This word has popped up all over in my life lately.

As soon as I heard "Aldebaran", I felt an instant connection and familiarity. I understand it's a star (bull's eye) in Taurus but when I search for it, I mostly find conspiracy stuff. I have been concentrating my meditating on other things so I haven't been able to get to this just yet but will in time.

If anyone is more familiar and could point me to information or links, I'd be most appreciative! 

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Whoa! That's amazing because I've also had "Elohim" come up often lately as well but didn't think the two were related. I'm so oblivious to clues, it can be very frustrating.

Thank you so much for this link Rose Mary! I will read through it later.


I'm just starting to learn about Aldebaran and feeling very interested in it, too.

Here's an interesting article by David Furlong connecting the Elohim with Aldebaran:


Really? I had never known of it and now it's everywhere ... and for others as well.

I'm excited now to read through these articles. Thank you!

It's not really everywhere...I looked for a long time to find that article! ;-)

And now that I've looked at the article posted above by Rose Mary, I see it is the same David Furlong article, but WITH COMMENTS INSERTED BY "Alexander."

Alexander's comments are really interesting!

Agreed re: Alexander's comments!! That is also how I feel about the Annunaki "creation story" however I haven't really heard many people saying this. 

I found this earlier today as well but haven't had time to read though this entirely just yet..  Never mind, after scanning it looks like the same as what was already posted.

Interesting data from A and Rosemary and turquoise water
I am also interested in Aldebaran mm. .
Infogad bild 2
My first contacts with the Elohim added
during the years 1998 - 2002.
It was in 2001 that Sananda mentioned that two people would soon cross the road and they would teach me something. We came to change many emails before December 8, 2001 met at the meeting ..The message that Sanandaa performed on the front page of our books seemed to rhyme with each other. And further mentioned in the woman's book :: "Get ready for an awakening of great proportions". .
It was in early 2002 that she was channeling messages from
Elohim - Elohim & Sananda - Elohim & Sanat Kumara - El Morya.
which was submitted as newsletters to two receivers. and I was one of them.

Is "Our Dolphin Ancestors" a book?  Who wrote it?  Do you connect Dolphins with Aldebaran?

One of my favorite books (I read it when it was first published!) is The Descent of Woman by Elaine Morgan.  It posits that evolution of humans was connected to dolphin evolution.  Elaine Morgan has written other books on the subject, one called The Aquatic Ape.

Thanks!  I got The Descent of Woman way back in 1973, when it was published!  Also was a fan of John C. Lilly, who did much research with Dolphins, and wrote many books about it.


My favorite Dolphin worker/player now is Joan Ocean:


Yes, I would also like to know Flower's connection of dolphins with Aldebaran. :-)

A---Every time I see your picture, I see the red on top of your head as 2 red "cat-like" ears!  >l-)

David Furlong (in his Elohim article) says that his info coincides with the info from Murry Hope's book The Paschats and the Crystal People.  In that book, the info is that the Crystal People had to vacate their planet because their Sun was going Supernova.  The Paschats (feline people) helped them escape and also helped them re-settled.

Furlong connects the Crystal People with the people from the planet that circled Aldebaran.  He said that some of them settled on planets in the Pleiades, and some of them went from there to Earth.

The Pleaidians must have helped them, too.  My own info about the Pleiadians connects with dolphins and whales and other mammals who live in the waters. 

So....there ya go!  Meow. X

I'm going to get the Dolphin book by Frank Joseph, too!

You might enjoy reading V.S. Ferguson's book Inanna Returns.  It is a fictional book along the lines of Sitchin's theories.  I'd be interested in your reaction to it!

You can read it online if you go to this page and scroll down to the Inanna Returns icon:


Inanna Hyper-Luminal is the follow-up to that book.

I looked for this book but was unsure which one you are talking about.  Please give the author. ;-)



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