Are flying dreams an ego thing? I've had flying dreams in my sleep all my life, not every night but very frequently. As a child, they would involve the neighborhood kids, who would say "Hey, teach me how to fly!" I'd say "It's fun and easy, all you do is let go and fly!"
However, I would still be the only one flying.
As an adult, my flying dreams usually consist of just me flying but there are usually other people in the dream too, who don't fly, in which case it just feels like I'm just showing off (ego). I know these are only dreams, but depending on who you talk to, dreams can teach you a lot about yourself, others, and the world around you. Flying dreams are really liberating for me, metaphorically, they seem like the direct opposite of the heaviness sometimes involved in three dimensional earthly life. It's no secret that many people have flying dreams, and enjoy them for the most part, I just wish I wasn't the only one flying in my flying dreams. It feels like an ego thing. Wouldn't it be so much better if these dreams involved me, with OTHERS, hand in hand, a huge string of people flying across the sky, across the world, picking up others along the way. Wow! That kind of sounds egotistical too, doesn't it. But, I didn't say it would be cool if I initiated the whole thing, I'm thinking more along the lines of when someone starts whistling a popular song and then it catches on and sooner or later everyone is singing, or maybe the way yawns seem to be contagious. Anyone follow where I'm coming from? I want some flying dreams where I'm not the only one. Comments? Advice?

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I have had similar experiences. Often I am flying in my dreams. When that happens, sometimes I feel like showing off to freak people out. Other times I am frustrated the everyone else doesn't understand how to just fly.

The point for this post, though, is what it means. The first aspect for me is that I have my flying dreams when I have shifted my astral form out of my Terran vehicle. When I stop feeling the physical discomfort of the body, the sensations of the bed and blankets around me, and gravity pulling down on the body, naturally my dream translates this as flying.

The social part is the brain's way of translating the experience, with showing off and such, seems pretty natural for a dream. Dream-time is for rejuvenation and purging of stress hormones that have accumulated throughout the waking period. Greater fun = less stress = greater restoration and healing.

I think the really interesting thing is that flying in your dreams feels exactly how you think it should. There's no floatyness to it, just flying and maybe some gliding around. Guarantee the feeling you get is identical to everyone else, 100% guarantee.

When I fly, I control it with my breathing. Breathe in to ascend, breathe out to drift down. But I feel like it's more of an 'ego death' thing. The people who can't fly in my dreams always have huge very restricting egos in real life. I feel like the flight is symbolism of letting go of the ego which weighs us down. To me, the ego is the only thing that weighs us down, so if you fly, you can't have that. (and i understand we all will always have egos, it's a part of who we are. so maybe for flyers, we are less restricted and more ACCEPTING of it).

I'd say yes and no. The desire you mentioned for collective evolutionary advancement I'd say is in line with your higher self while the desire for control that it's more rooted in isn't.

Interesting. It's just how you look at it. I could see your dreams as positive as you're willing to share the experience you enjoy it with others. Unlike, when I fly in my dreams, I don't notice other people and others don't see me, like I'm invisible. You may see it like egoless. I may see it as pure ego as I don't care about others, only about myself. Just as an example, I don't interpret it like that, but you did give me something to think about. There are two sides of every coin, but it's the same coin :)

I see it as letting go of the ego that weighs you down and to simply be free.

Typically my flying dreams lead to becoming lucid.

For myself I usually have to lose my ego to start flying /becoming lucid.

I usually start by swimming , then flying. If I drown before I fly, I become lucid underwater.

Thank you guys for your input. Ironically, after sharing this yesterday, I had another flying dream last night, towards the end of which, someone started "instructing me" on how to "leap, glide, and then land" down hills and such. This one had a name very similar to one that has appeared in my dreams other times, only with maybe a different appearance. I don't know, that part is fuzzy, but the part I liked was that someone else who "knew how to fly" engaged me and gave advice. Cool!

your being trained, maybe this is connected to something bigger for you....like I have had dreams where I am being instructed or taught how to engage in combat. which I think might be a lightwarrior kind of thing.....

So what if it is??
Spread your wings and fly!! I had a dream awhile back where I was flying with huge bird like wings. I got a glimps of myself and it was wonderful. If you don't want the ego involved maybe check it before bed? But - as I write this - I am starting to think if the ego was involved doesn't it show itself in another way that isn't as cool?? I also have to say isn't it freakin cool to open up and see what the hell you can do - sometimes!? Maybe it is your dreams way of showing you what the heck you can do?? Ya, know?

I've had a dream where I was welcomed back to a heroines welcome, and I don't think it is an ego thing, because it is all just apart of the mission.

Humm flying dreams where you are not the only one. Maybe before you go to bed meditate, visualize, put out in the dreamscape that you want flying buddies.

This is interesting. I have dreams where someone is teaching me something, like lecturing me and it feels like it lasts for hours. Only talk, and I only listen and say nothing. Too bad that I don't remember anything when I woke up. It's hard for me to remember words when the dream doesn't have much visuals.

Tbh it could be, at least you don't take it litteral like many people do, this is a nice way of looking at it

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