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How to read a Astrology Natal Chart - Lesson 1

It begins with two circles, each divided into 12 slices. The first circle is the zodiac wheel. The 12 slices represent the 12 signs of t…

Started by Avery Lost in UncategorizedLatest Reply

The blue star

You eye in the sky seer of the all Judge of the blind, all knowing and all encompassing. Sirius star of wisdom, bringer of balance guide o…

Started by Ancient spirit in Art, Poetry And StoryLatest Reply

Riding the cosmic waves

The cosmic wave is spinning in my mind again What is this tornado in my mind, is it me or is it you? Is it the emotional barrier broken dow…

Started by Ancient spirit in Art, Poetry And StoryLatest Reply

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The Persecution of Reptilians By Those Who Claim to Be Against Racism

I have increasingly noticed this unsettling trend in our forums. Yet, for most of the community, there seems to be little interest in ackno…

Started by Blusnayl in Uncategorized

40 2 minutes ago
Reply by Helen Mohlin

How does this happen? Can someone explain?

To cut a long story short, I've been talking to this guy for almost three weeks now. At first, we were playfully teasing. Eventually, we ma…

Started by TwinButterfly in Uncategorized

1 2 minutes ago
Reply by Blusnayl

Quitting smoking

The time has come...I have no more didn't send anymore money. I have no way of dealing with this no choice but to quit. I'm…

Started by Glowing Goddess in Uncategorized

11 58 minutes ago
Reply by Kelly Steele

One free question reading

Hey Seems like the reply system has changed and some of my past threads are all messed up. Sorry if you asked for a reading and didn't get…

Started by Joy in Spiritual Services

30 1 hour ago
Reply by Dr. Bhargav Purohit

Chakra alignments pull energy tf's

How do you handle well and get through tne right way a chakra alignment, pull of chakras out in the ether, and energy surge when dealing wi…

Started by Helen Mohlin in Starseed Talk

5 2 hours ago
Reply by Helen Mohlin

Pulsing Matter

Matter has a pulse. But why? It's well known to many people who study science at the most fundamental level, matter is able to change its f…

Started by Nexis Nemesis in Uncategorized

5 2 hours ago
Reply by Helen Mohlin

An Upate for our starchildren

...Baby, I got no time to waste, I got one laststop to make and it's in the Plejades... I know it's HELL on Earth, it's so HELpLess, but i…

Started by Kristina Descends in Channelings & Masters

1 2 hours ago
Reply by Helen Mohlin

On the getting what you want

Started by peace2theworld in Uncategorized

3 2 hours ago
Reply by Helen Mohlin

Any information about astral swords?

Hi, You probably have heard about light warriors.Does they wield swords too? I had some astral dreams and I had a light sword.Also black on…

Started by Crescent Moon in The Astral World

3 2 hours ago
Reply by Helen Mohlin

Your heart is Your Soul

And if you dont know what that means yet I am my heart That's my true me Try reading or hearing from Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual…

Started by peace2theworld in Uncategorized

0 7 hours ago



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