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Special Recognition (and the award goes to....)

This topic has been developed for the sole purpose of giving special recognition to your fellow starseeds. Did one person in particular he…

Started by Leppender in Self Empowerment & RecoveryLatest Reply

How to read a Astrology Natal Chart - Lesson 1

It begins with two circles, each divided into 12 slices. The first circle is the zodiac wheel. The 12 slices represent the 12 signs of t…

Started by Pink in UncategorizedLatest Reply

The blue star

Started by Anki in Art, Poetry And StoryLatest Reply

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how to contact aliens and beings of light

Each and every one of us receives “downloads” of information from the higher realms, whether we are aware of them or not. It is part of ou…

Started by Atylmo in Uncategorized

16 3 hours ago
Reply by Jelly

One Question Or General Intuitive Tarot Reading

Aloha, Working With The Wisdom Of The Sirian High Council, Feel Free To Ask 1 Question Or A General Energy Reading. A Fun Way To Connect Wi…

Started by Jun Jun Magnificent in Spiritual Services

46 4 hours ago
Reply by Aamir

Lookiung for somewhere and some things...

Not earth. Not earth people. Any suggestions? Abductions are also welcome. Sincerly, Luke

Started by Luke Edmunds in Uncategorized

5 4 hours ago
Reply by Ancient spirit

How it feels like to awaken

After awakening, bliss doesn't matter anymore. Everything feels perfect as it is. One stops chasing higher states like love, joy and bliss.…

Started by John Ij in Uncategorized

8 5 hours ago
Reply by Dodee giebas

Lion People - Book Recommendations

I am looking for book recommendations to learn more about Lion People. I have yet to discover my soul origins, but I suspect I possibly mig…

Started by Jess in Starseed Talk

5 7 hours ago
Reply by Paul Richard Atkinson


OK! Yes, we can feel things other people can't.... We know we're different.... BUT how are YOU going to use the gift of knowledge you were…

Started by FZ in Uncategorized

4 12 hours ago
Reply by Krish

Trinity of Meditations Expanding Peace & Love

Started by Steve Hutchinson in Uncategorized

0 15 hours ago

Some symbols I make when I feel..."creative"

Good day everyone, I will make a very quick introduction since this is my first topic (my account just got approved, yay!). I look forward…

Started by Razvan Ra in Starseed Symbols

20 17 hours ago
Reply by Razvan Ra

Swami Sivananda daily readings - Fear is a great human curse

Fear Fear is a great human curse. It is your worst enemy. Fear assumes many forms and blights many lives. But a calm mind brings courage. T…

Started by Dean in Uncategorized

0 19 hours ago

My birth chart

Could someone help me with this please? I'm a bit lost & would appreciate your time. Just a look :) thank you, Ind)O(

Started by Ind in Uncategorized

2 23 hours ago
Reply by Ind



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Turquoise Water posted a photo
3 hours ago
Jelly replied to Atylmo's discussion how to contact aliens and beings of light
"This is how higher dimension should look like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2s4TqVAbfz4 There…"
3 hours ago
Turquoise Water replied to adeomus's discussion Titles in Paganism ? in the group Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?
"One reason I like being a Witch is that each person can be their own Priestess or Priest, if…"
3 hours ago
Atylmo replied to Atylmo's discussion how to contact aliens and beings of light
"i dont talk trash to ewery body i only protecting my self jelly have no clue of what he talking…"
4 hours ago
Aamir replied to Jun Jun Magnificent's discussion One Question Or General Intuitive Tarot Reading
"Hi, I have no question either, whatever comes through would be cool!"
4 hours ago
Namaia नमऐअ replied to adeomus's discussion for fun: Top 10 Things Pagans Carry With Them :D in the group Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?
"Darling, what a deLIGHTful thought! I love that we might have shared that profound experience. Re…"
4 hours ago
Dodee giebas replied to John Ij's discussion How awakening feels
"Yes,many of us had already started to awaken. We were the catalyst that started the chain reaction.…"
5 hours ago
Quantum Light posted a video

Jedi Healing Techniques

How to strengthen yourself to endure psychic attack and sustain your energy into higher resonance of love frequency with this Jedi healing technique. Also sh...
6 hours ago

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