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Could the “Nocebo Effect” Be Making You Sick?

I have seen many people who believed, that they have some implants from evil ETs, are under attack from some evil sorcerer or are being suc…

Started by Enlil NinlilLatest Reply

Important message:Stay in your center during the storm and be tolerant with others

Hello dearest family,   I would like to share some thoughts with you about what is going on these days and how some events occuring at this…

Started by Latest Reply

The Law Of The Ocean: A Good Reminder For Starseeds

Just now while talking to a friend, when I should be asleep! I realized something, and I asked myself the question, is it alright for us as…

Started by Yshatar Anshar ElLatest Reply

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Urgent...! - Be careful about the solar eclipse...!

http://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/spiritual-problems/effects-of-nature-and-environment/eclipse-meaning-effect/ Bundle your positiv…

Started by Plejaren Pyramids

6 Aug 30, 2017

Can u pick up a dark underlying message in this message?

 There is a channeled message i came accross, and i was picking up a dark underlying message that most will not see because of the way the…

Started by Xzantronos

36 Jun 19, 2017
Reply by four Lokota

Noise attack; mind slamming beat effect on cognition/soul ?

I have experienced something new, which is not new at all, but I have successfully avoided it until now. It was a try out by persons unknow…

Started by Shoreline

1 Jun 4, 2017
Reply by earthkeeper

Partnership of Body????

A Pleiadian approached me and asked "Can I get stuck in your body." I replied: "I know I'll regret this but yes." I woke up from the encoun…

Started by IncarnatedAngel1111

8 Mar 20, 2017
Reply by Dr. Amy R Queen

I will find you

If you are a spiritual predator; I will find you.If you are a self-proclaimed guru throwing your ego and "God status' around; I will find y…

Started by Agatha La'Mureve

23 Feb 10, 2017

Occult Symbols Tattoos and Their Meaning

Along with the surge in popularity of getting tattooed, there has recently been an alarming increase of occult symbols being tattooed on p…

Started by Pink

0 Jan 25, 2017

Barrier/Protections & Clearing Negative Energy/Emotions Techniques

Hey Starseeds,  I wanted to start a discussion where those who feel comfortable can share their barrier/protection techniques. And also sha…

Started by Nix

3 Jan 14, 2017
Reply by Nix

Narcissists and Empaths

Narcissists & Empaths this is an article that I have found recently, and given my past experiences with narcissists and an unfortunate…

Started by River

20 Nov 30, 2016
Reply by Autumn

Making a contract with a crystal or Programming Crystals

Chakra crystals are a tool and can be like a storage battery for thought energy. “Clearing” has to do with the energy of the stone or crys…

Started by Pink

7 Nov 22, 2016
Reply by Pink

Really bad spirit attachment

I'm in really bad need of help. I am dealing with a evil spirit attachment. The spirit has blocked out my mind like I can't see things in m…

Started by Cynthia

11 Oct 3, 2016
Reply by Sareyan Nirvelli



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What is this called?

For the life of me I can't remember the name of this ancient pyramid. I screenshot this from a…See More
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