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The End of Suffering...an end to alienation

The End of Suffering... Earlier we considered the cause of suffering and found it to be  misperception due to the illusion of separation du…

Started by Living Light in UncategorizedLatest Reply

The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life here is to remember ourselves as God in form so that we may create Paradise on this sacred planet of Heaven on Earth. E…

Started by SeInTu in Starseed TalkLatest Reply

According to humans, there's no good aliens... what will happen of us?

Paranoia raising up as this society getting more stressed and confused due to economical reasons, religious fanatism, bad egoism etc. For a…

Started by Asar Ciakar in Conspiracy & PoliticsLatest Reply

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For posts that have no categories or incorrect categories

1416 19 minutes ago
Reply by Kariana /Nina/

Network News & Announcements

Topics related to the network, navigating the site, recent changes, updates and announcements etc.

70 Apr 9
Reply by Jimmy

Meet & Greet

Introduce yourself to others and welcome new members.

1712 1 hour ago
Reply by Daniel Rønjom

Off Topic Lounge

A place to discuss everything else that does not fit elsewhere on the forum

744 on Wednesday
Reply by Enchanted Mermaid

Conspiracy & Politics

A place to discuss conspiracies, politics and news in general.

404 on Friday
Reply by Angela


A place to post clean humorous pictures, screenshots, or topic you run across.

99 Apr 14
Reply by Kariana /Nina/

Art, Poetry And Story

A place to share your poetry, art and short or long stories.

479 6 hours ago
Reply by Daniel Rønjom

Fiction & Entertainment

A place to post starseed related or non starseed related fiction and media, such as music videos, shows and movies that hint at starseed reality.

86 on Wednesday
Reply by Enchanted Mermaid

Spiritual Services

Have something to offer the community? want to give tarot readings or free psychic readings for members? post here and receive or give free spiritual services!

542 3 hours ago
Reply by Maera

DNA And Other Activations

A place to discuss activations and experiences with activations.

193 on Wednesday
Reply by Asar Ciakar

Starseed FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions in the starseed community.

14 Jun 2, 2012
Path To Ascension
by Yshatar

Starseed Talk

For starseeds to discuss life paths, shifts transitions, new personal developments, set backs, awakenings, share tips, techniques and advice.

1962 36 minutes ago
Reply by Larissa Rodrigues

Lifestyle & Culture

Discuss living life as a starseed and others. Discuss the latest in starseed relevant jewelry, pass times, recommended restaurants and clothing. The good, the bad, the ugly, life as a starseed, the desire to return home etc.

297 36 minutes ago
Reply by Daniel Rønjom

Mission Control

We all have heard the call, we have all needed and wanted to do something better for the world, we are warriors of light and eventually we become more then just our desire to do something....share the story of what led you to become active in your mission, what do you do and where do you go from here?

240 33 minutes ago
Reply by Daniel Rønjom

Starseed Symbols

Share symbols you feel connected to, markings that have appeared on your body, symbols you have gotten intuitively, special birthmarks & beauty marks etc

223 7 hours ago
Reply by Star

Space & Beyond

Discuss anything related to astronomy, space, secret space programs and anything related to space.

228 4 hours ago
Reply by Rasmus Rehn

Extraterrestrials And Others

A place to post things related to UFOs, ETs, evolution, Disclosure, Inner earth beings and elementals.

573 5 hours ago
Reply by Dorina

The Astral World

A place to discuss our day to day experiences in the astral realm, from dreams to OBEs.

260 yesterday
Reply by Oriel Hanson

Nature/Mother Earth

To discuss topics related to mother Earth, Nature, wild life, and environmental issues.

192 2 hours ago
Reply by Daniel Rønjom

Theory Of Evolution

Was it intelligent design or evolution? could it have been intelligent evolution? discuss your perspectives and beliefs.

21 Apr 14
Reply by Archon



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"yes, but the whole religion grew around him... I said I felt connection to the historic figure and…"
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Water Elemental Orgonite

":) You can't really see it through the blue, but it is full of quartz, and blue calcite."
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"jesus is not a religion he is a person"
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