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Right before I go to sleep, sometimes i hear these voices, in different distorted tones, that talk to me? Are these frequencies?

Sometimes right before i go to sleep, i would hear these noises, buzzing, static, white noise and it would get really loud. Most of the tim…

Started by Mic Tool

8 Aug 2, 2017
Reply by Lightning Rod

Strange sleeping symptom.

Hello my fellow beloved starseeds. I've got a rather interesting symptom that's been happening on and off the last few years. Now it happen…

Started by Ash

4 Jul 17, 2017
Reply by Ash

Do you know why this is happening?

Hi readers ^__^ Something really crazy is happening to me. The fact that my nails which were riggy all my life have turned smooth practical…

Started by Charlye Emily

16 Aug 18, 2016
Reply by o987tgfhkljk

Blackness when I sleep and then Returning to Redundant Reality thats slowly getting better but ....

Everytime I go to sleep, its just blackness... or a dark room. Once there was a closed door in the black room with a light underneath and m…

Started by Nichi

2 Jul 2, 2016
Reply by Nichi

Sleep Disorders- connection to Starseed?

Hey guys! I don't know much about this topic so I thought I would ask you guys- Can you guys see any connection between star seeds and var…

Started by Stella Matutina

23 Jun 16, 2016

What happened?

Hi all, something unusual happened to me a while ago, and I wonder what it was. I had had a good night of sleep but my young son woke me up…

Started by Anne

3 Feb 17, 2016
Reply by Anne

What is YOUR way to heal nightmares and also keep them away?

Hi friends :) Besides a dreamcatcher over my bed (which is a powerful mandallah), I like to ask for someone whom I trust to protect me du…

Started by Alxndr

51 Dec 2, 2015

sleeping for very long amounts of time

Lately nothing extreme has happened to cause me to want/need to sleep for 10-14 hours a day. Has anyone else been experiencing unusual slee…

Started by Soren

3 Nov 17, 2015
Reply by ⚛Ariele⚛

A Cry for Help

I've been absent, I know ... I was having a very difficult pregnancy, fighting off psychic attacks every night and day. 21 days ago today I…

Started by Ascha

8 Nov 11, 2015
Reply by Ascha

How Many Hours Of Sleep Do You Require?

  I believe one time before, I have read that some starseeds either require a bit more or less sleep than the average person (which is sup…

Started by Orion Warrior

21 Jun 27, 2015
Reply by Shon'Tal Tristona



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