, when you do a Regression, if you feel the need, go to the Sanctuary and feel the healing love of Divine Vibration.

I think dreams rarely are that explicit, I mean if you actually lived those horrible things the subconscious will try to communicate the information to you but a little bit encrypted..not like that (I think)

I get my worst dreams when I ate too much meat or when the night is very hot and I am under the blanket.

So I would say probably those dreams are not related to a past life


Joshua said:

Before you do any past life meditating, I advise you to get Moldavite. Moldavite is located in Czech Republic and you should easily find it at a Metaphysical and mineral store in your city. Just research about it in your language and Moldavite will protect you from any negative energies.

Also, google the pdf book Journey of Souls by Michael Newton which focuses on past life regression.

This book is a real life changer!!!

Hello darings! I'm so sorry I'm responding quite late! Was writing quite long reply but somehow managed to lose it! Agh! Anyway

@Josh: Thank you very much for those tips. I've already heard of Moldavite. I hope I will find it, since it's quite rare. By the way, just from pictures one can feel that breathtaking, strong energy. I have some gemstones at home myself but energetically, none of them comes close to Moldavite.
That book seems to be awesome, already found an pdf. Now I can't decide whether I want to first read this book or Undines by William Mistele.

@Zaikan: thank you for your wise words. I'm so thankful that you took time for that lengthy response. Yes, I'm aware that sometimes one needs to encounter some dark or unpleasant stuff to evolve or truly get into core of something (and in case of past life memories, it helps to understand our behavior and fears in current lifetimes) That darkness is here, so we can take lessons from it and become stronger. I guess I got too carried away by fear. So thank you, your response helped me so much!

@positiveevitisop: well, I wasn't planning to do past life regression precisely that day, but definitely thinking about it a lot. To be exact, my aim was to meditate to connect to my spirit guides and proceed from there. Just like someone there advised. And after those dreams, I was scared to even meditate. Thank you so much!
And by the way, as I'm looking at your photo... man, it's so obvious you are a reptilian. Your energy is so intriguing.

@healing cat and @Turqoise water: Thank you for your response as well! the reason I was thinking about past life regression was that I hoped to find my soul origin that way, because of feeling quite confused about my E.T. heritage. Also wanted to explore life in E.T civilizations that way. Yes, is indeed wiser to contact spiritual guides first. That's precisely what I wanted to do and then proceed from there.
And I must admit that I also wanted to explore my past lives with certain person but you are right. Unnecessary attachment would be even stronger after that.

@Jer: well, that's one of the reason I cut off meat from my diet completely :D I'm not pushing you into going vegetarian or vegan, but it's understandable that you had unpleasant dreams after eating a lot of meat. You know, unfortunately a lot of animals that die so we can eat meat are abused and when one consumes things with so much negative energy attached to it...well, as I said I'm not pushing you into anything, just telling my opinion. But personally, in past I had my worst dreams when sleeping with nearby certain gemstones (it was mainly moonstone that induced some pretty weird dreams). But this week I've found an amethyst at home and sleeping with it under my blanket is so pleasant :)

Btw i reply before
Ah okey, i will reply again, i think you had distrubing dream is from your fear, and reflect about your regression. If before, when u had regression u feel okey, but your dream is so scary, it because your past life.

But if u at the first before you regression, u had fear, i think it's from your fear, not your regression

Sounds like you need a Red Carnelian, heals childhood problems/traumras,worries etc. .. joy stone

Egyptians believed it was the sun in form. They put it on their gravestones/tombs.

This stone has helped me remember past lives, but the key is letting go of seeking the past. It first comes once we have resolved our pain in life.

And in resolving lots of pain, this is the perfect stone

It has healed 1000 issues for me, and made me fee more self confident in many ways.

@Brisingamen, aww thank you. I get that a lot on this website believe it or not. I can't tell you how many times I hear "you even look reptilian" from ppl looking at my photos or seeing me on skype video chat.
I'm like, "... but what does that mean?!?!"



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