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Starseeds between mainstream and ridiculous ideas

Starseeds are being sometimes ridiculed by mainstream people. I guess thats because some starseeds have ridiculous ideas. But I think that…

Started by Enlil NinlilLatest Reply

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life here is to to learn lessons, screw what I said earlier.

Started by Joseph D.Latest Reply

New Energies

There is a lot of weird energy going around, there are people lashing out at others and becoming over-reactive to situations. This is from…

Started by ☯☽ DragonHealer ☾☯Latest Reply

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What satan hates

What satan hates not having control so religions so traditions so passions so heart based people so truth... ridicules truth a…

Started by peace2theworld

15 5 hours ago
Reply by AOD

The Anti-Christ Is 6 Dark Energies That Currently Enslave Mankind. - The More You Overcome These 6 Energies? - The More Christ Like You Will Be!

The Anti-Christ Is 6 Dark Energies That Currently Enslave Mankind. - The More You Overcome These 6 Energies? - The More Christ Like You Wil…

Started by peace2theworld

22 6 hours ago
Reply by AOD

The Propagation of Punishment, The Death of Nature

Bad Karma Hell Damnation Suffering anything that fits into these kinds of categories is counter intuitive to the concept of love and light.…

Started by Empress Beyond Infinity

2 on Sunday
Reply by Iulia


I recently started researching my possibly alien origins when I came across Jo Amidon's description of the Pvilans. The description was eig…

Started by David

6 on Saturday
Reply by Ruby

Patience, should not be undervalued

Relaxing and patience is one of the most underappreciated virtues. If one has patience, one has it all. A person with patience can stand ag…

Started by peace2theworld

9 on Saturday
Reply by Helen Mohlin

draco, reptilians, dragons

it took me about 19 years to figure out what i was. it was confusing do to my physical body having dna of draco and a dragon but my soul is…

Started by RainbowStar

41 on Friday
Reply by Miss Koytraz (Lilith)

Freedom from Wantings, Desire

Let go of all Wantings & Desire True liberation is liberation from wantings and desire. Just close eyes and meditate. Wantings…

Started by peace2theworld

9 on Thursday
Reply by peace2theworld

Anyone else struggle with the whole being in a human body thing?

I know I've had many carnations on earth as a human but it still doesn't feel right.  It feels like my body is a cage and I'm trapped here…

Started by Brandy Jones

44 Apr 17
Reply by RainbowStar

Existential Depression

Hey everyone, I've been experiencing something odd lately; something I've never experienced before and seemingly came up randomly. The best…

Started by Tala Wolfe

10 Apr 17
Reply by Phoenix Starhorns


infinite light has no limits..... it ca manifest abundance any time it choses you are the creator Himself the operator of the Machine…

Started by peace2theworld

0 Apr 17



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