Add Your Name On The Next NASA-JPL Spacecraft Named InSight That Is Going to Mars

Go to:  http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=4691

OK Starseeds,

Here is a treat for all of you.

You can add your name to the next mission to Mars by NASA-JPL that is sending a spacecraft named InSight to the red planet. Just go to the link that I have offered to you here.

I daily go to NASA-JPL's web-sight to read the latest of what is going on and have been at JPL'S Mission Control myself a few times. It is a wonderful scientific day trip for those that can get to JPL in Southern California.

InSight will launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, in March 2016 and land on Mars Sept. 28, 2016. The mission is the first dedicated to the investigation of the deep interior of the planet. It will place the first seismometer directly on the surface of Mars to measure Martian quakes and use seismic waves to learn about the planet's interior. It also will deploy a self-hammering heat probe that will burrow deeper into the ground than any previous device on the Red Planet. These and other InSight investigations will improve our understanding about the formation and evolution of all rocky planets, including Earth.

Submissions of names will be collected until September 8, 2015; so only a few more days to do this. It is fun and a wonderful tool to teach kids about the cosmos. Plus as an added extra bonus, NASA-JPL allows you to print out a verification "boarding-pass" for a keep-sake. Go for it! Become a Martian like myself. I have already had my name placed on the current Mars Rover-Spacecraft named Curiosity that has been doing so well on Mars for over three years now. So now my family and myself are going for a second time. My cat, Tony too!



The Mars Martian.

NASA-JPL National Aeronautical and Space Administration-Jet Propulsion Laboratories- USA

Go to:  http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=4691

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This is pretty cool news.  Interesting, JPL is actually walking distance from my house too :)

Yeah I used to go there for high school field trips lol..  But good to check out now that I'm older.  The energy immediately above the area there is quite interesting...Thanks Marc!

Marc J. Stockwell-Moniz said:

Good; check it out.

They (JPL) offer a free three hour tour. Just contact them on the internet. You can see thr Mission Control Room and where space crafts are built, plus a cool little museum room with replica space craft.

A great trip.

Have fun!


Jedirealism said:

This is pretty cool news.  Interesting, JPL is actually walking distance from my house too :)

a bit to laat don't you think, we are laready in september 2015


To access your Frequent Flyer account, you'll need your last name and the email you used when you requested your boarding pass for Orion's first test flight in 2014. 

Thak you, Yashtar, for invitation

But that  your link to Nasa page does not seemed to working


Best wishes to all on space explore




Thank you, Yashtar, but I have two small children, & some work to still do here.

Thanks again


I have my Boarding Pass to Mars!  Awesome!!!

Vigilant received this letter from a light worker who sends information from different sources which can be interesting to read. .
The book is written in Swedish 
Footnote. Automatic writing is common förekommnde of a part which can keep dissolved in the pen and let the neighbor's write by himself. There are examples of how different people have practiced and gradually got up clear writings.
The planet Mars and the country Datilias history
Table of Contents
Introduction 2
The planet Mars and the country Datilia 3
The country Datilias History
The first revolution 7
The labor movement and the second revolution 8
Manetho, the great people of the speaker 12
Printz and the peace movement 15
The third revolution 23
Parillo and social nydaningen 33
Reaction and rescue 47
Flashback 50
All the information below was added through the so-called automatic writing, and the intelligence that was holding the pen myself have lived on this earth for a short period around the end of the 1800s. This intelligence is otherwise an inhabitant of the planet Mars and would not announce its current name. It wants through this information to get the world's inhabitants to understand that life exists throughout the cosmos and that various planetary history in this solar system is not so different from Earth. The intelligence also hope that the message can be beneficial to the inhabitants of the earth, and that, despite the difficult year that the Earth is currently undergoes, sees the major changes that await all.
I did it too! Yays : )


Many have wondered if there is life on Mars. Many films have tried to describe the Martians as ugly and vicious creatures who just want to take over Earth and eating up the people. In recent times it has officially come out with the news that the planet Mars is a planet uninhabitable and that there is no life. Although the researchers have concluded that there are bacteria on the planet, little green bacteria that are found in the rocks. What a big joke everything is! Not only that - the majority on earth fully believe it. If this majority knew how everything behind, they would realize what a lie the hitherto lived with.

On the planet Mars are country, deserts, ice, rivers, lakes, seas, forests and flowers, etc.. - Much like on Earth. The atmosphere is thinner, but any human being could easily adapt after a certain time. Apart from the rich plant kingdom, there are also wildlife.There are of course plenty of people - Martians, that are about two thousand earthly years before in their development in comparison to men on earth. A large part of the Martians live within the planet's shell, while the rest live in the northern and southern part of the planet. Residents inside and March living in harmony with each other and they are like one big family. At the equator, there are basically just deserts. The landscape is diverse, like the earth. You will find high mountains, deep valleys and wide open fields. Rocks and noble stone types are approximately identical to those on Earth.There are magnificent public buildings. Their ingenious technological inventions really impresses. In every detail finds beauty. To go to Mars is like coming to a very remote country culture. Of wood are many and the size of the trees is slightly larger than the earth. World of flowers is very rich in forms and splendor of color.

