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Geometry or what many refer to as "Sacred Geometry"

Hi All, Who here uses Sacred Geometry in their Healing/Energy Work?  I would like to get an exchange of insight and ideas going.  Cool?

Started by Jedirealism 2.0Latest Reply

enhance your presence

enhance your presence & frequency to the extent to which you truly feel in resonance with your spirit / soul. Instead of ignoring that…

Started by yuaraLatest Reply

the rise and fall

Started by AnkiLatest Reply

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The oak

The oak watched the daisy be carried away with tears in his eyes He always dreamed to go before her, it was his little princess. Now she is…

Started by Ancient spirit

0 on Tuesday


BLUE MOON MONTH Dr. Angela BarnettCrystal Magic Orchestrahttps://crystalmagicorchestra.com/blue-diamond-moon TODAY is the beginning of the…

Started by Dr. Angela Barnett

0 Mar 1

Has anyone had visions /dreams of pyramid with light coming out the top of it or know what this is that I saw in my vision?

I am fighting a sinus infection and I have been restless for a few nights and unable to sleep or sleeping but with bad dreams and today , i…

Started by Stephanie

12 Feb 16
Reply by Alexxander

Platinum Ray

Does anyone with awareness of the different Rays of Light have familiarity with the significance of the Platinum Ray? Am seeing this alot i…

Started by Gil

6 Feb 14
Reply by Alvah The Pleiadian

If you dream about an aura meditation are you still getting the benifits of aura circulation in meditation?

The meditation I had in the dream was much more intense than a real life meditation, seems long, but I am pretty sure it was short. In the…

Started by Mic Tool

0 Feb 9

I dont get religion

thats pretty much it, from dreams I dont fit in with it and struggle with it all. edited so more to the point lol.

Started by Lisa

1 Jan 4
Reply by Plejaren Pyramids

What does love and light mean?

I am hearing a lot of people saying be the light, be love, everything is love and light energy, etc. So I have been researching into this b…

Started by Anna

8 Dec 21, 2017
Reply by Alou

Ringing In The Ears......

Ringing in the ears – High pitch tones Ringing in the ears as it’s commonly known is one of the symptoms experienced by the majority of As…

Started by AMBA,

24 Dec 16, 2017
Reply by Crystal Ariana

Outsider in my dream

In my dreams, I normally have complete and full control over the world around me. I want something I have it in moments. Even though I norm…

Started by JunoStarside

0 Dec 15, 2017

Letter to the Arch Deacon

(While preparing the legal documents necessary for me to get married I had a very interesting conversation with an Arch Deacon of the Angli…

Started by Leppender

7 Dec 14, 2017
Reply by JunoStarside



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"Eh, i've never been to Madagascar but there is one at my place in Mauritius ^^ It blooms once…"
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