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We have all met one or two people like this...

Hello All, This post is in relation to my first post, but I want to generate more of a discussion around this and how we as starseeds, indi…

Started by JustineLatest Reply

. . . ignorance is not bliss

. . . It is a peculiar thing to ask for other people's advice n help, when your mind is already made up, n you're not going to listen to t…

Started by ElenaLatest Reply

Year of the Changes

2014 is the year of many changes. We had huge changes in our family from New Years Day on. We had my husbands 2 kids living with us for the…

Started by ṧ♓Ѧᾔηϴη (R'Lenu Sifsiy)Latest Reply

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OBE or Time Travel?

I had a unique, out-of-body experience yesterday that I thought I'd share because I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience…

Started by Pamala

5 on Friday
Reply by Pamala

Strange sleeping symptom.

Hello my fellow beloved starseeds. I've got a rather interesting symptom that's been happening on and off the last few years. Now it happen…

Started by Ash

4 Jul 17
Reply by Ash

Vision of another world in our sky

There was another universe in the sky, the planets looked like the image of them was vague as if looking through water it was melting with…

Started by Noname

0 Jul 9

Spiritual Prejudice

     Hello everybody! The purpose of this thread is to discuss the widespread hatred towards reptilian beings that is/has been consuming a…

Started by positiveevitisop

24 Jun 28
Reply by positiveevitisop

Anyone else from Gliese?

Hi everyone! So I'm pretty darn new to this site and would like to see if there are any other Starseeds/Angelics from Gliese? Gliese, first…

Started by Viktor Nayx’oella

0 Jun 23

it may be a minute before you see me again.

to those of who care. I will be staying with a friend. possibly. I don't know when they will pick me up. but I believe i'll have a better l…

Started by ☽Kadin☾

8 Jun 22
Reply by Warden

A Summary of My Traumatizing Past and the Resulting Spiritual Outcome

    When I was young, 7 years of age, I began to experience what would medically be diagnosed as night terrors, but since that would be onl…

Started by positiveevitisop

27 Jun 1
Reply by positiveevitisop

Symbol |:|

Does this mean anything to anyone? |:|

Started by Kevin Santana

6 May 31
Reply by Vidar den Tavse


Hi Starseed family, I just wanted to share an experience I've been having lately and wanted to know if any of you relate to this at all. L…

Started by Savannah*Nai'Shara

7 May 28
Reply by Shadowcatcher

Running On Empty

All those things we come to learn about ourselves in these harsh moments, reflecting on the past yet never seeming to arrange all the pie…

Started by Neph

8 May 28
Reply by Lyra



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