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Rasoli Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Rasoli Regular Seeds on the world wide web on the spot from The Real Seed Company with swift and low-key transport to any destination on the map.

Rasoli is a venerated marijuana lineage for sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow purely feminine cannabis pot herbs yet common seeds yield masculine and feminine cannabis trees at almost equal proportions.

The flowering nature of Rasoli is Photoperiod. Auto marijuana cultivars bloom ignoring light hours whilst regular photoperiod cultivars grow in accord to light schedule.

The Nepalese landrace parents of Rasoli supply the bestest aspects to this marijuana phenotype. The finish consequence has astonishing terpene compositions that contribute marvelous scents and tastes.

Procuring Rasoli Regular Seeds by The Real Seed Company grants you the power to cultivate this incredible marijuana lineage inside, outside, or wherever. The value of the finished product is marvelous.

Your Rasoli Regular Seeds are promptly shipped in merely a handful of days from buying these marijuana seeds in real time. The seeds are stealthily cased for maximal discretion.

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Rasoli Breeder Description

Direct from Rasol village, this Himalayan landrace produces a highly distinctive hand-rubbed high-mountain charas.

The best Rasoli is recognisable by its amber colour and inimitable aroma. It’s regarded by many aficionados as the finest charas of the Parvati region, better even than Malana. Expect tall plants with long internodes and loose, intensely resinous sativa-type buds. Most of all, expect gorgeous aromas and smooth, blissful highs.

One theory is that the Rasoli strain began as a hybrid between introduced Nepali plants and the original Malana landrace. Based on its scents, this seems quite plausible.

Note: Landraces in this region are increasingly affected by introduced modern hybrids. Collectors are advised that purity cannot be guaranteed. Equally, acquiring these landraces before hybrid contamination worsens is advisable.

Rasoli Growing Information

Start your Rasoli Regular Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Sustain the planting mix wettish by issuing water, although do not let it get muddy.

Supply the sprouts with sunlight right after they’ve sprouted. Deliver plant nutrients the moment that Rasoli has ended its germination growing period.

At the time of the vegetative growth period, bring the crop to develop and generate vegetation. Regular checking and nutrient application will contribute to a thriving herb grow.

The nugs are harvestable succeeding a blooming time, completely plastered with resin and wrapped in sugar crystals. This marijuana variety is loved for its fabulous bag appeal.

Rasoli provides a noteworthy harvest of chronic Sativa flowers that deliver nice touches.


The Real Seed Company


Nepalese landrace

Pack Size

5 Seeds, 12 Seeds

Plant Height

300 – 400 cm.

Flowering Type