Creating the safe space - Practical and simple methods to protect and cleanse your self and home and keep it cleansed

I noticed the psychic self defence group is gone so I repost this here for your interest...

Creating the safe space - Practical and simple methods to protect and cleanse your self and home and keep it cleansed

Reading through this group I see lots of good advice, tips and tricks to keep yourself safe and defend yourself.  What I think what is missing is a simple step by step guide of very effective techniques to not only protect yourself, but also create a safe and clear home and keep it that way.

Over the years my adventures and experiments in magick and psychospiritual work have caused me to attract quite a few negative entities, events and people and it wasn't until i developed this set of techniques, based on advice given to me by a very wise friend, that I have been able to completely stop all of it, and have a home that is safe and always filled with clean and positive energy.

Almost everyone who has entered my home, spiritually awakened or not,  has commented in some way on the immediate sense of calmness, light and safety they feel in my home, and its by no means a very tidy house with 2 teenagers living here too!   

It also keeps away any negative entities and provides a safe and energised space for any spiritual practices and magickal work.


1) daily meditate on the golden/white light in the crown for at least 10mins.  See it build as a golden/white orb above your head until you can really feel it/see it with your mind, and then flowing down and filling your aura with golden light from the bottom right up to the top.  Then allow it to drain away into the earth and repeat. Keep doing this and as you repeat you will feel it / see it more strongly each time. (see my post linked here for a more complete explanation and step by step guide on this exercise)

2) clean your house from top to bottom.  Get in every cupboard, corner, ceiling and floor, behind furniture and bookcases etc and clear away all dust and cobwebs etc.  As you do this in your mind hold the intent that you are cleansing and clearing away all negativity.

3) Go through your house and bless each room and seal it with the light and love.  You can do this in any way that suits you best but personally I use sage or an incense mix that i have made in a mortar, and that I have charged beforehand with a personal symbol of protection and cleansing, and I circle each room once anti clockwise to clear and then clockwise to draw in the light and love and do gestures to represent this.  You can also use blessed water in a spay bottle and and specific exercise to bring in light and seal the room. ( I have shared how to make blessed water here)

4) Cleanse and charge a set of small crystals, enough to be placed through the centre of your house, over door ways, on shelves and on window sills.  You can choose particular ones if you like and the more effort you put into selecting them the more powerful it will be, and a random collection will still be very effective.  

When charging the crystals visualise a symbol that represents a protective force to you. See the symbol in your hands and charge it with your energy from your third eye and heart chakras until it is as clear as you can make it.  Then slowly push the visualised symbol into the collection of crystals and place them around the house from top to bottom. Imagine them drawing white light from the universe into the top crystal and transmitting it through each one in turn to the last one placed at your back door/window.   Experiment with different colours, types, and configurations to find one that really works for you.

5) In meditation regularly balance your chakras, tone through them from base to crown making sue they are clean, spinning at the same speed, and free of any unwanted attachments.  See each one perfectly sphereical and polished and as you scan see any cracks or flaws you find see them seal up and heal.   Use any tool of your imagination to remove all cords in each chakra as healthy ones will grow back.  Feel the release for all extrenal attachments as you firmly connect via the earth and higher self/universe (above and below) as this connection is ALL we need.    Use this video to learn about toning and help you tone each chakra in the correct place, at the correct notes, with the correct sound, and visualizing the correct colours.

Do these tasks with intent and belief that they are very powerful and DONT shirk when cleaning and miss a corner or cupboard a, so long as you repeat all this every 3-4 months or so and make the Light in the Crown exercise a daily routine and the chakra toning a weekly.  

Negative entities get very sick from the light and love and cant abide it and so HAVE to go, so any attached spirits or negative entities hanging around will leave, but this will not get rid of spirits who are not negative.  

You will also notice (as will anyone who enters your home) that your house has a very clean and clear vibration and this clear space will really assist you with any spiritual work you do and be a sanctuary for you to escape to and feel safe in.

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Thanks you for this Sareyan. Its  great reminder. I always feel so much better after a good house cleansing  session !!

Much love


sounds like a great idea thanks :) 


I am wondering why this group has gone ? It is much needed.

Your post  shown here, is/was  a vital part of the group archive collection, for us to revisit.

If it has gone, how can this post be maintained on here for us to visit on a regular basis ?

I very much need to read this again, so I am saying thank you for reposting it.  : )

Your welcome and thank you for Reading...

I'm really not sure why the group was removed but I will post any other articles I can find in my own archive relating to it.

It may seem odd but in my experience the best way to keep any articles is to not put them in groups or at least post them in the forum as well. Possibly the reason that groups get deleted is a member who owns the group leaves isn but I don't know for sure. 


Thank you for this! I used to live in a house that, although the energy in every other room was fine, my closet  and the basement was extremely "strange". Not necessary "negative" or oppressive, but very distracting. Placing mugwort and a little crystal grid in this space really helped to clear it up. <3

indeed! Like a physical ailment we become so accuustomed to we forget we have it, and how much better we can feel when its healed, allowing our physical space to become muddied by stagnant energies, attracting lower astral critters who will further confusee and disrupt our enegetic fields, we can forget how much better we can feel, if we just spend a little effort in keeping the space clean and clear on all levels.

Love the little confirmations the universe gives us.. im viewing this post for the 111th time! Lots of 111's recently!




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