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why do you think there are more UFOs in certain places than others?

In this town, Sackville (New-Brunswick), I've seen more UFOs than anywhere before. It's a tiny town, located in a tiny province, in Canada.…

Started by Heavin Marsden

5 Jul 8
Reply by Space Snail

This "UFO Documentary" feels soooo fake!! (Controlled Opposition)

I just felt like searching "UFO stories" on Youtube and came across this piece of hideous art. Now, I've really been feeling that high vibe…

Started by Marcus

21 May 7
Reply by Halcyon

spaceship/UFO activity . does anyone see it?

I take this video from my balcony It was triangle UFO with light in middle i wondering that i s…

Started by Elmira

35 Mar 28
Reply by Elmira

Does anyone know where these spacecrafts are from?

Stupid question I know haha. But I was wondering if anyone could intuitively pinpoint the origin of these crafts, or if anyone has seen the…

Started by Aishwarya Isabella

7 Feb 19
Reply by Space Snail

Reptoid-Style Ship? (Drawing)

Dreamt of this ship. Some facts I know: I was reptoid in this life, I had a ship that crashed/wrecked, and the ship I was dreaming of (pict…

Started by Julien

11 Jul 30, 2016
Reply by The Traveler

Scary ufo dreams

I've been having those nightmares lately, where I just see so many ufos, and I want it to stop, but it wont. I can feel them all profoundly…

Started by Jordan

9 Jul 28, 2016
Reply by GrownWisdom

Strange green light spotted in my country after the earthquake

Hey guys, I wanted to share this phenomenon that just happened where I live. As you may know for the news yesterday in my country Ecuador t…

Started by Raven

6 Apr 18, 2016

Seeing traveling star-like objects becoming a normal thing.

Where I live, if on a cloudless night, the best time to see the stars is in the early morning. My body often wakes up around the same time,…

Started by Anne

2 Mar 21, 2016
Reply by Anne

Lime-green light UFO's

Hello, guys! I'm kind of new to this site, and was so happy to find it - I see that many people here have experienced something that "norma…

Started by Elizaveta Dymond

13 Feb 11, 2016
Reply by adeomus

i seen a another ufo lastnight .

so i was sitting on my porch and i see a ufo streaking bye fast the light was still at first and then boom gone i was so happy to see them…

Started by Mesha Lawson

3 Feb 7, 2016
Reply by Mesha Lawson



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