Stupid question I know haha. But I was wondering if anyone could intuitively pinpoint the origin of these crafts, or if anyone has seen them physically or astrally themselves. For some reason I'm really drawn to them and it's been triggering some sort of subconscious flashbacks that I can't really comprehend at the moment. I feel like they could have some feline origins although I could be wrong. Thank you. <3

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They look pretty cool, although I have no idea where they are from.

From what it looks like, you may be drawing pleiadian ships. They have the same design on the outer ring in the middle and have similar designs on the top of the ships. Do you have any ties to the Pleiades? I hope this helped any and this question wasn't stupid. I'm glad you asked this because it helps us all identify starships from our galactic family.

I feel its like some sort of a watcher, or something that studies earth energies. I feel its on a mission and it needs to understand these energies in order to transmute them perhaps. Like study and this study has some sort of anxiety around them. Maybe anxiety because they are studying the human race and understanding their impact on other races, in their own races in particular.

I feel it is friendly and eager to connect with anyone who might want to connect with them. It is some race that is in near proximity to earth. I cannot say which though but they feel near to earth.

No clue, although it looks funny. It looks like typical school lockers in a surrealistic artstyle.

Thank you everyone for your insights :) I will answer everyone individually soon, thank you <3

all videos and pics look so fake

this is the first ever pics I have seen of this object, yet there is video from 2000? and all from the same website?

the australian "footage" is the worst. the cloud is so fake.

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