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Starseeds between mainstream and ridiculous ideas

Starseeds are being sometimes ridiculed by mainstream people. I guess thats because some starseeds have ridiculous ideas. But I think that…

Started by Enlil NinlilLatest Reply

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life here is to to learn lessons, screw what I said earlier.

Started by Joseph D.Latest Reply

New Energies

There is a lot of weird energy going around, there are people lashing out at others and becoming over-reactive to situations. This is from…

Started by ☯☽ DragonHealer ☾☯Latest Reply

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mood swings and concern for my mental health and spirituality

like iv'e been getting panic attacks and everything and intense visions of negative et experiences which have scared me.. and then the ange…

Started by ☽Kadin☾

13 20 hours ago
Reply by Christina

Chakra alignments pull energy tf's

How do you handle well and get through tne right way a chakra alignment, pull of chakras out in the ether, and energy surge when dealing wi…

Started by Helen Mohlin

5 yesterday
Reply by Helen Mohlin

What happens to time, when you teleport?

Suppose, from A ----------------------- B it takes ten minutes to walk. But if one teleports, well most of us wont notice the time. Assumin…

Started by Eeta

6 on Saturday
Reply by Catherine Jackson

What are the rules for teleportation?

I've lived alone in solitude. I love walking and have been walking regularly all my life. I either reach destination earlier or later than…

Started by Eeta

4 on Friday
Reply by B3aut1fuldr3am3r

Do some beings/starseeds incarnate here to bring dark?

I understand the balance of light and dark, so I am curious if beings can come in already dark. Or is the purpose of being here solely to b…

Started by Keary

62 Jun 19
Reply by Blusnayl

Serious question: Kundalini/goosebumps/chills before/during/after a bowl movement and/or urinating?

I can't believe I'm asking this and it may be a really weird question but ive been observing this for a while and wondering why this happen…

Started by Denny First

3 Jun 14
Reply by Denny First

Music (songs) that are about ascending ..May not be what you think..and there are lots of them

Can't Stop Red Hot Chilli Peppers Can't stop addicted to the shin dig  Cop top he says I'm gonna win big  Choose not a life of imitation …

Started by Zillah (Mother of Tubal-Caine)

7 Jun 13
Reply by Light Storm

The light language

Is anyone familiar with the light language? What are your experiences with it?

Started by Savannah Ortiz

12 Jun 12
Reply by Pat

need a medium I HAVE NO ONE.

im sorry for posting this, but et's have been sending me intense dreams and visions for the past couple of nights and i would like to know…

Started by ☽Kadin☾

3 Jun 9
Reply by K Shukla

How to reverse a curse/dark spell from astral world?

I learnt we r made of star dust, our soul is called the astralbody. so, if a family curse or personal curse happens, it actually starts and…

Started by peaceK

5 Jun 7
Reply by peaceK


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