So I recently swore an oath to find some way for us starseeds to go home, and I did not make this vow lightly.  According to more than one source the Egyptian pyramids could be used to transport beings into higher dimensions, but one article I found stated that when the Sumerians invaded they purposely destroyed the mechanisms allowing this to take place.  This in turn blew a hole in the racial memory of humans, and stranded certain beings here.  (Source: https://www.energeticsynthesis.com/index.php/resource-tools/news-sh... )

Other sources suggest that harmonic frequencies emitted inside the chambers seemed to have some sort of resonating effect, which supports a theory that sound vibrations can be used to trigger a reaction.  Tonight I looked up the blueprints for an ancient pyramid and was INSTANTLY struck with inspiration!  This is what a pyramid looks like with all the tunnels exposed:

Do you see that chamber at the very bottom?  Well as a former saxophone player (in middle school) the first thing I thought was "That looks an awful lot like an instrument reed."  Then I noticed the strange ascension in the stone just behind it and thought, "If that was brought down to scale could a person's head fit inside there to use a pyramid like an instrument?"

I drew in a mouthpiece like the one I was used to using in music class, and because I figured the strip was hollow hence it would need something to make the sound vibrate.  We all know that humans cannot recreate the pyramids to complete accuracy, because the geometric design is so perfect and the scale so large it isn't worth attempting.  But what if we got a 3D printer to make a pyramid that could be fastened (perhaps with a set of shoulder braces) overtop of a person's head?

Forget my desire to send our people home for just a moment, and imagine what it is that I am in fact proposing.  Nobody has recreated an accurate model of the pyramids that is capable of reacting to vibrational forces in approximately 5,500 years!  If this works and the instrument produces a sound it will be the first time such a noise has been heard in eons, and THAT my friends is an achievement worthy of notice from certain circles within the scientific community.

So what do you think?  I place no patent on this idea because it is for all who feel disconnected from the stars.  I lack the means to do this myself or I would, but is there anyone up for the challenge of creating a new musical instrument based on ancient architectural designs?

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The connection that was broken was the one with our Higher Self....this is what we are currently re-connecting using chakra balancing, energy work, building our Merkaba...etc. We need to do this using an inner Technology of Light,,as we work on this we raise in frequency.  Not saying we cannot use external things, but, they are only part of the picture and technology advancement is not the same as enlightenment or ascension......but stay on the idea of sound and vibration, it is a key.

Change must come from within.

Look within, don't look to the world.

This is my thinking.

If you wish to understand your place in the universe, do not look outside yourself. Look within.

Spend some time within the silent awareness between your thoughts.

It is everyones problem that they keep looking up....

Keep comparng themselves with others

Keep seeking further out from themselves

Instead of seeking within their own hearts

I see both of your perspectives, and I really like how Living Light stated that sound vibration is a key.  Allow me to further explain my purpose in sharing this design, and offering it to any who might make one.

What is the difference between a flute, and a drum when compared to how it makes you feel?  Both can stir the blood, and historically were played in the background of meditation ceremonies while people's spirits traveled the astral plane.

So I am curious as to what sort of sound (if any at all) an instrument like that would emit.  Will air just whistle through it in a laughable attempt to do something unique?  Will it make a resonating noise because of all the miniature chambers within?  I do not seek to build a machine but a musical instrument, which may possibly aid both starseeds and humans in reconnecting with their higher selves.

Some say that if we want to do, just do, dont think about doing.

Just like if we want to live, just live, dont think about living.

Inventors usually dont discuss their ideas, they invent them if they are worth something

If you are in doubt if it is worth something, may be take a walk in nature/sit in nature and let it come to you?

Find a place to get oerview of thought, to find out why this invention could be useful

or if it should be dropped

An inventor sees a purpose for his invention, and he wants to use it himself too

so he invents

he doesn't just think

but his original questions is if someone has access to a 3D printer. thats not something you can buy so easily if you want a good one. and for this project you need a good one.

i like your idea and if you want to realize it, there will be a way for it. maybe someone here has what you looking for or know someone that has, or you will meet someone in your place that can help you. maybe a university of architecure, etc. they have the money for good 3D printers. or a museum .... there are lots of possibilities.

in the end it is up to you. but i really liek your idea and if you want to realize it you will find a way :) i hope this gives you a little inspiration

lovely greetings phoenix felix

I think I understand why Di Vinci's greatest works went unfinished: he had so many ideas flooding his mind, and whenever he'd settle into one inspiration struck for another.

Ask yourself how I can understand this, and then maybe you'll understand why I just shared it instead of pursuing it.  The greatest gifts are those you give without expecting something in return.  Besides facing the same problem as that brilliant man I've also got health problems that leave me in crippling pain, a serious lack of finances and a life to attempt living.

 So it's out there for anyone who is looking for a meaningful experiment, and if nobody bites then it gets lost to the ages.  At least I put it out there.

There is no sound in space. No one can hear you scream.

Funny I should see this comment today. On January 4th a gravity wave caused by 2 black holes colliding 3 billion years ago hit the earth, and was detected by one of NASA's experiments. Here's the latest article on this phenomenon: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/jun/01/third-gravitational...



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