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Geometry or what many refer to as "Sacred Geometry"

Hi All, Who here uses Sacred Geometry in their Healing/Energy Work?  I would like to get an exchange of insight and ideas going.  Cool?

Started by Jedirealism 2.0Latest Reply

enhance your presence

enhance your presence & frequency to the extent to which you truly feel in resonance with your spirit / soul. Instead of ignoring that…

Started by yuaraLatest Reply

the rise and fall

I want to tell you a story about a world, a civilization that existed long before ours. It is a story that is told on and on from mother t…

Started by AnkiLatest Reply

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The Trickster/Joker archetype

Hello everyone, I would like to offer exploration of the archetype of the Joker. In modern times we are more familiar with the comic book i…

Started by Eva

8 yesterday
Reply by Eva

11 Principles To Activate Your Millionaire Mind To Success & Financial Freedom

Started by ROCKY ~ THE ~ WARRIOR

4 on Tuesday
Reply by Joseph

Energy Blockages in Wrists

Hi all, I have a question concerning energetic blockages that were removed from my wrists during a healing I received. I know that there ar…

Started by SpiralLibra

8 Aug 6
Reply by Star Wind

Third Eye Opening Symptoms?

I did a powerful meditation today and I think that it triggered my third eye 'opening' I felt extremely light headed after the meditation a…

Started by Fauna

1 Aug 3
Reply by Saiph

chanter? chanting question?

How do you pick out a chant? I am trying out a new chant "Om vajrapani hum." I used to chant to genesha which I was fine with because of a…

Started by turtles

4 Aug 1
Reply by turtles

Divine Musicians

Each soul is a musician...As a being, we send energy out and receive it back (reciprocal) as the image below demonstrates. What if each in…

Started by Capes

6 Jul 14
Reply by Iulia

How come alot of people who get tattoos of those time and watches, and "all seeing" third eye, usually are not awakened as perceived ?

Majority of these people when you spark a convo, or ask about further information. Auras, dimensions, and just over all basic reading of th…

Started by Mic Tool

3 Jul 11
Reply by Paul Smeenis

The blue people

Once upon a time there was a beautiful planet. It existed far away from here in the constellation of the dog. It had a purple sky and two s…

Started by Anki

4 Jul 5
Reply by positiveevitisop

How to block mental attacks from various creatures,mostly ETs

Hi everyone, I learned how to block mental attacks by myself.It's not an easy block and you have to visualise.Not just think.To attain this…

Started by Crescent Moon

25 Jun 30
Reply by Crescent Moon

Suggestions on letting go and cutting cords

Hi Family, I was hoping someone can give me some tips on cleansing myself from the past and stop it from blocking out future relationships/…

Started by Dee Issac

7 Jun 27
Reply by Arcturio



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