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Space Cake Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Space Cake Regular Seeds on-line promptly from Bodhi Seeds with speedy and stealthy distribution to anywhere on the world map.

Space Cake is a valued cannabis variety on the open market as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow solely female ganja cannabis plants however common seeds bear pollinating and female ganja trees at about equal percentages.

The flowering nature of Space Cake is Photoperiod. Automatic weed cultivars bloom heedless of daylight cycle whereas ordinary photoperiod varieties grow in response to daylight time.

The Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) x Snow Lotus heritage of Space Cake bring forth the elite natures to this marijuana strain. The outcome has fabulous terpenes that contribute divine odors and essences.

Obtaining Space Cake Regular Seeds by Bodhi Seeds grants you the ability to nurture this jaw-dropping marijuana variety inside, outside, or wherever you wish. The grade of the product is top-notch.

Your Space Cake Regular Seeds are quickly expedited in merely a couple of days from paying for these weed seeds in real time. The seeds are cautiously boxed for supreme discretion.

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Space Cake Breeder Description

Space Cake (gsc forum x snow lotus)
the intergalactic version of girl scout cookies. cookie terps on a bigga bush. snow lotus uplift effect with a stoning gsc bottom end.
a smokeable star cruiser disguised as a plant. beam up your friends and howl at the moon. a solid cookies sativa remix for the higher primate. 9 weeks from clone…

Space Cake Growing Information

Begin your Space Cake Regular Seeds by following our germination guide. Uphold the potting soil or media moistened by adding water, however do not let it get soaked.

Endow the plants with light right after they’ve begun to grow. Deliver fertilizer once Space Cake has finalized its sprouting growing period.

Throughout the vegetative growth phase, support the marijuana plants to increase and gain vegetation. Recurrent checkup and pest control strategies will encourage a fruitful MJ patch.

The nugs are concluded succeeding a blooming time of 63 days, totally caked in resin and masked in trichome crystals. This strain is famed for its fine crop.

Space Cake produces a worthy crop of marvelous Mostly Sativa nugs that provoke enjoyable sentiments.


Bodhi Seeds

Flowering Time

63 days


Girl Scout Cookies (Forum Cut) x Snow Lotus

Pack Size

11 Seeds

Flowering Type