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Starseeds between mainstream and ridiculous ideas

Starseeds are being sometimes ridiculed by mainstream people. I guess thats because some starseeds have ridiculous ideas. But I think that…

Started by Enlil NinlilLatest Reply

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life here is to to learn lessons, screw what I said earlier.

Started by Joseph D.Latest Reply

New Energies

There is a lot of weird energy going around, there are people lashing out at others and becoming over-reactive to situations. This is from…

Started by ☯☽ DragonHealer ☾☯Latest Reply

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Anyone else struggle with the whole being in a human body thing?

I know I've had many carnations on earth as a human but it still doesn't feel right.  It feels like my body is a cage and I'm trapped here…

Started by Brandy Jones

29 6 hours ago
Reply by Ash

Your intellectual input is needed - Seeds and others please read

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to read and/or contribute to this thread. I have been here as part of ISN for the better part of…

Started by Camille Phoenix

25 yesterday
Reply by Camille Phoenix

Starseed Love

How do we learn to accept anything less than perfect love? I carry the memories of a past that was in perfect unity with all. While specifi…

Started by Elyssian

19 on Sunday
Reply by Dave Kelly

Disability in ET cultures

I was thinking about this. I know perfectly well how the Rokat Empire deals with disability and welfare, but what do other alien civilizati…

Started by Jacob Sockness

1 on Saturday
Reply by Daniel O'Keeffe

Anyone else have an issue with being hypersensitive?

Just wondering if anyone else on here is like me in the fact that they react badly to harsh words or sometimes even just blunt words and ev…

Started by Kaigera Winters

77 on Saturday
Reply by Linds

I Just Found Out that I'm a Lyran. Can Someone Give Me More Information About the Lyran Starseed?

I just found out that I'm a Lyran. According to my birth chart, my origin is in Lyra. Any history I should know about or anything? I'm very…

Started by Cindy

1 Mar 17
Reply by Miss Koytraz (Lilith)


I am a very strong Roman Catholic...what is the take of the star seeds on human religion?

Started by Darren Whiteside

37 Mar 16
Reply by Turquoise Water

Post Aura Photos Here

Heres my first aura photo. I got it at a pyschic fair. The lady who did it was super nice. She even stared at me and said she loved my ene…

Started by Denny First

4 Mar 13
Reply by Denny First

Starseeds in wrong body

I was wondering do many of you dear starseeds feel like you are in a totally wrong physical body? It's obvious that there are transgender…

Started by Asgrim

14 Mar 12
Reply by Asgrim

Is anyone else easily bored?

I have decided to close this conversation, I apologize to anyone who was interested, it is not my intention to cause a debate, argument, or…

Started by 010101

6 Mar 11
Reply by Dejan



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