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Buy OG Kush CBD Feminised Seeds by Medical Seeds


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Medical Seeds

OG Kush CBD Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy OG Kush CBD Feminised Seeds via the internet right away from Medical Seeds with prompt and private shipment to anywhere in the world.

OG Kush CBD is a glorious ganja cultivar sold as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up exclusively feminine canna reefer herbs while common seeds provide masculine and feminine canna trees at almost level ratios.

The flowering class of OG Kush CBD is Photoperiod. Autoflower dope variances bloom without consideration of light schedule whereas photoperiodic phenotypes answer to daylight cycle.

The OG Kush x High CBD Strain parents of OG Kush CBD give the primo features to this marijuana variety. The final product has fantastic terpene compositions that make sensational fragrances and tastes.

Securing OG Kush CBD Feminised Seeds by Medical Seeds enables you to nurture this spectacular cannabis cultivar indoors, outside, or wherever you desire. The standard of the crop is first-rate.

Your OG Kush CBD Feminised Seeds are promptly expedited in only a couple of days following paying for these dope seeds electronically. The seeds are inconspicuously encased for maximal secrecy.

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OG Kush CBD Breeder Description

After years of work we managed to find a medicinal plant combining the known therapeutic effect of OG Kush with high levels of CBD that can double the THC (ratio 1: 2) in some phenotypes. Thus you can be given much higher doses without the psychoactive effects becoming too powerful allowing normal functioning all day. Also suitable for all kinds of oils and creams, whether for oral or topical use.

Structurally it is a large green plant with good branching but rather large internodal distance. Indoors OG Kush CBD is advisable to grow in SCROG / SOG to get maximum performance. Outdoors is a plant that requires much direct sun to maximize production and can exceed the kilo if grown in direct ground.

Its buds are very tight resin coated with hints of lemon, wood, dirt and oil. Both its aroma and flavor are very complex in terms of organoleptic nuances; Recalls a touch of lemon with notes of wood and spices.

In short, CBD OG Kush is perfect for those seeking to produce both oils and creams for oral use or as a topical therapeutic effect plant. Although it is also recommended for any flavour lover who wants to fully enjoy all its nuances consuming throughout the day without suffering the effects of buzz since it has mild cerebral effect leaving the body without heaviness.

OG Kush CBD Growing Information

Spring up your OG Kush CBD Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Have the growth media damp by issuing water, although do not let it get soaked.

Endow the seeds with lightening right after they’ve started to grow. Feed plant fertilizer at the time that OG Kush CBD has fulfilled its sprout growing state.

During the course of the vegetative growth phase, permit your dope plants to increase and produce in size. Recurrent checking and pest management will insure a thriving Mary Jane nursery.

The budlets are concluded after a blooming time of 49-56 days, wholly laded with resin and masked in crystals. This marijuana variety is loved for its supreme results.

OG Kush CBD gives a gainful harvest of superb Mostly Sativa flowers that supply delightful senses.


Medical Seeds

CBD Content


Flowering Time

49-56 days


OG Kush x High CBD Strain

Flowering Type

Medical Properties


Pack Size

3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

Plant Height

Outdoors: 230 cm.

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