Animal world does not differ much from the world's animals. You will find many pets like dogs, cats, horses and various birds. Some birds walking around in the parks and gardens are great and glorious. There are no cattle since March people do not eat any substances that come from the animal world and thus need not pets for milk and meat.The horse is only used as "lyxdjur" for riding and light carriage. All heavy work and transport is performed by mechanical force. There is no wildlife, but there are deer, gazelles and ruminant animals freely roam the forests without being molested.Predators do not exist and they disappeared from the planet for about 150 Marsår ago.

Martians are small in stature, pain and agile in his movements. Their faces surpasses in beauty all that the earth can produce. Especially women are adorable and the hugely beautiful. March people spend much time nurturing their physical bodies. You never see a distended stomach, a crooked spine or obesity disfigured figure. March people living exclusively from vegetable food, mainly fruits, which look very delicate like. They drink wine and beer, but these drinks are alcoholic. They are modest, diligent and very energetic. They are good-natured and very friendly, but extremely lively. Their intelligence is horse-lengths ahead of earthling man.

Their schools are very well organized. Teaching is common for boys and girls, and mainly goes on to find out each pupil's individual predisposition and especially lay the foundation for a spiritual understanding of everything. Universities are essentially specialized schools where every topic highly specialized. Oral and written exams do not occur, but when a student finished his course, he / she is a grade from the teacher about their skills and their energy.

There are areas that have different names, as well as the different countries on earth, but the big difference is that there are no limits. There are towns and villages, but towns containing more than three hundred thousand inhabitants. The houses are built of smaller size and is much less dense than on Earth. The architecture of these houses is impressive. The houses are built mostly to be practical and comfortable. All buildings and houses are surrounded by groups of trees and plants. Tramways with a single track available on all streets and carriages driven silently with great speed. For longer trips use faster "UFO train". Everywhere you see huge, huge airplanes pulling in all directions. Shipping is only used for very heavy loads and are mainly driven by large barges on the wide channels which cross the planet's surface.

Each land has some kind of authority or government. The authorities in the various areas live in harmony with each other. This is similar in the US between states. Most areas have a form of government is republican. There is a president elected for some years. All presidents are completely conscious and more or less clairvoyant. Most have been in past lives were spiritual priests and skillful diplomats. Close to the president, he or she is "High Council" with a minister of spiritual culture, an education system, one for the fine arts, one for the administration of justice, one for transport and communications, one of Trade and Industry, one for general works and a External policy. All are elected by parliament and not by the president. Krig- or Defence Minister is not because the war is won over the position of March the people.

Parliament is elected by universal suffrage and which is almost as many women as men. They meet in a very short time each year (a marsår = 1.88 terrestrial years) to determine whether taxes and to allocate it. But the legislation is almost entirely in government hands. Each year, Parliament assesses government action and if some of its members are considered to have behaved unwisely, they can be immediately replaced with new forces - a measure, however, are the exception. In general, flowing political life quietly and peacefully without discord and division.

The religious culture has completely other forms than on Earth. Religious services for a particular ritual is not present, but on certain days gathered crowds of people in large glorious temple halls where there are lectures, discussions, concerts and plays, all of spiritual topics. In every home there is a special dedicated room or a quiet corner for contemplation and prayer, where nobody gets disturbed. There are many religious schools and they live in the best unity with each other. All, however in common that they believe in God, the immortality of the spirit and a continual progression through a long series of forms and life.

March The people have solved their social problems and therefore more than the people of the earth. Some may think that they have evolved totally different lines than the Earth people? On the contrary, man becomes very surprised at how similar everything unfolded on Mars and on Earth. In fact, it is not so strange. You should know that the large group of human beings who belong to the solar system, is led uniformly of the same high spirits and masters, whose intelligence, power, and love it is hard to imagine. All the planets in the solar system have had the same spiritual guidance through these high spirits and master. Human suffering, weaknesses and inclinations are the same wherever they appear on all planets in the solar system. When a person is finished with his development on earth or wish to acquire some knowledge from other planets can have the opportunity to incarnate on any other planet in the solar system.Many souls currently on earth has survived among others on Mars and their main task is to be pioneers or teachers in one direction or another and thereby accelerate the development of the earth. Eg there were Greeks during its great era or successful scientists who were the souls of the March planet.

The mentioned above is largely about the planet Mars. But now we need to go a couple of thousand in March-years back in time to find out how it looked on the planet at a time when their humanity stood at roughly the same point of development as the earth stands now. What follows is a summary of a small country's history. The country is in the northern hemisphere. This country, Datilia, has played a very large role in the history of Mars.

The Good Force be with you!

Excellent, Yshatar & Marc! Thanks for sharing & keep it up!

Yes, My Name is added!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

This is what you could see at your arrival on Mars, and personally I will understand why....

OMG, first, I'm not Spanish, I am an Earthman and I never prejudge anyone.
And to enter in one discussion at this nivel, I don't want to spoil my time, just watch this video made by an American with a very good speech to discover where you are living in, if you are not conscious of it. A bon entendeur, salut!


Marc J. Stockwell-Moniz said:

What has Spain done? Nothing. Your nation stands for nothing. And is nothing. Your nation is a disgrace to the world. And I personally understand why.

RobertO DurantE said:

This is what you could see at your arrival on Mars, and personally I will understand why....



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