Anyone else have Birthmarks that resemble constellations you're connected to? I have Orion's belt on my face and funny to say my father has the the same on side of his face.

I think this stuff is pretty neat and interesting, of course I want to find more about myself in process but I do know I'm connected with Orions. :3

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I also have Orions belt on my face... Under my right eye... My soul originated in Orion

I also have Orions belt. It's across my chest and torso. They're small moles. one above my left breast, on the middle of my torso and the other one just above my right hip. How strange. 

When I was a child I thought that the moles on my arm kind of looked like the constellation known as The Plough.

Oh wow thats awesome everyone! :)

Yup I have Orion's belt same place on each of my forearms. and some triangle one on each shoulder dunno what that means tho.



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