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Starseeds between mainstream and ridiculous ideas

Starseeds are being sometimes ridiculed by mainstream people. I guess thats because some starseeds have ridiculous ideas. But I think that…

Started by Enlil NinlilLatest Reply

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life here is to to learn lessons, screw what I said earlier.

Started by Joseph D.Latest Reply

New Energies

There is a lot of weird energy going around, there are people lashing out at others and becoming over-reactive to situations. This is from…

Started by ☯☽ DragonHealer ☾☯Latest Reply

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Black Energy following me

hey. so I haven't posted here. and I have been using my phone a lot. so there's this black energy following me and i'm trying to see if I c…

Started by Kadin

0 6 hours ago

What do I do about the starseed homesickness feeling?

I've never struggled with this in the past that much and I'm not entirely sure why I am now. But lately the fact that there is a very low c…

Started by Eliyahu

29 10 hours ago
Reply by Leister Celesta

I have another self, but now have problems with him

There is two of me, second me is a raptor. To understand him more, i can describe his abilities, those are: talking loudly, touching, appea…

Started by John Raptor

14 yesterday
Reply by Victor of Orion

Disclosure Update

I have been away from the forum for awhile. I was hoping to see some posts about Disclosure but surprisingly, nothing. I know there are ske…

Started by citrine

22 on Saturday
Reply by Black Mamba616

Share your recent akashic records reading

Hey everyone So I had the feeling to share this because it put some things into place for me, I asked for my records to be read to find out…

Started by ₭æȡɏȑ

44 May 16
Reply by sohma

Origins on Nibiru

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone feels connected to this planet as their original souls home. I was told by a spiritual guide that opened…

Started by Shayna Elise Blackman

4 May 16
Reply by Eish Goldenheart✨

Preperations to possibly become guardian to others

THey told me this years ago, but I forgot. I will have mission to help people. But now I don't really know what is it. Some has said that i…

Started by John Raptor

5 May 14
Reply by Daniel Rønjom

Good career paths for Empaths?

I'm an empath and currently in college. Im taking a career and life planning course but still have no clue what I want to do. But I have fo…

Started by Denny First

21 May 9
Reply by Jason

draco, reptilians, dragons

it took me about 19 years to figure out what i was. it was confusing do to my physical body having dna of draco and a dragon but my soul is…

Started by apocalypse

44 May 7
Reply by Emily

Anyone else struggle with the whole being in a human body thing?

I know I've had many carnations on earth as a human but it still doesn't feel right.  It feels like my body is a cage and I'm trapped here…

Started by Brandy Jones

45 May 7
Reply by Stefy Ana Earthchild



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