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Dutch Passion

THC-Victory Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy THC-Victory Feminised Seeds on the information superhighway directly from Dutch Passion with speedy and stealth shipment to anywhere on the world map.

THC-Victory is a reputable ganja lineage vended as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds develop solely female canna dope flowers while common seeds provide pollinating and female canna herbs at almost uniform percentages.

The flowering order of THC-Victory is Photoperiod. Autoflower dope types bloom careless of daylight time whereas photoperiodic genetics react to light schedule.

The Secret genes of THC-Victory contribute the choice aspects to this marijuana phenotype. The outcome has sensational terpene compositions that result in wonderful fragrances and qualities.

Picking up THC-Victory Feminised Seeds by Dutch Passion gives you the power to tend this awesome marijuana lineage indoors, outside, or anywhere at all. The worth of the yield is first-rate.

Your THC-Victory Feminised Seeds are promptly expedited in merely a handful of days following buying these dope seeds online. The seeds are stealthily cased for maximal privacy.

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THC-Victory Breeder Description

THC-Victory is Dutch Passion’s first cannabis strain which is rich in THC-V (Tetrahydrocannabivarin). This is a newly explored cannabinoid which is expected to be popular with both medical and recreational growers. THC-Victory feminised seeds produce plants with a roughly 1:1 ratio of THC:THC-V, around 8-9% of each, taking around 9 weeks to complete flowering.

High levels of THC-V are found more commonly in equatorial African sativa strains although many other cannabis strains contain trace amounts.

THC-Victory Growing Information

Sprout your THC-Victory Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Sustain the growth media wettish by adding water, except do not let it get too wet.

Bestow the seeds with illumination as soon as they’ve started to grow. Grant nutes right after THC-Victory has fulfilled its sprouting growing state.

During the course of the vegetative cycle, empower your cannabis plants to advance and earn greenery. Periodic watching and pest control measures will establish a booming reefer nursery.

The nugs are harvestable after a flowering phase of 63 – 77 days, thoroughly hashy and shielded in kief. This chemovar is venerated for its superior performance.

THC-Victory gives a fruitful production of top-shelf Mostly Sativa nuggets that produce good stones.


Dutch Passion

Flowering Time

63 – 77 days



Medical Properties

Research ongoing into THC-V's benefits for weight loss, diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease, PTSD and osteoporosis.

Flowering Type

Pack Size

10 Seeds, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds

THC Content

THC: 8 – 9%; THC-V: 8 – 9%