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Cali Connection

Strawberry OG Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Strawberry OG Feminised Seeds via the internet pronto from Cali Connection with rapid and secretive distribution to any location across the globe.

Strawberry OG is a glorious marijuana lineage on the market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce purely feminine ganja cannabis plants while common seeds bear pollinating and feminine ganja greens at about uniform ratios.

The flowering class of Strawberry OG is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering pot strains bloom without consideration of daylight cycle whilst regular photo-period phenotypes react to day length.

The Bruce Banner #3 x Tahoe OG (Reversed Male) parents of Strawberry OG bring out the supreme natures to this weed chemovar. The final product has wondrous terps that bring forth divine scents and tastes.

Acquiring Strawberry OG Feminised Seeds by Cali Connection gives you the resources to nurture this wonderful marijuana lineage in your residence or in whatever spot. The standard of the finished product is remarkable.

Your Strawberry OG Feminised Seeds are speedily forwarded in only a couple of days from buying these pot seeds electronically. The seeds are secretly encased for maximal concealment.

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Strawberry OG Breeder Description

Strawberry OG is one of Cali Connections newest strains. Embodying all the great attributes of the popular Bruce Banner #3 strain along with Tahoe OG. It has a very strong heritage which has been carefully planned and executed with extra care and attention by the guys at Cali Connection.

Its high terpene volume is one of its winning qualities, the flowers are bursting with an aroma that is likened to very berry with a pine like undertone. The sheer level of terpenes also give it an extra fruity taste which is unique to Strawberry OG.

The Bruce Banner #3 side of the family brings a fast acting euphoric feel that is perfect for creative pursuits, while the Tahoe OG side brings a heavy body high which can be good for people suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders.

Strawberry OG is a hybrid of sativa and indica but leans ever so slightly more towards the sativa side of life. It has a medium – high yield and will take anything between 8 – 9 weeks to flower.

Strawberry OG Growing Information

Start your Strawberry OG Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Retain the substrate damp by applying water, although do not let it get boggy.

Supply the saplings with illumination at the moment when they’ve started to grow. Give fertilizer once Strawberry OG has finalized its sprout development stage.

Through the vegetative cycle, empower your ganja plants to thrive and earn greenery. Periodic examination and caretaking will encourage a fruitful MJ patch.

The nuggets are concluded after a bloom phase of 65-71 days, completely oozing with resin and buried in kief. This weed variety is esteemed for its fine terpene profiles.

Strawberry OG offers a noteworthy harvest of phenomenal Indica / Sativa nugs that produce nice stones.


Cali Connection

Flowering Time

65-71 days


Bruce Banner #3 x Tahoe OG (Reversed Male)

Medical Properties


Flowering Type

Pack Size

6 Seeds