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Kannabia CBG Auto Feminised Seeds For Sale

Buy Kannabia CBG Auto Feminised Seeds on the net without further ado from Kannabia with swift and private distribution to any part of the globe.

Kannabia CBG Auto is a renowned cannabis genetic ready to buy as feminised seeds. Feminised seeds grow purely female ganja reefer herbs however common seeds grow masculine and female ganja bushes at almost split percentages.

The flowering sort of Kannabia CBG Auto is Autoflowering. Auto-flowering dope species bloom notwithstanding light hours whereas photoperiodic genetics grow in accord to day length.

The Unknown lineage of Kannabia CBG Auto supply the primo excellences to this cannabis variety. The crop has astonishing terpene compositions that bring forth great fragrances and tastes.

Scoring Kannabia CBG Auto Feminised Seeds by Kannabia authorizes you to nurture this extraordinary marijuana genetic in your home or wherever you desire. The worth of the product is superb.

Your Kannabia CBG Auto Feminised Seeds are expeditiously expedited in merely a short number of days since paying for these dope seeds on-line. The seeds are secretly encapsulated for optimal secretiveness.

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Kannabia CBG Auto Breeder Description

Kannabia CBG Auto is a sativa-dominant strain rich in cannabigerol but with no appreciable amount of THC. CBG is non-psychoactive and has medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and neuroprotective.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Kannabia CBG Auto will grow a bit taller outdoors, 100 – 120 cm, compared with 60 – 90 cm. indoors. The life-cycle is between 57 – 63 days from seed through to harvest. Plants are quite indistinguishable from normal, THC-producing autos growing tight buds with plenty of resin. They are pest-resistant but, like many auto-flowering strains, do not enjoy high amounts of nutrients.

Growers can expect sweet, floral flavours from the mature buds. CBG production is around 7 – 8% with less than 0.1% of both THC and CBD.

Kannabia CBG Auto Growing Information

Sprout your Kannabia CBG Auto Feminised Seeds by reviewing our germination guide. Keep the growth media damp by provisioning water, yet do not let it get soaked.

Endow the sprouts with illumination at the moment when they’ve sprouted. Deliver nutes once Kannabia CBG Auto has finished its sapling development stage.

At the time of the vegetative growth stage, help the crop to progress and create greenery. Periodic checkup and caretaking will encourage a flourishing MJ patch.

The budlets are finished growing succeeding a budding phase of 57 – 63 days from seed, completely dripping in resin and coated in THC crystals. This cannabis strain is venerated for its excellent bag appeal.

Kannabia CBG Auto offers a gratifying Medium harvest of first-rate Mostly Sativa nuggets that provide gratifying highs.



CBD Content


Flowering Time

57 – 63 days from seed



Flowering Type


Indoors, Outdoors

Medical Properties

Yes but not specified.

Pack Size

1 Seed, 3 Seeds, 5 Seeds, 10 Seeds

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