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Geometry or what many refer to as "Sacred Geometry"

Hi All, Who here uses Sacred Geometry in their Healing/Energy Work?  I would like to get an exchange of insight and ideas going.  Cool?

Started by Jedirealism 2.0Latest Reply

enhance your presence

enhance your presence & frequency to the extent to which you truly feel in resonance with your spirit / soul. Instead of ignoring that…

Started by yuaraLatest Reply

the rise and fall

  I want to tell you a story about a world, a civilization that existed long before ours. It is a story that is told on and on from mother…

Started by Ancient spiritLatest Reply

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Beautiful experiences with Kyhole Kloud :)

Hello everyone! just creating a forum for everyone to share experiences they have had with fellow starseed member and beautiful soul Kyhole…

Started by Angel: Sase

12 May 31
Reply by Revolutionary 27

Angel Number: 777

This number has been hammering me the past month or month.5 Does anyone have any idea about what this number means? It is so prominent I a…

Started by Lyra

1 May 30
Reply by Krish

garlic's selfidsight?

garlic is one of those things that provide insight into the self.... that we are light that body heals itself... show we ca nfeed it w…

Started by peace2theworld

6 May 19
Reply by Helen Mohlin

Auras (I've just seen mine!)

I am absolutely ecstatic! Today was the first day i've actually physically seen my aura, with my eyes wide open! The emotions were incredib…

Started by JD97

18 May 18
Reply by Toni

Mystic wisdom - amorc

Mystic%20Wisdom%20-%20AMORC.pdf Rosicrucian book of quotes about mysticism We Are All Potential Mystics What is mysticism and how does it…

Started by Ancient spirit

0 May 17

The Elements and Theory of Evolution

Hi everyone, I’d like to share a new free video I just made that explains an original five element theory about spirit, light, air, water,…

Started by jmaf6556

3 Apr 6
Reply by earthkeeper

Numerological case on the United States of America

A lovely Numerological case on the great nation of the United States of America. Enjoy!

Started by August Darius Danielsson

0 Mar 29


Hi. I have an question. Is here anyone that has actually obtained any kind of abilities thru meditation or obtained clear and specific answ…

Started by Seraphim Angel

10 Mar 5
Reply by JD97

Hypnosis- What is Real?

I've done some self hypnosis meditations from YouTube for the foal of past life regression.What little I get is very strange and seems to r…

Started by LightningLoveSong

2 Feb 20
Reply by LightningLoveSong


. each being one divine gift from birth a gift must be put to use, or it is lost an instrument must be played, or it is in vain appreciate…

Started by peace2theworld

0 Feb 8



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