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Mint Milano Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Mint Milano Feminised Seeds via the internet right now from Cali Connection with quick and private shipment to anywhere on the world map.

Mint Milano is a beloved marijuana breed sold as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow exclusively feminine canna pot herbs while common seeds grow masculine and feminine canna herbs at about balanced percentages.

The flowering form of Mint Milano is Photoperiod. Autoflower dope variations bloom without respect to daylight hours whereas regular photo-period cultivars answer to lighting hours.

The Girl Scout Cookies x Wedding Cake genes of Mint Milano add the supreme properties to this weed variety. The finished product has great terpene compositions that result in great fragrances and tastes.

Bagging Mint Milano Feminised Seeds by Cali Connection grants you the resources to raise this mind-blowing marijuana breed in your home or in whatever area. The worth of the product is magnificent.

Your Mint Milano Feminised Seeds are expeditiously shipped in merely a couple of days since paying for these dope seeds in real time. The seeds are secretly bundled for supreme secrecy.

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Mint Milano Breeder Description

When growing Mint Milano you will find your self thinking such a refined flavour for a flower. She is a great structured plant with a fantastic central cola with great lateral branching. She is a nice and easy to clone plant. You will want to top and train her to get her to grow out sideways, creating a very full plant. Her yields are nice and solid, but can easily be exploited to yield even more due to her heritage and structure.

Her smell and taste is a perfect blend of vanilla/citrus with sweet hash rounded off with a nice and complex mint undertone. She will leave your palate with a nice crisp, yet pungent taste that is long lasting from her exotic flavor. Expect the extracts to be some of the most fragrant you have tried due to her highly exotic terpene profile.

Mint Milano Growing Information

Start your Mint Milano Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Uphold the soil or media wet by provisioning water, however do not let it get too wet.

Supply the weeds with illumination as soon as they’ve popped up. Grant nutes once Mint Milano has finalized its sprout development cycle.

Within the vegetative cycle, help the dope plants to thrive and establish in size. Periodic inspection and pest control strategies will foster a prosperous weed grow.

The nuggets are harvestable succeeding a flowering phase of 63 – 67 days, absolutely hashy and masked in trichome crystals. This cannabis variety is well respected for its fabulous terps.

Mint Milano supplies a fruitful crop of terrific buds that provide pleasing stones.


Cali Connection

Flowering Time

63 – 67 days


Girl Scout Cookies x Wedding Cake

Pack Size

6 Seeds

Flowering Type