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Strain Hunters

White Lemon Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy White Lemon Feminised Seeds on the web right now from Strain Hunters with prompt and tactful distribution to any part of the globe.

White Lemon is a revered ganja cultivar retailed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up solely feminine cannabis plants yet common seeds give masculine and feminine greenery at about uniform ratios.

The flowering variety of White Lemon is Photoperiod. Automatic dope strains bloom without regard to day length whilst standard photoperiod genetics grow in accordance to lighting hours.

The El Niño x Super Lemon Haze (feminized) lineage of White Lemon bring forth the choicest attributes to this marijuana species. The finished product has extraordinary terps that bring forth great fragrances and tastes.

Bagging White Lemon Feminised Seeds by Strain Hunters allows you to farm this wonderful weed cultivar indoors, outdoors, or in whatever place. The excellence of the finished crop is first-rate.

Your White Lemon Feminised Seeds are speedily expedited in merely a couple of days following buying these dope seeds on the internet. The seeds are cautiously wrapped for optimal secrecy.

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As the first-class seed shop for amazing ganja seeds, Starseeds is devoted to purchaser fulfillment. Just connect with our warmhearted customer service should you require any support obtaining White Lemon Feminised Seeds on the web.

White Lemon Breeder Description

is a very balanced cross, expressing the best qualities of both parents.
The El Niño lineage is very clear in the leaf shape and the size and density of the buds. 

The Super Lemon Haze heritage is all in the branching, smell, taste, and in the shape of the calyx.

The White Lemon grows medium-short internodes, but keeps growing quite a bit after switching 
to 12/12 for flowering.
The branches grow very strong and can support large colas.This strain performs outstandingly in all mediums, indoors or outdoors.

Cuttings from mother plants root very fast and easily, making this a great strain 
for propagation once the mothers are selected from seeds. 

The buds are long, dense, with large calyx and long hairs.

Already after 4-5 weeks of flowering the smell gets citrus-like, and skunky. It is not as hazy as the Super Lemon Haze, but it is extremely lemony.

The effect onset is a bit of a creeper, taking time to peak and then staying up there for a long while. 

It is a complex, well balanced effect. Its medicinal use has not been fully evaluated yet.

White Lemon Growing Information

Begin your White Lemon Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Sustain the planting material damp by adding water, although do not let it get muddy.

Endow the plants with light promptly after they’ve sprouted. Deliver plant fertilizer at the time that White Lemon has finalized its sapling development cycle.

At the time of the vegetative growth cycle, help the crop to grow and earn vegetation. Repeated checking and pest control measures will encourage a productive reefer grow.

The nugs are finished succeeding a flowering phase of 60 days, completely loaded with resin and buried in kief. This weed variety is beloved for its fine fruits.

White Lemon gives a fruitful harvest of phenomenal Indica / Sativa buds that produce pleasing touches.


Strain Hunters

Flowering Time

60 days


El Niño x Super Lemon Haze (feminized)

Medical Properties

Good for appetite stimulation, pain and mood control.

Flowering Type

Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height