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Solfeggio Frequences

Every living cell within our body, every organ, every tissue, every thought, every mental state, is alive with a vibrational frequency, or…

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Interesting! It happened again (Kundalini).

Back in December, 2012, I tried a guided meditation on YouTube. It sparked a change in me. Over the next few days I experienced high energy…

Started by A_Spark_Inda_Heart

19 on Monday
Reply by A_Spark_Inda_Heart

Five Indications That Your Third Eye is Open


Started by Shelter Mouse

0 Jul 24

Winged Humanoids/Angels and physically growing wings

alation.webs.com/intro-the-theory What are your thoughts? Do you think growing wings/the other adaptations to fly would be possible? I thin…

Started by Owl

11 Jul 15
Reply by Living Light

Live DNA Light Readings – Deep Historic “Extra-Terrestrial” Field

My most recent article is the account of an [ectra-terrestrial field] light DNA reading I did recently. Here is a long except.... Even tho…

Started by Steve Gilmore

56 May 22
Reply by Steve Gilmore

Do you physically age slower?

I am going to be 40 in June and often mistaken for someone 18-22. I was told that I was five years old and still in a size 3t. Even though…

Started by Indigo Dragonfly

113 May 18
Reply by Dr. Amy R Queen

Anyone have knowledge about 11th dimensional beings? I'm now an activated one

Hi all, As I'm sure you've been feeling, tons of awakening is happening and for me, I've been going into other states where I tell people I…

Started by Jave Adeveni

30 May 18
Reply by Toni

Deactivation of negative DNA

I remember there was once a time where this site was actively doing service on activating members' DNA (around 2012 to 2015). However I rec…

Started by Jelly

1 May 15
Reply by Space Snail

Good Time To Ask Your Guides / Groups / Higher Selves for Upgrades

Right now with the Equinox energies, through the rest of this month, I believe is a really good time to ask your guides, soul groups / star…

Started by Nix

3 May 4
Reply by Ouenis The God Slayer.

Anyone Experience "light flashes" at night?

Occasionally when I go to sleep (I sleep alone with two small dogs), I'll experience something quite strange. It all starts when I'm on the…

Started by Natalie

73 Apr 4
Reply by iamme

Vision of Golden Spheres

Last summer I took mushrooms in the Rocky Mountains. It was an annual three day party at a campground, and its a routine ritual to take mus…

Started by Tanner

2 Apr 1
Reply by Tanner



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