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I have got many answers from her and I liked by the way she has channeled me many times and I did not ask my soul name, good point it is still mystery to me.

Not all starseeds are here for a job, that's just a concept elitist in these communities created and everyone has blindly taken as fact, to feel they have no purpose here, for escapism, one can give themselves a purpose while on this planet. Not everyone here has a pre-determined mission, many are here due to other things, death, mission, choice of curiosity, the list goes on. People should stop trying to force themselves into a man-made system like this.

" I'm sorry for those who have had bad experiences, but a lot of people can't accept the full truth. They're still stuck in that ego based mindset, and some even think they are archangels, or even gods. They're incredibly disheartened and reflect it back on her, saying she's a bad teacher."

this honestly sounds like someone who takes a person's words as 100% truth, thus being trapped in the same mindset as one who would take a religion as 100% truth and any others as being false or trapped themselves rather than seeking their own experience, they find the truth in someone else who can give them hope as far as I see it.

it's also ironic because claiming seraphim is just the same as someone claiming deity or archangel.

If that is what you believe sure, but there's difference in experiences, on what seraphim are so to say something like you did is not only full of hypocrisy but if you think about it, have you actually experienced it? or are you taking Alura as 100% truth? either is your choice, but I feel people should ask themselves this more often instead of falling back into that follower mentality that religion tends to have. This is no different.

You said people are ego for claiming deity or archangel, but to a lot gods are just a race among many other races and archangel just a title in the angelic hierarchy, but based on your words you think they are wrong which is where the hypocrisy starts and ends, should be apparent when someone has on their website that others are confused and they are right because they channel their information..

but hey it's great you were told what you are and if you experienced it before being told such then that's even better! too many people follow someone so blindly in the starseed communities it can be very odd. So congrats!

I would love to get a reading from alura! I'm too young though so there is no way for me to pay. She said I could have one for free, but that was a while ago. She never got back to me. Im not really sure what to think of that as id prefer if she told me she wasn't able to for what ever reason it may be. Oh well though, I really hope to get one from her one day!

alura cein is a scammer 

It hurts me to see that someone would call Alura a scammer, she is no scammer, I was her assistant a while back in 2013-2015, I had to quit do to a dramatic change in my life after my father passed... Alura is such a kind and loving soul, a great friend and she was so very kind to me and helped me out as much as she could! She has changed many, many people's lives, sometimes with only one reading, and I know that by truth because I witnessed it, Now people may have their opinions on her, That is simply because they have not worked with her to see who she is and if she is real.. before judging her...  The perception of love has nothing to do with it, but the knowledge to back it up does... Now i think as a spiritual community we all should work together instead of putting one down and help all of these messengers to get their message across and help the world as that is what god wants us to do.. here are some answers to your "logic"

A. Every single psychic in this world has their own way of channeling, everyone knows that, everyone has a different truth, since she is a messenger she can't have the same message as the others, if she was like all the rest, what make her so unique and want others to come to her...

B. When I worked with Alura, She was always opened and always ready to help and fix what she could of been possibly wrong about, But she is hardly ever wrong... I have many people that could back her up on that.

C. Alura being psychic, she picks up on energies and can tell if someone is being genuine or not, She doesn't ignore the person, she removes the comment because she is simply very sensitive to people,She is also a psychologist and considers even spiritual sessions to be confidential, she feels that any problem should not be broad casted but dealt with as mature adults personally so that both can come to an understanding to things. and being a psychic, approval from others is a big thing... and when someone is not happy with their service she refunds them right away! As I know because I would refund them, and her new assistant does as well! it's on her terms and conditions page...

D. Yes you would not have physical proof to support your statement because you have never worked with her before, and if you have, If you were not happy with your service why not go to Alura personally and talk to her yourself instead of bashing her name in? Her or her assitant are always there to solve the solution...

Please do not feel I am attacking you, I am not! I am sure you are a very kind person, But people should not say someone is a scammer. Alura has worked with 2,000+ people and they say otherwise...  

Okay, i will back it up with some logic.

A. On her very website she states that other people are confused and that she knows "the truth" through channeling. What makes her any different from other people that channel, and why does that make her channeling truth?

B. Someone that isn't a scammer would be open to the fact that they can be subject to inaccuracies.

C. Whenever someone comments that they do not agree with the reading they received from her without being rude or asking their money back - simply explaining the way they view it, she decides to ignore the person and remove the comment.

D. It is possible that she is a legit channeler, I do not have physical proof to support my statement, but logically everything points towards it.

Also, What does my perception of love have to do with any of this? You stating that sounds like you have an issue with it. You are judging me without knowing me based off one comment.

I have had a readings done by Alura Cein. I can tell you that there is No one in this buisness that I trust with my heart and my soul . Starseeds or the "we are one" has become serious buisness. Not for Alura. She cares and loves deeply each person she comes in contact with. There are no questions that are to big or silly. Alura replies to each one herself. My whole life has changed with Alura Cein in it and her advice. Her truthology course is lifting veils for myself and all my family members in my house. I have nothing but DEEP LOVE , RESPECT and GRATITUDE for Alura.

Lol, no drama, there haven't been rumours about her in a long time, this is just a post to praise her. I'm not saying she isn't the real deal. I'm sure she is, you know what would be cool ? If you guys who had readings posted them here so others can see the format and information channeled just to make an idea about her work. Maybe I will get a reading from her too.

What I find it weird though is that an ultra psychic angel that knows so much about souls and this matrix doesn't use her powers to manifest money for herself and instead charges from others for such important spiritual information. Not judging her practices, just taking note of them, don't jump on me.

Manifesting money I think wouldn't be so simple, like people who work with magic work use prosperity rituals, or monetary rituals, and the money comes to them in some way or another such as a raise, or a job, or a gift from someone, etc.

I agree I think she's the real deal, but I don't believe she's 100% truth like people worship her like (I say worship very loosely here, because a lot get rageful when an opinion is stated)

But my point is, you have a point but at the same time manifestation has to have a way for it to work, unless that's what you meant? if so then my apologizes.

I've been getting readings and healings from Alura for almost a year. Trust me, she is POWERFUL, the healings are the best that I've ever gotten from someone, even my friends who are versed in spirituality were impressed, her readings are very accurate and they go higher in realms than anyone I've seen. I know because I do have actually psychic friends and things that Alura said they also said, and they didn't talk to eatch other, LOL! But my friends can't see beyond earthly plane and I come to her for divine guidance. So I have a lot to backup when I say she is the most powerful psychic and healer that I've came in contact with. And anyone who says that she is a fraud, I'm sorry for you! And she is so sweet and innocent I have yet to see a microounce of meanness in her. She is truly divine and a gift for us all!

She sounds amazing. I would love too meet her, though I don't think I can at the moment. Right now I can only see this earthly plane execpt for some "leaks" I guess you could call it. If you can could you give me any advice on how I could go about reaching her that would be great. Though I'm guessing these things only come with being spirituality advanced. In life too get too what you want there are no short cuts.



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