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Mendocino Skunk Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Mendocino Skunk Feminised Seeds over internet this minute from Paradise Seeds with speedy and stealthy delivery to any geographical location.

Mendocino Skunk is a beloved cannabis cultivar sold as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds spring up purely feminine dope herbs however common seeds give masculine and feminine plant life at just about equal percentages.

The flowering pattern of Mendocino Skunk is Photoperiod. Auto-flowering herb chemovars bloom without respect to light schedule whereas regular photo-period cultivars grow in accord to light schedule.

The genes of Mendocino Skunk bestow the primo merits to this cannabis strain. The end product has amazing terpene compositions that result in great odors and essences.

Obtaining Mendocino Skunk Feminised Seeds by Paradise Seeds enables you to farm this fabulous marijuana cultivar in your home or wherever you want. The worth of the finished crop is top-notch.

Your Mendocino Skunk Feminised Seeds are rapidly forwarded in merely a number of days from buying these herb seeds on-line. The seeds are carefully cased for peak secrecy.

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Mendocino Skunk Breeder Description

Choice of Legends (Hybrid)… Mendocino Skunk, developed in collaboration with Chong’s Choice, is a well rounded combination of sativa and indica to produce a good yield plant that is easy to grow and delivers a delightful user experience.

The Mendocino Skunk is inspired by a meeting of great cannabis traditions from California’s Emerald Triangle and Holland’s Amsterdam coffeeshop scene. Mendocino county sits on California’s north coast and its name has been associated with great weed since the 1960s. The perfect climate and a community knowledge base has made it a breeding ground for quality cannabis.

For this exciting hybrid project Paradise Seeds chose to combine the essence of Mendocino with the best Dutch genetics from the Paradise Seeds vault and they are very pleased with the results. This plant is shorter and bushier than many varieties which makes it a good option for the beginner, although experienced growers will appreciate the ease of growth and pleasant all round qualities.

A good addition to the indoor grow setup, Mendocino Skunk is a stable plant that will grow to a medium size so a good option if your grow room space is limited. With a thick central cola, the side branches of this plant will provide good bud growth and the calyx-to-leaf ratio makes for a speedy trim job once harvest comes.

This plant will also thrive in outdoor grow spaces, providing a happy experience for growers in northern regions of Europe, Canada and America thanks to the Mendocino factor in the Skunk mix. In warmer, more Mediterranean climates, there is potential to boost optimum yield levels as this is a plant that will respond well in the sunshine.

The fruity flavor and skunky tones will have your taste buds tingling for more and is an indication of the pleasurable hit that is coming your way. The effect, as you may expect from its hybrid nature, is well balanced and smooth. ‘Uplifting’ is a characteristic that has been used to describe Mendocino Skunk, with a positive high and a sense of well being that will brighten up the day.

This strain also comes with properties that will appeal to medical patients thanks to its hybrid composition. The indica brings a relaxation effect while the sativa characteristic energizes the mind allowing the user to focus on everyday tasks.

Mendocino Skunk Growing Information

Spring up your Mendocino Skunk Feminised Seeds by following our germination guide. Have the potting mix wettish by applying water, yet do not let it get swampy.

Endow the weeds with lightening when they’ve begun to grow. Deliver fert at the time that Mendocino Skunk has concluded its germination development stage.

In the vegetative growth cycle, empower your canna plants to thrive and create mass. Repeated supervising and pest control measures will guarantee a fruitful weed grow.

The flowers are finalized after a budding time of 7 – 8 weeks, totally caked in resin and shielded in frost. This strain is beloved for its marvelous fruits.

Mendocino Skunk provides a lucrative harvest of chronic Indica / Sativa buds that produce delightful sensations.


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Flowering Time

7 – 8 weeks

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 3 Seeds

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