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Buy Mango ‘n’ Cheese Feminised Seeds by Connoisseur Genetics


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Connoisseur Genetics

Mango ‘n’ Cheese Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Mango ‘n’ Cheese Feminised Seeds on the world wide web without further ado from Connoisseur Genetics with quick and stealth distribution to anywhere on the planet’s surface.

Mango ‘n’ Cheese is a distinguished marijuana genetic marketed as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow exclusively female canna reefer plants yet common seeds offer masculine and female canna greens at practically balanced proportions.

The flowering form of Mango ‘n’ Cheese is Photoperiod. Autoflower marijuana variances bloom without respect to day length whilst photo-periodic genetics grow in accord to day length.

The Silver Nevil Cut Reversed x Cheese (Brightside Cut) heritage of Mango ‘n’ Cheese give the supreme excellences to this weed variety. The finished product has terrific terpene medleys that make first-rate odors and tastes.

Picking up Mango ‘n’ Cheese Feminised Seeds by Connoisseur Genetics gives you the ability to produce this marvelous cannabis genetic inside, outdoors, or any place else. The caliber of the yield is top-notch.

Your Mango ‘n’ Cheese Feminised Seeds are rapidly posted in merely a small number of days since buying these marijuana seeds in real time. The seeds are stealthily packed for maximal secrecy.

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Mango ‘n’ Cheese Breeder Description

This is one for those flavour junkies, every pheno has that funk, watch out for that Mango Cheese pheno that will stink out the place so extra filtration is definitely necessary to keep that funk under control and or triple bagged when out in town. The Mango Cheese produces some real skunky mango phenos that have a flavour you won’t forget anytime soon. Potency is strong when flowered for the full 10 weeks so don’t make any plans unless you’re a heavyweight.

Mango ‘n’ Cheese Growing Information

Begin your Mango ‘n’ Cheese Feminised Seeds by looking over our germination guide. Retain the growth media wettish by supplying water, however do not let it get waterlogged.

Supply the plants with illumination right after they’ve begun to grow. Deliver plant feed as soon as Mango ‘n’ Cheese has ended its sapling growing state.

Within the vegetative growth cycle, bring your weed plants to develop and gain mass. Regular inspection and nurturing will facilitate a prosperous pot crop.

The flowers are finished growing succeeding a flowering phase of 56 – 70 days, absolutely sticky and wrapped in trichome crystals. This weed variety is esteemed for its first-rate fruits.

Mango ‘n’ Cheese offers a productive production of magnificent Indica / Sativa flowers that supply nice sentiments.


Connoisseur Genetics

Flowering Time

56 – 70 days


Silver Nevil Cut Reversed x Cheese (Brightside Cut)

Pack Size

5 Seeds

Flowering Type