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Neville’s Skunk Regular Seeds For Sale

Buy Neville’s Skunk Regular Seeds on-line directly from Mr Nice Seedbank with swift and stealthy shipment to any geographical location.

Neville’s Skunk is a revered ganja cultivar vended as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds produce exclusively feminine weed herbs yet common seeds give pollinating and feminine greens at just about split percentages.

The flowering sort of Neville’s Skunk is Photoperiod. Autoflower pot variances bloom ignoring daylight time whilst ordinary photoperiod cultivars grow in accordance to light cycle.

The Neville Haze x Afghan Skunk heritage of Neville’s Skunk lend the primo traits to this weed variety. The end product has wondrous terpene combinations that create incredible odors and qualities.

Obtaining Neville’s Skunk Regular Seeds by Mr Nice Seedbank gives you the power to crop this astounding weed cultivar inside, outside, or wherever you want. The caliber of the finished crop is exceptional.

Your Neville’s Skunk Regular Seeds are expeditiously shipped in only a couple days from paying for these pot seeds online. The seeds are carefully bundled for the greatest covertness.

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As the top-notch seed supplier for unique ganja seeds, Starseeds is faithful to shopper fulfillment. Just drop an email to our kind customer care in case you require any help getting Neville’s Skunk Regular Seeds on the web.

Neville’s Skunk Breeder Description

A lot of growers have waited patiently for several years to get the original Neville’s Haze seed for their garden, so we at MNS thought it would be a special thing for those and other growers to have the chance to try to find something very practical, as well as containing all of those original and special genetics sought after by so many in the elite part of the Cannabis world. Now finding something special is attainable with less trial and error work.

The best thing to do is to narrow things down to a maximum of 12 weeks, so plants that take longer should be discarded. Lower food levels may be advisable, but it will depend upon the type of grow medium and setup you have.

The flavors held in this hybrid will be like biting into a rainbow…almost everything you ever tasted will dance upon the senses, and its effect will astound. It really would help those Medical growers who go the extra yard to find a tailor made medicine.

Yields of 450 -650 grams would be the expected but if this plant is grown in a greenhouse or outdoors then give it space as it will blow you away, leaving the air around it feeling claustrophobic. This hybrid will have phenotypes in it that can be finished in 10 weeks, but most will go an extra week or two. In an outdoor grow in the northern hemisphere it will be ready mid to late October. In the southern hemisphere it will be expected in April.

Be warned if you find what you are looking for you may never grow another plant!

Neville’s Skunk Growing Information

Start your Neville’s Skunk Regular Seeds by studying our germination guide. Retain the substrate wettish by issuing water, yet do not let it get soaked.

Supply the plants with sunlight promptly after they’ve started to grow. Give plant fertilizer immediately after Neville’s Skunk has ended its sapling development stage.

During the course of the vegetative growth stage, permit your weed plants to prosper and create vegetation. Repeated supervising and nourishment will establish a booming weed nursery.

The nugs are completed growing after a bloom phase of 9-11 weeks, perfectly resiny and topped in frost. This cannabis variety is esteemed for its fine terpene profiles.

Neville’s Skunk produces a special crop of top-grade Indica / Sativa nuggets that provoke good sentiments.


Mr Nice Seedbank

Flowering Time

9-11 weeks


Neville Haze x Afghan Skunk

Pack Size

18 Seeds

Flowering Type