It was last year that I was introduced to the Pleiadian beings. I had always heard the name but never really knew what they were before then. I had a Facebook and I found a quiz with a similar name "Which star do you come from?" I took the quiz and the outcome was Pleiades. Even if it sounded silly to believe a random quiz on FB (plus, I don't believe in coincidences), I decided to type the name in google and I found a website which I can no longer find, but visiting this website, everything I ever knew in this life somehow related to the wise words of the Pleiadians hosting that website. 


The other night I made some homemade alphabet cards (because I couldn't find my pendant or my psychic circle among all the clutter in this house) and it took quite a bit of effort to make them while I was in the dark. (No light as to prevent from disturbing my son's sleep.) I asked the cards a simple question, bearing in mind the essence of my being and feeling special in every way, my question was "Where does my soul originate?" The results: "IM PQZDN." I did not even think to "debunk" such a rendering outcome because the truth has always came with a feeling of just knowing. I feel the connection, but I feel oblivious and I also want to know more. I want to know more about the Pleiadians. So, I ask the community on Starseeds, is there anyone here that knows they are Pleiadian? And if so, can you please tell me more them? 


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Thoughts for pushing thinking aside, lavender candles, close your eyes, focus on breathing and do your absolute best to image a body of water unerneath you. Look out across the water and visualize it being solid as ice, yet it is a liquid. Concentrate on the liquid being solid with no ripples. As soon as you have done this, meditating should come a bit easier. Took me AGES. My mind has a wicked way of taking things I want to be still and making them move unwillingly. Just loves movement. lol. Try listening to some entrancing music. No words preferably. If you need examples you're more than welcome to listen to some of mine on my profile. I don't mind one bit. It's what they're there for. c:

As for more smells, perhaps if you smell something that you do not recognize that smells oddly nostolgic it will help trigger a deeper meditation. It has done so with me. Contain it around you during meditation.

If you wish to have deeper sleeps, drink a bit of warm milk before bed or don't eat anything 2 hours prior to bed, scent your pillows very slightly with lavender (or vaporitze lavender), just so you can barely smell it, but you know it's there. Turn on some classical music and or calming, entrancing music just low enough to where you can barely hear it. Your mind works 10 fold while you are asleep. It's crazy how much activity is happening, your other sense will heighten and pick up the scent and sound.

And although it may not be the ideal smell, the scent of the oil of marjoram helps boost the calming neurotransmitter serotonin.

Read up on some aromatherapy. You said that your shower time was YOUR time. Perhaps you can work with some bath salts, soaps and oils while listening to soothing music. c:


P.S. - I would LOVE to hear your dream. I absolutley love listening to them and deciphering when given the opportunity.

Hi!  Im also from Peiades,my true home.I am also a galactic traveler so I have been around.lol!

My twin flame,Plyath is my guide here and mostly everywhere I have been.He is also Pleiadian.We are blue beings.I have light blue skin,red hair with blue streeks and gloden cat like eyes,Im tall but not taller than Plyath.He is a darker blue with dark black/blue hair and eyes like mine.I know this for he has told me and shown me.I have blockages though that I created myself for my protection therefore I have not been able to astral project and have trouble seeing my past lives.

I was first told I was from Pleiades by my soul father AA Michael and Ashtar (my first telepathic communication).My daughter right now is my daughter on Pleiades,she wanted to live thias with me.Bizarrely her name on Earth is Mia-jade,on Pleiades it is Mjyade.I also have a son with Plyath waiting for us back there.Between every incarnation I am granted time with them.I am at my last incarnation here,wonder where Ill be going next?!LOL!I find it frustrating to not be able to "see' my home world.My last planet before Terra was Andromeda,was told by AA Metatron this.

I have seen my reunion with Plyath here on Earth/Terra last week.WOW! I had so much emotions,so did he.I know we are open sexually because of Plyaths way of telling me things,Im guessing hes anxious to reunite.He has seen me with so many men in all my life times,I felt so bad for him.But like he said,he signed up for this and is used to it.Our love is endless!

We have a telepathic link non-stop now (as with other beings).

Well thats about it.Hope I helped add some info.

Love and peace Ramja!!

I read on one website they are very sensitive. Do you have the link for the quiz?

Well I meditated and meditated,The first time I got in contact with Plyath I was actually conversing with AA Michael And Mother Mary,I heard a hearty laugh in my ear.It startled me and they found it very funny!LOL! They then introduced us.I have no real method other than meditation.

By the way I to feel a twisting movement sometimes but I felt it more in the beginning or when I fall in deep transe.Its like I feel my soul trying to break free,its a weird sensation!

Hope I could have helped u more.Try asking to meet ur guide during meditation.

Namaste!!  Ramja!!

I did the meditation to discover my original planet and Cygnus was the constellation that caught my attention! Who lives in Cygnus are Pleiadians?



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