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Sensi #741 (Bitter Diesel x Afghani) Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Sensi #741 (Sour Diesel x Afghani) Feminised Seeds on the net instantly from Sensi Seeds Research with prompt and tactful transport to any point across the world.

Sensi #741 (Sour Diesel x Afghani) is a valued cannabis genetic vended as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce entirely female marihuana ganja plants yet common seeds bear pollinating and female marihuana greenery at roughly split proportions.

The flowering pattern of Sensi #741 (Sour Diesel x Afghani) is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering pot cultivars bloom careless of light schedule whilst photo-periodic cultivars grow in accordance to light cycle.

The Sour Diesel x Afghani parents of Sensi #741 (Sour Diesel x Afghani) impart the primo excellences to this marijuana phenotype. The harvest has astonishing terpene compositions that contribute fabulous odors and essences.

Acquiring Sensi #741 (Sour Diesel x Afghani) Feminised Seeds by Sensi Seeds Research grants you the ability to cultivate this astonishing weed genetic inside, outside, or wherever you desire. The value of the load is magnificent.

Your Sensi #741 (Sour Diesel x Afghani) Feminised Seeds are promptly forwarded in only a handful of days from buying these pot seeds in real time. The seeds are inconspicuously encapsulated for the greatest privacy.

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Sensi #741 (Bitter Diesel x Afghani) Breeder Description

Sensi #741 is a feminised sativa-indica hybrid strain bred from Sour Diesel and Afghani. It is a plant that enjoys a warm, sunny climate, growing into a large plant with great yields.

It has a long flowering period but only undergoes a moderate amount of stretch. The taste is a blend of sharp, uplifting freshness with relaxing notes of earth and sandalwood.

Sensi #741 (Bitter Diesel x Afghani) Growing Information

Begin your Sensi #741 (Sour Diesel x Afghani) Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Have the planting material wettish by adding water, however do not let it get waterlogged.

Present the weeds with illumination promptly after they’ve begun to grow. Deliver plant fertilizer as soon as Sensi #741 (Sour Diesel x Afghani) has finalized its sprouting growing stage.

In the vegetative cycle, permit your weed plants to prosper and build mass. Recurrent examination and caretaking will guarantee a booming reefer patch.

The budlets are finalized after a budding period of Long, totally caked in resin and buried in frost. This ganja strain is beloved for its splendid crop.

Sensi #741 (Sour Diesel x Afghani) supplies a productive harvest of marvelous Indica / Sativa flowers that provide pleasing passions.


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