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I want some starseed feedback on this,

Started by Horus Bey Sage

10 Jul 17, 2012
Reply by Horus Bey Sage

Crop circles explained

Just found this video mix with Bashar explaning the crop circles, according to him We are making the crop circles co-creating them with oth…

Started by Dan

1 May 20, 2012
Reply by AudioEssence

Enki Returns Crop circle

 So the name of Ea Enki the god father of humanity according to the summerians, appeared on crop circle in italy? Does it mean that he is c…

Started by Dan

1 Apr 15, 2012
Reply by Enlil Ninlil

Behind My Closed Eyes, I see.... a star?

For the past few weeks whenever my eyes are closed I'll spontaneously see this bright bright white speck.  I feel as though my third eye is…

Started by Annaphoria

2 Nov 21, 2011

Elenin Nibiru the cosmic Alarm clock?

  Elenin is an interpretation of something yet undefined, (remember the Hopi said the DREAM is coming to an end), as if in a dream and your…

Started by Starmoore

4 Sep 23, 2011

Sumerian Nebiru is coming , is red betelgeuse exploding ? or is another thing ?

  I am connected with sumerian religion since 2000, Is very insteresting to me as a believer I delight myself with the sumerian version of…

Started by jmanuel

1 Aug 24, 2011
Reply by jmanuel

No one is named Elenin.

There has been so much disinfo and speculation on Comet Elenin that no one knows what to believe.  It down right pisses me off a little bit…

Started by SM

2 Aug 5, 2011
Reply by Cosmic Seed

Astronomers Observe Colossal Saturn Storm

More changes in our solar system, take a look at the pics. Someone said that Elenin was aligned with Saturn at the time this pattern appear…

Started by 7E

3 Jul 10, 2011
Reply by 7E

Massive Plasma Waves Sweep the Sun -NASA: "We're seeing things we've never seen before"

A huge storm on the sun this past week unleashed what some have called the most massive eruption of solar plasma ever seen. NASA astronomer…

Started by 7E

6 Jun 15, 2011
Reply by Yshatar

NASA Announces Televised Conference to reveal nearby "Exceptional Object" ?

  Trent Perrotto Headquarters, Washington      202-358-0321   Nov. 10, 2010   MEDIA ADVISORY : M10-157    NASA…

Started by 7E

129 Nov 25, 2010
Reply by Ysheea



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