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Buy OG Kush CBD Auto Feminised Seeds by Dinafem


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OG Kush CBD Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy OG Kush CBD Auto Feminised Seeds on the information superhighway directly from Dinafem with swift and stealthy transport to anywhere on the planet.

OG Kush CBD Auto is a beloved marijuana breed available to purchase as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up entirely feminine pot flowers while common seeds bear pollinating and feminine greenery at about split percentages.

The flowering order of OG Kush CBD Auto is Autoflowering. Autoflower marihuana cultivars bloom undeterred by light hours whilst regular photo-period cultivars answer to lighting cycle.

The OG Kush Auto x Auto CBD heritage of OG Kush CBD Auto bestow the finest traits to this cannabis strain. The final product has prodigious terpenes that bring forth incredible scents and essences.

Picking up OG Kush CBD Auto Feminised Seeds by Dinafem gives you the ability to nurture this astonishing marijuana breed in your residence or wherever you please. The excellence of the finished product is outstanding.

Your OG Kush CBD Auto Feminised Seeds are quickly forwarded in merely a couple of days since paying for these marihuana seeds on-line. The seeds are carefully bundled for maximal covertness.

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OG Kush CBD Auto Breeder Description

OG Kush Autoflowering CBD by Dinafem Seeds is a cannabis seed that has its origins in the cross of an OG Kush Auto and a CBD Auto. She is, broadly speaking, the feminised, autoflowering, CBD-rich version of the world-renowned OG Kush, noted for her intense flavour and moderate effect. The Dinafem team has, once again, done a great job keeping each and every of the unique traits of the legendary Californian strain.

OG Kush Autoflowering CBD turns into tall and branchy marijuana plants whose branches end up so laden with dense, colourful and sparkling resinous buds that may require the use of tutors to prevent them from bending. By nature, this marijuana strain thrives when provided with lots of light and grown in places with no humidity and plenty of fresh air.

The flavour and aroma of OG Kush Autoflowering CBD are unmistakable; fresh and intense notes of lemon and fuel make up the flavour that has for years conquered the taste buds of Californian users. Due to her high CBD, her effect is gentle, with almost no psychoactivity, reason why she is such a great choice for therapeutic use.

OG Kush CBD Auto Growing Information

Begin your OG Kush CBD Auto Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Sustain the planting material damp by issuing water, however do not let it get too wet.

Endow the plants with lightening promptly after they’ve begun to grow. Provide plant fertilizer at the time that OG Kush CBD Auto has finalized its germination development cycle.

Through the vegetative growth cycle, support your weed plants to increase and form leafage. Regular watching and nurturing will foster a prosperous pot patch.

The nuggets are done after a flowering phase of 70 – 80 days, wholly sticky and topped in kief. This genetic variety is loved for its superior terpene profiles.

OG Kush CBD Auto gives a noteworthy Medium – High crop of superb Indica / Sativa nugs that produce enjoyable Euphoric, Relaxing sensations.



CBD Content



Euphoric, Relaxing

Flowering Time

70 – 80 days

Flowering Type


OG Kush Auto x Auto CBD


Grows Indoors, Grows Outdoors

Pack Size

10 Seeds

Plant Height

80 – 180 cm

THC Content




Medium – High