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Rare Dankness

Karma Bitch Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Karma Bitch Feminised Seeds on the web at once from Rare Dankness with rapid and stealthy distribution to any location across the globe.

Karma Bitch is a venerated ganja genetic on sale as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow entirely feminine marijuana cannabis herbs while common seeds grow masculine and feminine marijuana plant life at near split ratios.

The flowering order of Karma Bitch is Photoperiod. Auto herb strains bloom without respect to lighting schedule whereas photo-periodic strains grow in accordance to lighting hours.

The Skywalker OG X Neville’s Wreck parents of Karma Bitch bring forth the supreme features to this marijuana strain. The harvest has wonderful terpenes that create superb fragrances and essences.

Bagging Karma Bitch Feminised Seeds by Rare Dankness empowers you to tend this astonishing marijuana genetic in your home or wherever. The rank of the matured crop is exceptional.

Your Karma Bitch Feminised Seeds are rapidly posted in merely a couple of days since paying for these herb seeds in real time. The seeds are stealthily cased for supreme secrecy.

Innumerable cultivators deem Starseeds as the greatest vendor to obtain Rare Dankness merchandise at the lowest price point. We provide straightforward modes of payment as well as foolproof secretive shipping to all localities in the world.

As the dominant seed shop for excellent ganja seeds, Starseeds is loyal to buyer fulfillment. Please do get in touch with our approachable sales service when you want any help picking up Karma Bitch Feminised Seeds online.

Karma Bitch Breeder Description

Some intense trich production and exotic aromas you’ve never experienced in cannabis. Sugar Sweetness, Haze, incense, coffee, chocolate all mix and mingle into a unique flavour and lingering smell you’ll want to put into the air again and again.

Karma Bitch Growing Information

Begin your Karma Bitch Feminised Seeds by checking out our germination guide. Have the planting material damp by supplying water, although do not let it get soaked.

Bestow the sprouts with brightness promptly after they’ve started to grow. Feed nutes the moment that Karma Bitch has finished its sprout growing state.

In the vegetative phase, permit your marijuana plants to expand and form foliage. Repeated supervising and fertilizing will assure a booming reefer patch.

The nuggets are completed growing succeeding a budding phase of 60 – 80 days, utterly resinous and masked in trichome crystals. This cannabis strain is admired for its fine quality.

Karma Bitch gives a special production of superb Mostly Sativa buds that deliver good senses.


Rare Dankness

Flowering Time

60 – 80 days


Skywalker OG X Neville's Wreck

Pack Size

6 Seeds

Flowering Type